Important Tweaks/Things to do After install of Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin

New version of Ubuntu is released, I thought what people want in precise which is not available. So here are some important tweaks you need to do with new Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin, To make your Ubuntu experience better. So here we start Tweaks to do after install of Ubuntu 12.04.
ubuntu tweaks
1: Enable Hibernate option:
ubuntu hibernate
Open Terminal and enter following command:

copy and paste the following code in file:
 [Re-enable Hibernate]
Restart to see hibernate option.

2: Install Gnome-Advance-Settings-tool:
gnome tweak tool
Install with following command:

3: Install Ubuntu Tweak:
ubuntu tweak
Enter following commands to install Ubuntu Tweak:

Here you can find more tweak tools Unsettings Tool, MyUnity Tool

4: Install and enable XScreensaver:
Install XSreenSaver with following commands:

create file for autostart:

copy and paste the following code in file:
 [Desktop Entry]
 Exec=xscreensaver -nosplash

5: Change HUD Key:
ubuntu hud
Go to "Dash" System Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Launchers > Key to show HUD
Click on Key to show HUD to change key. I set my key Alt+Z because it is easy to press, You can change whatever you want.

6: Disable Global Menu:
ubuntu global menu

Enter following command in Terminal:

and restart.
disable menu

To disable Global Menu for Firefox, Go to 'Tools' –> 'Add-ons' –> 'Extensions' and Disable 'Global Menu Bar integration'

firefox global menu

To revert the changes enter following command in Terminal:
then restart.

7: Install Ubuntu-One Indicator:
ubuntu one

To install enter following commands in the Terminal:
Then logout and login back.

8: Install Recent Notifications Indicator:
recent notifications

To install enter following commands in the Terminal:

9: Move Minimize, Maximize, Close Buttons to Right:
ubuntu buttons

Enter following commands in Terminal to install gconf-editor:

now start gconf-editor with following command:

Go to the following: 'apps' -> 'metacity' -> 'general' Find the "button_layout" parameter,
Right mouse click, and select Edit Key.
Change the value to the following: menu:minimize,maximize,close then Press Enter.

10: Install CCSM:

To install Compiz Config Setting Manager enter following command in Terminal:
Go to Dash and Search "CCSM"

11: Install Synaptic Package Manager:

To install Syanptic Package Manager enter following command in Terminal:
Go to Dash and Search "synaptic"

12: Move Nautilus Forward & Back button to Left Side:
nautilus buttons
To move these buttons to left side just follow steps:
Open Terminal (Press Ctrl+Alt+T) and copy the following commands in the Terminal:

Now, scroll down to line 130 or Find for "gtk_toolbar_insert (GTK_TOOLBAR (self->priv->toolbar), item, 0)" and change the "0" to a "2". So change the original line from:
gtk_toolbar_insert (GTK_TOOLBAR (self->priv->toolbar), item, 0);
gtk_toolbar_insert (GTK_TOOLBAR (self->priv->toolbar), item, 2);
When you're done, click save and close Gedit.

Now Back in Terminal, run the following:

ubuntu nautilus

Now logout and login back/restart to avoid mess.
To undo the changes and revert back to stock Nautilus, you can simply run following command:

For Unity If SomeThing Went Wrong Enter following commands to Reset:
>> to reset the Unity launcher icons:

>> to reset Unity:

>> to reset Compiz:

13: Install Adobe Flash Plugin and Adobe Reader:
adobe flash reader

Open Terminal and enter following commands:

14: Install Gnome Shell 3.4:
gnome shell

Enter Following commands to install Gnome-Shell 3.4:

15: Install User-Theme Extensions in Gnome Shell 3.4:
With User-Theme Extension you can enable Gnome Shell 3.4 themes in Gnome-Tweak-Tool.
gnome theme

Now Restart Gnome Shell (Press Alt+F2 and type 'r') and enable User Themes Extension, again Restart Gnome Shell.

Themes Enabled
ubuntu gnome themes

The Following command will install Many Extensions: Native Window Placement, Alternative Status Menu, Alternative Tab, User Themes, Workspace Indicator, Dock, Places Status Indicator, Auto Move Windows, System Monitor, Gajim IM Integration, Removable Drive Menu, WindowNavigator, Applications Menu Extension.

Enter following command to Install Gnome Shell 3.4 Extensions:
After Installation Press Alt+F2 and type 'r' to restart Gnome Shell, or just logout and login back. Open Gnome Tweak Tool to change/install shell Themes.

16: Install Important Extensions in Gnome Shell 3.4:
Weather Extension, message Notifier Extension, System Monitor Extension, Bottom Panel Extension, Shutdown Menu Extension, Panel Favorites, Extension, Applications Menu Extension, Move clock Extension.

17: Install Restricted Extras:
There are some Restricted extras in Ubuntu which is not install by default but you can install these Restricted extras by yourself. Restricted mp3 playback and decoding, support for various formats, fonts, java, flash plugin, lame, dvd playback.

18: Install Codecs:
Install Useful codecs in your new Ubuntu and Enjoy.

19: More New Tweaks for Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin:
- Enable Dodge Windows
- Save Laptop Screen Brightness
- Add Other Media Player in Sound Menu
- Enable Global Menu for LibreOffice
- Open Files and Folder as Administrator
-> Some More Tweaks

20: Misc/Softwares for Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin:
Remove White Dots from Login Screen
Install Winehq Windows Program Loader
Install Gimp 2.8 Image Editor
Install XBMC 11.0 Eden
Install Google Chrome
Install Deepin Software Center
Install Virtual Box
Install and Configure Samba Sharing
Install Orion Gtk3 Theme
Install Bleachbit Cleaner
Install Gnome Pie
Install Nvidia Drivers (Only for those who own Nvidia Card)
Best Ubuntu Wallpapers
Themes Collection

That's it
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