Application program interfaces enable applications to interact with an external service via a set of commands. You do not need to know the service’s internal logic. Instead, you can simply send a command, and the service will return the required data. APIs can be fantastic integrations, but integrations can vary greatly. For example, each application is likely to have its own API and may require different styles, such as SOAP, REST, and SDK. If you are new to integration, here is a look at the best tips and practices for successful API integration.

Understanding APIs

First things first. If you are new to APIs, you will need to find out more about what they are how they are used. For instance, you will need to know the difference between the four main types of APIs, which are Open APIs, Partner APIs, Internal APIs, and Composite APIs. Find out more by checking out this guide to using APIs.


Documentation is where API integration begins and ends. It is crucial you understand the data you receive from the endpoint provider. You also need to know how to replicate the best practices for documentation if the integration you build is to be shared with other developers and used by other team members.


It is, of course, crucial that you get the right access to the right data, but authentication can be one of the most difficult elements. At its core, authentication is about proving your application’s identity. Applications can grant access to developers so they can create integrations like API keys or basic credentials.

Error Codes

When you begin sending requests, it is important you understand why things work and why they do not. So, when creating integrations, you need to be fully aware of what the error codes you receive mean. Common errors include:

  • 204: No Content.
  • 304: Not Modified.
  • 400: Bad Request.
  • 401: Unauthorized.
  • 403: Forbidden.
  • 404: Not Found.
  • 413: Entity Too Large.
  • 414: URI Too Long.
  • 415: No Media Type.
  • 500: Internal Error.


Automation is not always a necessary step in API integration, but the true power of integration comes from the ability to put data into motion without creating bottlenecks from users’ clicks. The two main ways to automate or “event” your API calls are polling and webhooks.


Once you have automated the movement of data, the integration will be live and fluid. But you need to set query parameters so that any data you do not require can be filtered out. Querying is the final element of the API endpoint that directs the call to pull out only the data you want.


If there is too much data, or if the data keeps going and scrolling, pagination can help. Pagination takes data and turns it into readable pages for humans. Pagination requires implied orders, such as the date created, the date modified, the unique ID, and so on.

Bulk APIs

When you need to move large amounts of data from one system to another, bulk APIs can help. Bulk APIs enable you to update, insert, and delete a huge amount of records in one fell swoop. That can be extremely useful when you need to transfer large systems of records like CRM or ERP from one provider to another.

There is no denying that social media has become a very significant part of our lives in today’s digital age. There are currently 3.8 billion people who use social media, and the numbers are increasing day by day. Given this number and significance of social media today, companies from different industries have banked on social media marketing to achieve their business goals. Aside from just boosting sales, social media marketing also plays an important role in raising brand awareness, boosting traffic, and promoting products or services. If you want to learn more about how you can efficiently apply social media marketing to your business or content, check out our tips brought to you straight from the marketing pros below.

Keep Track of The Latest Trends

If you want to gain a massive following and engagement on social media, you need to know what is trending. Popularity on social media is often from viral content. If you do not know what makes people tick or what will keep users on a certain platform interested in your product or service, then your marketing strategies will go to waste. As viral or trending content is often quick to fade away, you need to look out for the latest trends constantly. One way of tracking popular content is by using Google Trends. Google Trends is a search engine trends feature that shows the most frequently used search terms in a particular region at a specific time. Another way of keeping an eye on what is trending is by checking out Facebook Trending or Twitter’s hashtag trend list. Each social media platform has its own tracker that follows viral content, so it is best to check this every now, and then so you will not be out of the loop.

Adding Social Media Links

Creating social media accounts for your company or business is just the start. To keep the ball rolling, you need to promote your existing social media accounts by integrating them into your website and other social media platforms. The social media team behind Link In Bio explains how this can be popularly found on Instagram and TikTok. Most influencers connect their other social media accounts by adding one link in their bios that redirect their followers to all of their pages. Having this feature on your Instagram account will allow your followers to access all of your other social media accounts in one click.

This is a very efficient way of making sure that you are constantly connected with your followers across all social media platforms. In other words, it is a quick and easy way of growing your link network. This also translates to an improved customer experience that will also help your Search Engine Optimization ranking. Moreover, it also increases the exposure of content you create on various social media channels, leading to a better engagement rate and a more effective marketing strategy in general.

Create Unique and Engaging Content

In the world of social media, content is king. Once you have identified the most effective trend in a specific platform, you need to create fully tailored content to that platform. To make winning content, first, you have to remember to treat each social media platform differently. What may work for Youtube may not be effective on Instagram, so the best way to develop good content is by knowing the best practices on each platform. Once you have ironed out your marketing strategy for each social media platform, you need to create quality content. This should be based on your target market’s wants and needs. It is also good practice to know the minimum requirements and restrictions for each social media channel so that you will avoid having your content flagged or banned.

Create and Follow a Social Media Calendar

You may find yourself swamped with several tasks and multiple social media accounts to manage when it comes to social media marketing. This can be very overwhelming, especially if there is no sense of structure in your daily routine. To fix this issue, you should start creating a social media calendar. A social media calendar will allow you to plan out your daily tasks for each specific platform easily. It will also help track your progress and easily evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing strategy in the long run.

Social media is a potent platform that can not only drive sales but also works to promote your company or business. Because of its significance in our day to day lives, investing your time and effort in optimizing your social media marketing strategy is very critical. There are several ways to utilize your business’ growth efficiently. Ultimately, it takes a blend of creativity and passion for being successful in social media marketing.

Blocking is a common occurrence in an SQL Server environment, and although it sounds like a serious problem, it is actually a function designed to keep the database up and running without risking the integrity of the information itself.

That said, it is still possible for blocking to get out of hand and create a number of key problems which you will need to troubleshoot. Here is a quick look at the nature of these issues and the steps you can take to resolve them.

Performance penalties

The main complication caused by too much SQL Server blocking is that the performance of the database will suffer, as SentryOne’s team explains.

The more processes which have exclusive locks on server resources, the greater the likelihood that blocking will arise and other processes will effectively have to form an orderly queue until the lock is released and the resource is freed up.

If these processes create chains of locks and blocks, then it will take longer for operations to complete, creating delays that will hamper the speed and responsiveness of the apps which rely on the server to function.

While a small amount of blocking, with shorter blocks, is entirely acceptable and does not need to be remedied, any blocking which occurs consistently and creates these queues leading to performance penalties will need to be looked at. Start with any blocks that last for more than five seconds, and aim to optimize the queries that are causing these blocks.

The deadlocking dilemma

Server blocking may not always be a bad thing, but if there is too much of it then it is also likely that other underlying maintenance issues are playing a part in compromising performance.

SQL server deadlocks are an additional symptom to be on the lookout for, as these errors indicate that certain processes are competing over the same resource and are unable to transition away from the resource that they currently occupy, meaning that one will be selected for termination.

This ominous-sounding function is one again not as bad as it might seem, but will mean that the database runs sub-optimally. Processes which are terminated due to deadlocks arising can be re-run, but this may need to occur manually, and queries that create deadlocks definitely need to be ameliorated rather than allowed to fester.

Vigilance is key

SQL Server blocking is something that every DBA needs to be conscious of when they go about their duties, since by monitoring this aspect of the database’s operations it will be possible to see problems as soon as possible and act to address them sooner rather than later.

Equally it should not be your goal to eliminate all blocking, because of the vital role it plays in an SQL Server context. Furthermore as you familiarize yourself with the ins and out of blocking, it should take you less time to pinpoint potentially problematic conflicts, especially if you use server monitoring software to assist you and also consider other culprits behind poor performance.

If you have your website built on WordPress, then you have a couple of options when it comes to the hosting that you need to consider. However, keep in mind that choosing the right hosting for your WordPress site is very important because the health of your site will greatly depend on it. This includes the speed and performance of your site, which can have a significant impact on the overall user experience of your site’s visitors. In line with this, below are some of the best WordPress hosting options that are highly recommended by Reddit users.


Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting services in the digital world today. They boast a 99.98% uptime with a 553ms load time. Thus, this makes them not only reliable in ensuring that your website is always available but efficient in loading your page as well, much to the delight of impatient web users. The best part is that you won’t need to shell out a hefty sum to get their services, and with an intuitive interface, you will have your site set up in no time.

If you look into Reddit, you will surely be able to find a post that lists down some of the best features of Bluehost that you can check out. In this case, this thread is very useful in helping you make a more informed decision on whether Bluehost is the hosting provider you are looking for. After all, it is one of the web hosting providers that is also recommended by the community. Perhaps this is because it also comes with a huge database of WordPress tutorials that can prove to be beneficial for WordPress website users.


HostGator is considered to be the best option when it comes to high traffic websites that require an incredibly fast loading time. This is because they boast a load time of 284ms, beating Bluehost’s loading time almost by half. They also guarantee an uptime of 99.97%, which means that your website is available almost all the time. For this reason, HostGator has garnered about ten million domains under its wing.

Reddit users recommend this hosting service, mainly because all of their plans come with unlimited bandwidth, storage, as well as email accounts. All these prove to be beneficial as your website scales with an increasing number of visitors. The great part is that their customer service support is also available any time of the day, any day of the week, making it easier for you to escalate any issues that need to be resolved when it comes to your hosting provider.


Perhaps nothing can beat SiteGround when it comes to ensuring that your website is available for your users all the time. This is because this web hosting service boasts of a 99.99% uptime, which beats both Bluehost and HostGator by 0.01% and 0.02%, respectively. Alongside this, SiteGround also features Google cloud servers, as well as free secure socket layers, email, and site migration. Because of these, they have grown to have over 800000 domain names globally.

Some Reddit users highly recommend SiteGround because it is one of the few web hosting service providers that allow you to change your data center locations from Europe to the United States and vice versa. This means that you can easily optimize your site accordingly, depending on where your main website visitors are coming from. In parallel to this, SiteGround also offers free WordPress site transfers, content delivery network (CDN) for caching, as well as image optimizations. All these will allow your website to perform more efficiently.


InMotion is one of the web hosting service providers that offer various WordPress plans that are intended to cater to a wide range of WordPress website users, from small personal blogs to big businesses and retailers. This means that you have the option to upgrade or downgrade your plan as necessary, in case you intend to scale up or otherwise. Rest assured that if you go for their basic plan, you will already have access to 50GB of SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, and email addresses, as well as pre-installed WordPress. Aside from this, you also get to have SSL backups and automatic updates.

Reddit users who recommend this web hosting service provider do so because they offer some of the cheapest deals in the digital market. They are also one of the most reliable hosting providers around, such that you are sure to get the value of your money, should you decide to go with a premium plan that they offer. The best part is that they also offer a money-back guarantee that provides you with an opportunity to try and assess first whether they are the hosting service provider that is perfect for your WordPress website.

Factors to consider in choosing a WordPress hosting providers

Now that you have a good idea of the available web hosting service providers out there, as recommended by some Reddit users, the next thing is for you to take note of some factors that you need to consider before you choose a provider you will eventually end up with. For instance, if you lack the time or the technical experience in handling all the nitty-gritty of your WordPress site, then the hosting provider should be able to offer you with a managed WordPress hosting plan that will greatly relieve you of these responsibilities. They should also be able to offer you an option to update your site automatically and provide you with a security service to keep your website protected from various malware.

The Bottomline

The WordPress hosting listed above is only some of the best ones highly recommended by Reddit users, as well as other users with WordPress websites. Perhaps it is a good option for you to check out these hosting providers and see whether their features would be able to support what you want to achieve with your website. Rest assured that some of these sites can be configured in such a way that they can accommodate the needs of your site.

We spend most of our lives sitting down, whether it’s for work, reading our favorite book, eating at the dinner table, watching TV, or even playing video games. However, being seated for numerous hours can cause strains on our bodies. Looking after our health is vital because we all want to have the energy to do our daily activities without having to deal with muscle and joint pain. Our seating options play a major role in our comfort and this means that every gamer should consider getting an ergonomic chair for their game station. Read on to learn more about the positive health benefits of owning an ergonomic gaming chair.

Improves Your Posture

Gamers can rest assured that their posture will get better if they sit on ergonomic gaming chairs. They are designed to support your body and influence your sitting position to improve your posture by positioning your spine correctly while sitting down. Having an upright posture can give you confidence and comfort. Not only does it have numerous health benefits, but it can also increase your energy levels significantly. A good posture will decrease the feeling of fatigue and you thus won’t feel lightheaded if you play for long hours on end. When your spine is positioned correctly, your joints, tendons, muscles, and ligaments stay in check. This will allow you to enjoy your game without feeling tired or unmotivated.


Some of the best ergonomic chairs are quite affordable and they have excellent features that can convince any gamer to invest in one. Some of the best chairs are made out of the best breathable materials that make your gaming throne comfortable. Advice from several reviewers online suggests that GTRacing chairs can be convenient for gamers because they provide lumbar support and reclining features that increase comfort levels. This is what you need as a gamer to enjoy countless hours of great gameplay. The chair that gives around-the-clock support to your back, neck, arms, and legs is worth it. If they are already affordable, then you shouldn’t hesitate to get one for your gaming station.

Decreases Body Aches

Gamers strain their bodies over time while playing and that can cause a lot of body aches and pain. A decent gaming chair that is designed ergonomically can prevent that and it will allow you to sit longer during your gaming sessions. You won’t have to worry about the usual strains to your lower back, neck, or even shoulders. It’s quite common to feel stiffness in your joints, back, neck, and legs while sitting down for several hours. It leads to discomfort and pain that pushes you to stand up and leave, but a nice chair that minimizes painful body aches will improve your experience tremendously. Say goodbye to the nuisance of pain and discomfort and adjust the chair as you see fit to ensure that you stay healthy, pain-free, and happy.

More Engagement and Focus

One of the perks of having an ergonomic chair is that it allows you to focus more on what you’re playing. The extra engagement will make your playtime fun and memorable because nothing is worse than feeling discomfort or pain while you’re trying to focus on your game. This is convenient for players that spend their time playing online games that require extra attention and focus. It will minimize mistakes and your chances of winning will get relatively higher. If you’re playing with others online, your coordination will be on point and you can execute the best moves that help you and your teammates win a battle. It will make you happier and your experience will be a lot more fun!

Durability and Longer Lifespan

Ergonomic gaming chairs are designed with durable material that gives them a longer lifespan. You can rest assured that this is one of the products that you won’t replace so quickly. The manufacturing process for gaming chairs ensures that the material and the design has minimal flaws, making it last longer. Over time, it will save you a lot of money because you won’t have to spend more on new chairs. Think of it as a long-term investment that will improve your health and gaming experience at the same time.

Every gamer needs a decent chair that can provide the highest levels of support and comfort. When you have the right chair, you will lose track of time while playing all day. Gamers can avoid numerous negative effects on their bodies if they choose to get ergonomic gaming chairs. Moreover, it can improve their experience significantly. A chair that is designed specifically for gamers and has excellent health benefits will always be worth the cost.

online gaming

It's been months since the quarantine has started, and we understand that cabin fever is getting the best of us. The best thing to do is to hang out with our friends virtually. If you are running out of things to say during your Zoom meetings, why not host a game night? No need to look further for some good entertainment. Here are some of the best online games that you can play with your pals for free! is one of the best online games that you and your friends will enjoy. If you know Pictionary, then this game is the same thing. It’s a guessing game with simple mechanics: guess whatever the other person is drawing. First, someone should make a private room and send the link to your friends. Next, customize your nickname and character while waiting for the game master to start the game. Each person gets a chance to get their turns in doodling their own words. When it’s your turn, will give you three words you can choose from to draw. What makes this game silly is that some words are hard to draw. can give you a noun, verb, thing, season, event, and more!

Cards Against Humanity

Dark humor turned into a card game? Cards Against Humanity is a cool game to have a good laugh with your friends. The game is easy to learn if you don’t know the mechanics yet. There are two decks of cards: the black deck that contains all the questions, and the white deck has all the possible answers. For every round, each player gets to draw a black card. The rest of the group needs to answer the question using the white cards they have on hand. The one who is asking gets to pick who has the funniest and wittiest white card. There are a lot of websites that host this game for free!

Among Us

With its graphics and fun game mechanics, Among Us is one of the go-to games of a lot of people ever since the quarantine has started. Once you are in a private game, the game server will tell you whether you are a crewmate or an impostor. If you’re a crewmate, you need to finish a list of easy tasks around the spaceship and aim to finish everything before the impostor kills you. On the other hand, the impostor on the guise of a crewmate needs to sabotage and murder most of the real crewmates. The players get to communicate with one another during the game when someone calls for an emergency meeting or if someone reports a dead body. Everyone needs to figure out who the impostor is by coming up with their alibis, while the impostor deceives the other players. Among Us is a fun deception and strategy game that you and your friends will surely enjoy! You can play this game via the web or download the free app.

Words With Friends 2

If you and your friends enjoy board games, then you are going to love Words With Friends 2. Inspired by the famous Scrabble, Words With Friends 2 has a lot of twists! You will see a set of letters, where you need to form a word before the time runs out. You have to think quickly, or you will lose your turn. The person with the highest score wins. You will also earn some coins every time you play, which you can use to unlock the other features of the game! Ready your dictionary and challenge your friends to a fun Scrabble game.

Mario Kart Tour

You can never go wrong with this classic. Every gamer knows the classic Mario Kart from their childhood days, so this game doesn’t need much introduction. The good news is you can download the Mario Kart Tour app with the multiplayer feature. You get to enjoy bi-weekly themed tours and challenges. But there’s a catch! You need to create a Nintendo account first and play a few single games before you can unlock the multiplayer games. So what are you waiting for? Tell your friends to download and start playing Mario Kart. Add your friends’ Player ID and challenge them to a game.

Make Your Game Night More Memorable

We have all been dealing with cabin fever for the past few months. Playing online games can distract yourself from all the stress. But it is better when you play with your friends! Plan a game night and choose from the list of games we have covered for you. With some classic games we’ve featured, it only proves that online games are not only for teens. A little competition with your friends, while social distancing, is a fun way to hang out virtually.

There is now a major shift in the way how businesses are run. With the pandemic, there is a need to consolidate and streamline the shift from on-site work to remote. Admin tasks and other back-end operations were already being handled away from the office even before the outbreak, but now front-end tasks are also being shifted to the virtual environment. Many companies who are successful with this structure are casting some doubts whether office attendance is a requirement for a number of their employees. Of course, all of these are made able because of the advancement of technologies and how it’s made available to the general public. Here are some essential tools you’ll need for your remote work setup:

1. Cloud Services

Cloud services and cloud computing is one of the biggest breakthroughs in recent years in Information Technology. New York is one of the most advanced cities where data in vast measures pass through. It has allowed for small to medium-size businesses to benefit from cloud computing as it accesses resources from all over the globe. Most of the businesses in the city rely on their local IT consulting NYC firms to minimize downtime and eliminate recurring issues. They often recommend cloud services because it provides an array of features for a very reasonable price. If your office is working remotely, you will need easy access to files they’re going to need. Managing those files and keeping track of its versions is important to improve collaboration.

2. Protection Software

Being remote ready requires you to have security installed to protect important data and tools from unauthorized access. Working remotely poses greater risk to your business in a sense that you don’t have control over the internet connection your team accesses when they’re away from the office. This is why it’s important to have safety measures installed so that malicious content will be subjected to various layers of detection and quarantine before it causes damage to your system.

Reputable IT Solution providers will push for security updates at real-time. Rolling out of security patches will help team members all over the world stay protected when using their computers.

3. VPN

A virtual private network is an added protection as well as it allows for easier access to proprietary files and tools. Having a VPN can link to a secure and safe connection between a remote device and a company’s secured devices inside the premises. Industry-grade VPN should only be used for business operations as it has a higher standard of encryption over commercial third-party VPN providers. The encryption made will create a direct connection from an employee’s device to the company’s network. That is why when setting up a VPN, you must employ the services of reputable IT professionals.

4. Team Collaborative Software

Communication is the centerpiece for all collaborative actions needed in every task. Having a platform where team members can communicate either to the group or to an individual is key in shaping an effective remote work structure. You will need an ability to post communications real-time so that people will be updated of important action items, and they can respond accordingly. Collaboration is facilitated when there is a central hub for knowledge sharing and important updates.

Voice and text communication may not be enough as there will be times when files are required to be shared. So make sure you have a tool that allows your team to do all these tasks that simulates working in an office environment while operating separately from all over the world.

5. Video Conferencing Software

A team huddle is one of the important activities that bolsters synergy and teamwork. Although a huddle can be executed through voice communications, it is more effective to be able to see everyone and maintain facetime between superiors and their members. This minimizes distraction and promotes focus as every member will be visible to everyone attending the call.

Screen recording is also an important function in video conferences. This is important for both internal and external critical meetings. It allows users to discuss while being able to present reports which can be recorded and may be discussed further at a later time.

6. Remote Desktop Software

A virtual desktop software operates by having the operating system, apps, and environment are separated from the end user device. A client software is installed in any devices from the remote employee and with their credentials they are able to access the premises desktop and system through the app. Experience from a virtual desktop is reported to be sometimes better because all of the resources needed are readily available in the company’s system. Also, it adds further security as no data can be stored to the client device and all of the interactions are monitored and controlled in the computer accessed by the app.

There are a lot of companies, who rely on central management, use virtual desktop software for their daily operations. It eliminates the need to update or install further applications on the end device in order to function properly. Also, you don’t need a powerful end device since most of the computing is done by the computer at the data center.

7. Productivity Tools

There are a number of productivity tools that help users organize and stay on point with their task while maintaining strong connection with the rest of the team. Many of these tools allow for leaders to monitor their member’s progress and activity. This helps build trust and establish accountability in order to promote collaboration between members.

These tools can record hours of work, URL tracking, sometimes screenshot recording, and idle time reminders. It helps reduce the time needed to manually record the time worked on by an individual and the saved screenshots will be useful in settling disputes. This eliminates distractions from teams as they’ll be able to organize their time for work and for other activities.

The remote workforce has become the trend and has taken businesses by storm in almost all fields. Software tools are there to enable their process and service concept to flow into their consumers. It’s important to get the strategies in place before setting out to choose what software to use and it may take some time to get used to things absent face-to-face interaction. Remote work should focus on maintaining collaboration as it is easy to forego teamwork when you’re isolated, these tools should be utilized as such in order to promote smooth operations.

Linux is always a top choice for the commercial sector. Not only because it is an open operating software, but it also sports up multiple other features which are definitely missing in some major operating systems. Both Windows and Linux are user-friendly in nature, but whenever we compare the latter with anything else, security always comes up as a big factor to consider. 

 Linux is developed with simple codes. However, it likely accepts more information in terms of security. today, more and more devices are running on this platform because of the amazing features that this operating system comes with. it is ideal to have one with yourself.


linux os

5 Amazing Security Features that Linux Has and Windows Doesn't

1. Privileges of accounts

Accounts always become a big factor to consider while you are choosing Linux. When it comes to the Windows Operating system, the users are provided the assistance with the administration rights. This is why they are given the permission to bring in changes to the system. This is the reason why, when there is a simple virus attack on the system, it can easily jailbreak the administration. 

The data is never secure in such a Windows system. Coming to the Linux OS, the access rights presented here are always limited. This is why it becomes difficult for any virus to access these files. In fact, they can only reach out to some local files and folders. The admin panel is always protected and it remains to be secure.


2. Competent community

Choosing the best out of the operating systems always becomes a difficult task. However, it is important that you know about the competent features of the operating software. Social engineering plays out as a big factor and an easy target to many. This is where Windows backs out. They are more vulnerable to such types of threats. 

Most of the innocent people could easily download a virus that is sent over the mail or to the social networking modes. Once this virus has been downloaded, it becomes easier for the hackers to gain complete access to the PC. In no time, the data is transmitted.

However, the case for Linux is not the same at all. In fact, Linux is much more developed when it comes to the technical aspects. In this platform, you won't be able to download such suspicious attachments at all. Downloading any such files from the internet requires a direct permit from the administration. 

This is the main reason why the damage to be caused on the Linux platform is always limited. One of the best things about having Linux is that there are various developers constantly working on the platform. if they find any heinous activities, it will be fixed out instantly and without any further delay at all.


3. IPtables

Not many people do know about the concept of IP tables in the Linux platforms. On Windows and other platforms, such topics are not brought up often as well. IPtables are responsible for a crackdown in the firewall of your PC. Most of the hackers attempting a break in the firewall plant multiple IPtables which are responsible for an easy movement inside. 

With the help of Linux software, you will be able to block such activities. In short, it creates out a safe environment that will prevent the execution and also it will not allow any command or access network. Thus, everything on the Linux platform will be stopped and it will always remain to be protected.


4. The Monoculture

Effect Windows Platform works on multiple aspects and this is why there are millions and billions of people working on the same platform. Although Linux always works on a safe and secure environment, it does the work on a regular basis. 

However, when it comes to the environment console, Linux follows a monoculture. The architecture of this Linux OS is fragmented. Because of this, it is almost impossible for a virus to track back to the source hub, says Maria Flagg from techie passion.

In Windows, the divided structure does not come to an implementation. It is not much divided at all. This is why Windows could easily cause a major harm to most of the users available.


5. Recording system events

Linux Linux always follows the log file pattern. This is why it can easily prevent from any type of malicious files to log in and to prevent from a strict action. if there is someone trying to enter the system files, the notification is sent to the administrator. This is why the disc writes fail to load. it can create problems for hackers and you can track back to the source.



Using the Linux operating system with your commercial computers and laptops can be a great solution. The platform is developed on certain aspects that allow you to get unlimited access to the data but always in a safe and secure way. There are certain reasons why most people prefer Linux over Windows and it becomes a big factor in security. Here, we have mentioned 5 amazing security features of Linux that every other operating system does not have. It will be much easier for you to grab on Linux and gain what is the best option.

Software testing is the process of ensuring that a program is of the desired quality and functions well without malfunction. By definition, it involves subjecting the software to rigorous manual and automated tests to determine if it satisfies all the essential quality requirements.

In most cases, specialists employed by companies like XBOSoft, a QA software testing company, will conduct these software tests. Unlike conventional software developers, these teams of specialists receive specialized training to complete these testing-related tasks.

To detect bugs before sending the clients the final product, you’ll need to invest in software testing. For more information on why software testing is vital for customer satisfaction, read on.

Software Testing, Quality Control

Testing is a rigorous process

Most testers offer two types of software testing:

  1. Product testing
  2. Ad-hoc testing

Product testing involves testing the software during the development stage to ensure it fulfills its purpose. The testers use various tools to determine if the applications are working correctly. When they detect a defect or error, they inform the developer and contribute their insights, helping the developer find an appropriate solution.

 Ad-hoc testing involves assessing the complete software package for defects left undetected during the development stage. Testers can use black-box testing or ethical hacking when conducting this form of testing. In both cases, a tester is an individual who has experience in testing applications used by organizations in a particular sector or industry.


Testing detects bugs and defects

Testing helps identify all potential problems that may arise when using the software program in question. For instance, a simulation may reveal flaws in the user interface that may lead to customer dissatisfaction and costly inconveniences. Such issues can cause irreparable damage to the organization that relies on this software program if left unchecked.


Reduces software development costs

Testing software at every stage of the development process saves the developer a lot of unnecessary expenses. This testing strategy helps identify problems early and rectify them before advancing to the next iteration.

If developers don’t fix these system errors early on, it may lead to costly program modifications. The developer may experience cost overruns, especially if some applications have to be redone or scrapped. 

As an additional benefit, regular software testing also accelerates the development process, as the two teams can exchange ideas and experiences and brainstorm efficiently. With a thoughtfully-designed testing strategy, the result is a high-quality product delivered in record time.


Ensures compliance with industry standards

Coders may make mistakes during the development stage due to a lack of knowledge about the client’s business. Luckily, testers have acquired experience in testing software for different industries and diverse clients, enabling them to identify software programs with ease. 

For instance, developers producing software for European customers must ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). An experienced tester will always verify that the programs adhere to industry standards before implementation on client websites.



Software testing ensures that sensitive data stored by the organization is safe from hackers. These security measures protect the organization from targeted malware attacks, leading to loss of resources or sensitive data. Regular testing ensures that testers can quickly identify weak links in the system and resolve them accordingly before they become targets for hackers.


Software functionality

Unlike in the past, software developers have to ensure that their programs can work on multiple devices, various operating systems, and a wide range of browsers. The application needs to be compatible with different platforms to enhance user experience. 

 If the developer neglected specific devices, testing could help correct this mistake and optimize the program for all mobile devices at the earliest stage possible. Testers may also propose changes that make the application adaptable to emerging trends such as data visualization.


Testing enhances customer satisfaction

The quality of software used for customer applications has the potential to affect customer satisfaction. If clients aren’t satisfied with their user experience, the poor design could easily lead to customer loss and declining business opportunities. 

Conversely, good-quality software translates to customer satisfaction and improved confidence in the organization. Quality software is one way of retaining loyal customers at a time when most businesses operate online. Without fail, customers will choose to partner companies that have a reputation for creating tamper-proof software applications.


Quality assurance

Testing is an important quality control measure for any organization. Most modern organizations have applications for almost every operation. From payroll to email and video conferencing software, the organization needs to have well-integrated applications. When testers evaluate the software for ease of use, they may propose modifications to promote a bug-free user experience. 


Ensures business continuity

Sometimes a faulty software may crash or be compromised by hackers. If this happens, it can lead to the total disruption of the business. These security breaches may force a client to switch their servers offline to rectify the problem. Such disturbances can be very costly for the organization and lead to losses.



Should you choose to opt-out of software testing, your programs won’t operate at peak performance, costing your company thousands in sales and severing ties with clients. Don’t put your company’s brand in peril. Be sure to budget the time and resources necessary for comprehensive software testing.

Your first steps moving from a physical business to a digital one can be overwhelming. In addition, the vast choice of marketing platforms and channels available can drive both new and seasoned business owners to despair!
Does that sound vaguely familiar?
If so, I hear you. I have been there and spent precious time trying to find out precisely what platforms I needed to support my business, and which channels to use for marketing it! Add cost-effectiveness and result based research to the equation, and there was little time left for focusing on what was important, my business.
Allow me to help you avoid such frustrations and save you your time. I will tell you how to take your business online and provide 6 tips and tools to get you there. Moreover, I will do it in a way that a non-online perceptive businessperson will understand!

1. Web design

Your website is often the first impression your new online customers will have of your business, and today's modern consumers have high expectations, so it must impress and be functional on all fronts.
In addition, if you are going to run marketing campaigns on numerous platforms, your site has to be fully optimized to deal with them; otherwise, your efforts will have been for naught!

Essential elements your website needs are:

  • Speed - It has to load in under three seconds, or customers will hit the back button.
  • Ease of navigation – If they get lost, they will leave.
  • A modern UI/UX design – It is your site's user experience and interface, and it has to be functional, clean, and versatile.
  • Info-graphic and image-heavy – Today's online customers shop by images, not words.

Do not worry if you do not understand some of what I have just said because here are the tools needed to make that website:

  • WordPress
    There are many website-building tools; however, by choosing WordPress, you can rest assured that you will get a modern platform and the customer support required for running it.

Every business needs a versatile logo for its website and its marketing platforms. It is because, in e-commerce, it is all about brand recognition. Moreover, this is where a tool that helps you generate a logo online comes into play. Not only are they aware of market trends, but they are also fast and cost-effective.

2. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Your website's success depends on traffic; this is where you need SEO (search engine optimization). If your intended audience cannot find your site, you will not get any visitors, and I am sure you know what that means.
An efficient SEO campaign will improve your rankings on Google, other search engines, and any terms related to your product and services. To make this work for you, you have to identify and incorporate the keywords most related to what you are trying to sell.

You can do this in the following ways:

  • Google Analytics
    Google provides you with information pertaining to your keywords and tracks what is working on your website.
    It's a tool that identifies keywords (and long-tailed) most suited to you. All you have to do is give them information on your product or service, and they will do the rest.

However, if the thought of devoting your time to SEO leaves you feeling a little uncomfortable, you have a third option.

  • Outsource
  • Your SEO needs to a company that will do it all for you.

3. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

If you would rather not wait for SEO to drive the traffic needed to your e-commerce business, your alternative option is PPC (Pay-Per-Click- Advertising).
It works on a bidding system where you select target keywords and compete with your competitors to place ads high in the search engine results. If someone clicks on your ad, you will pay the agreed amount and hopefully land a paying customer.
If this option appeals, then Google Ads is where to start, as it allows you to place ads in the Google search results, and this is where you need to be.

One tool that can help you is:

  • SEMrush
    It specializes in both PPC and SEO, helping you with every aspect of your campaigns and providing invaluable information on both keywords and your competitor's successful ads, in a sense, giving you inside information.

The advantage of PPC is you only pay when an interested client clicks your ad, rather than running a blanket based ad campaign. This is the real power of online advertising, and we will look at more ways of doing it next:

4. Social media marketing

Never before has it been more accessible, quicker, or cheaper to advertise directly to people proven to be interested in your product or service.
Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, have billions of users between them. Instagram alone has 1 billion monthly users and 117 million in the USA! Therefore, chances are, a large percentage of your audience is on social media!
But it's not only the number of users that counts; it's how you can advertise to them that make this your golden opportunity.
These platforms enable you to market to specific demographics (age, gender, location, employment, education) and their interests and behaviors, yes, your target audience!
This tool has everything you need to do it:

  • Hootsuite
    It's an all in one platform that enables you to create and schedule social media posts, run ads, measure your ROI, monitor multiple social accounts and keywords, and connect with numerous social networks.

If you are serious about taking your business online, then get serious about social media.
However, how do you know what content works?
Let us find out.

5. Content marketing

Knowing where to advertise is only one part of the online success equation, another knows what to promote, IE your content.
You cannot just post what you want to say; it does not work that way.
You have to post content (written, photos, videos, and infographics) that is informative and interesting to your target audience. When you do that, they will share and like your content throughout social media and promote your brand for you via word of mouth.

Moreover, you can find out what to post and how often to do it by using:

  • BuzzSumo
    It provides you with analytical insights into your competitors' content, what topics you should be posting, which are being liked and shared and helps you find the right influencers (popular people on social media) for promoting your business.

It is only by having inside information can you level the playing fields and compete with your market's leading brands.
And there is another powerful marketing strategy you can use to tip the field in your favor!

6. Email marketing

You are probably already aware of email marketing due to receiving them, it has been around for decades, and it is still as effective as ever.
Email enables you to connect directly to individual members of your target audience via their inbox. It is this personal touch that makes email marketing so successful, and statistics show that personalized emails increase click-through rates by 14%!
It is also one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies; on average, you can potentially receive an ROI of $44 on every dollar you spend.
Nevertheless, email marketing is a tough shell to crack; how many emails have you binned before opening?

However, a tool that can help you get to the nut:

  • Mailchimp
    I am choosing Mailchimp as they offer a free email-marketing plan, and it has one of the most straightforward interfaces on the market. Perfect for e-commerce newbies.
    It is a drag and drop email building system with auto responders, tracking for analytics, group email segmenting based on geolocation, and scheduled time zone delivery abilities.

In addition, it easily integrates with that WordPress website you are going to build!


Now you can confidently take your first steps into the digital world.
To ensure your success, implement the strategies, and use the tools; by doing so, you will find the transformation to e-commerce a pain and frustration-free process.
I wish you the best of luck.

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We all spend hours on YouTube watching their favorite Vloggers, tutorials, sports, and all kinds of other creators. But sometimes you want to save your most loved videos to watch over and over. There are a few ways of making this a reality, read on to find out more!

YouTube Is Huge!

There are countless creators and types of content on YouTube. From daily vlogs to sports reviews, to kids cartoons and news channels. In fact, there are roughly 300 hours of new material uploaded to the platform every single minute! Some 1.3 billion people regularly use YouTube, so there is plenty to get stuck into and a huge demand for content. You may already have your favorite channels or be totally new to the whole site, but rest assured there is something for you on there. Get involved and start finding your entertainment today!

Why Access Videos Offline?

There are many reasons why you may want to access videos offline, instead of being connected to the web the whole time. Here are just a few positives to consider when planning to download YouTube content. 

  • Saving Data

If you are on a mobile plan with limited data, YouTube can deplete your data stores. Having all your favorite videos downloaded can save you constantly draining data from your mobile account. You could even download Youtube from your desktop and then transfer them to your phone, this way you’ll not use any data at all. Saving yourself money in the process! What’s not to love?

  • No Ads

These days, almost every YouTube video has adverts. Some have ads before, during, and after videos. This helps creators get paid, and you may want to watch them sometimes to help your favorite YouTuber. However, once you’ve done this you may be sick of the adverts! After you’ve downloaded the videos you want to your phone or desktop, the adverts will be no more. Giving you a more relaxing and enjoyable watching experience.

  • Watch Again, Whenever You Want

Of course, the most simple benefit is that you now have the videos at your disposal to be watched absolutely whenever you want. Traveling on a plane, train, or boat with no signal? No problem! Watching videos while your WiFi is down? Of course! Want to store up a load of cartoons for your kids’ car journeys? Fine! Simply put, having access to top content whenever and wherever you want is thoroughly satisfying.

  • It’s Free!

Most of the tools available for downloading online videos are completely free, and you should be able to find some easily. Enjoy free, easy content whenever you wish. What’s not to love?

So, How Does It Work?

Most downloader software is extremely simple and there are a few easy steps to follow to get that content saved onto your hard drive.

  1. Download the Software

Find the downloading software that you wish to use and install it on your computer. Most of these programs are very small and quick to install. Some even operate directly from your web browser - the choice is yours!

  1. Navigate to Your Favorite YouTube Video

Next, pull up your most loved videos or channel. Have a browse and decide which content you’d like to permanently keep on your phone or laptop. As we know, there are so many to choose from, so this may be the hardest task of them all! Found it? Then move on to step 3...

  1. Copy & Paste the URL

In your browser, there will be a URL / search bar at the top. Once you’ve navigated your video of choice, you should see the unique URL of that video in the search bar. Highlight this, and copy it. Return to your downloader software and paste this into the software’s URL box.

  1. Sit Back and Relax! 

Hit that download button, sit back, and watch the magic happen! Depending on your internet connection speed, your video will download as quickly as your connection can handle. Once it’s done, you can open it up and watch it whenever you wish.


Is This Legal?

Downloading videos from YouTube using external software is an infringement of their terms of service. They state that you can only watch their content straight from their platform. It means that if they really wanted to, the company could sue you. But so far, this has never happened and YouTube does not seem to plan on banning or suing any users who have downloaded videos.

So, you can enjoy all the content you wish to, whilst on the go, without using data. You’ll always have some entertainment in your pocket or on your PC, whenever you wish to watch it. Follow these simple steps and get downloading!

Did your computer just crash without sending a warning? Or, it just stopped immediately before the booting process is complete and then displayed the BSOD Error NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE (Error Code 0x00000080) on your screen? This article rightly dedicated to fixing your problem.

If you installed new software or hardware, restarted your system and suddenly the process stopped, several this must run in your mind. Is the hardware/software incompatible or it's outdated? And again, was the space in the RAM enough to accommodate them? Most of the BSOD errors have common symptoms. For this reason, identifying the exact symptom and cause for each error is hard to define unless you can state any action you did on your computer before the error if any.

For better and easy fixing of 0x00000080 error, we’ll cover two parts on this subject:

Part 1: Reasons for the error NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE (Error Code 0x00000080), and

Part 2: Solutions to the BSOD error NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE (Error Code 0x00000080) 

Why should these two parts matter to you? One reason- a specific cause of this error can easily be fixed selecting the specific solution provided without having to do guesswork. 


Part 1: Reasons for the error NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE (Error Code 0x00000080)

Faulty hardware is an eminent cause of BSOD errors. In this scenario, faulty hardware can either be incompatible with the already existing operating system or have a bad memory. Connecting hardware in a corrupt computer port is also another cause. Overheating of power supply cables leads to malfunctioning of hard drivers and then a BSOD error.

Installing or updating Graphics Card drives, driver disks, and computer programs are reported to cause this error. Certain software issues often lead to corrupted Windows Registry. Similarly, programs and files corrupted by a virus can affect registry files and thus cause 0x00000080. 


Part 2: Solutions to the BSOD error NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE (Error Code 0x00000080)

Despite BSOD errors being not a common error, resolving them isn’t a great challenge, especially if you aren’t a first time PC user and can dismantle all the cable connections.

To fix Stop errors, it’s recommended you start resolving the possible minor causes. Here are some of the tips to follow:

  • Check all connections to the computer and if possible disconnect and connect each and every cable and inspect to see whether any is faulty. Restart your PC and wait to give it some minutes and check the power cables are overheating. Problem not solved? Try this:
  • Virus attacks happen at any time. Ensure the computer antivirus is up to date and then run a scan. Once completed, reboot your PC. 
  • Uninstall newly installed third party software and run a clean boot.

Stop errors are mostly caused by hardware malfunction or failure, now apply the solutions below and fix that error on the blue screen of death.

Solution 1: Run the Blue Screen Troubleshooter

Blue Screen Troubleshooter a built-in tool found in Windows 10 helps in fixing BSOD errors. It’s located at the Settings Troubleshooters page.

Step 1: Press the combination keys Win+ I to open the settings page.

Step 2: Down the Update & Security menu is Troubleshoot, click on it, and then select Blue Screen from the options on the right-hand side.

Step 3: Tap on the Run the troubleshooter to start running the Blue Screen Troubleshooter.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen prompts to the last option. To completely fix this error, reboot the computer in Safe Mode. This is the procedure:

  1. Start by rebooting your computer. In case of the Windows popup, restart again and interrupt the process by tapping F8. The Advanced Options page will show up.
  2. Use the arrow keys to navigate the Advanced Options page and then choose Safe Mode with Networking. Press it and you are ready to restart in Safe Mode.

Solution 2: Uninstall, update, or Rollback unnecessary drivers including Graphic cards drivers

Damaged drivers are known for causing the NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE error. To fix them, you can update, rollback, or uninstall. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Always remember to start by rebooting the computer in Safe Mode.

Step 2: In combination, tap the Windows + R keys to open the Run mode.

Step 3: In the Run box, type devmgmt.msc and press OK or Enter.

This is to open Device Manager. On the drop-down menu are all the device drivers displayed.
Step 4: Look for the Display Adapters and tap on it. Select on all the drivers you would wish to uninstall by right-clicking Uninstall Device on each chosen drive.

Step 5: Restart your computer.

If it restarts, go to the settings page and check for any available updates and then update selectively and carefully.

Solution 3: Check on your computer memory

Firstly, check and ensure they are of the same frequency. Do you use adapters to attach the external memory devices to the computer? If yes, use the recommended devices and adapters. Using the non-recommended can cause BSOD errors because they affect program functionality.

Update your disk memory in case it’s low by installing memory chips or deleting non-essential files, folders, and programs. Also, stop background- running app since they eat in your space.

Solution 4: Run the System File Checker ( SFC) scan

To faster detect corrupt files and fix them, run the SFC scan available on your computer. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Administrator and select Command Prompt and click to open.

Step 2: Type sfc /scannow and hit Enter

Wait for the process to complete and restart your computer.

Solution 5: Toggle first startup

To turn off a fast startup, do this:

  1. On the search box, type Power Options, and press Enter.
  2. Select Choose what the power buttons do by clicking on the left side.
  3. Under the Shutdown settings, change the selected status of Turn on fast startup and then click Save Changes.


Now that you’ve read the solution on how to fix BSOD Error NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE (Error Code 0x00000080), select the most applicable based on what you suspect is the cause of the error. Otherwise, you can try the advanced way to troubleshoot the BSOD error.

Just to repeat, always remember to restart your computer in Safe Mode before trying any other solution to fix BSOD errors.

League of Legends (LoL) is one of those games that can keep you preoccupied, especially if you’re playing competitively and in the big leagues. This amazing MOBA game was developed by Riot Games and was released in 2009. It was always a unique game and it still has a huge player base today.

Some game companies have tried creating similar games to compete with LoL but they were just not good enough to keep up. Because it’s one of the most competitive games you can play, you must be skilled to keep up with the rest of the pros. Read on to learn more about the ranks in the game and how important they are.

What Is a Ranked Game?

A ranked game in League of Legends is when players participate in a solo, duo, or flex game in the Summoner’s Rift or the Twisted Treeline flex games. These are all ranked games that give you ratings after every win. The goal is to climb the ladder and reach the highest rank. The ranked and professional games are organized differently worldwide where thousands of players and fans get together for the event of their lifetime. Battling against other players each round can be a lot harder than your casual game. The ranked games are what put LoL on the map and it’s what made this game succeed tremendously. The esports scene is not complete without a League of Legends cart full of professional players that play to win it all. Whether it’s the in-game rewards or the cash prizes in tournaments. 


How Does It Work? 

The ranked games work differently for each player depending on their first 10 games. You have several ranks but the first two that every new player can get are the bronze or silver tier. The game decides which tier you belong to based on your win-loss ratio. This is why you should practice hard before starting this ranked journey. Advice from the LoL account providers from suggests that players should get extra smurf accounts to practice and hone their skills. This is a smart move because you don’t want to increase your losses in ranked games and make the climb to the top much harder. The goal is to start strong with a hero/champion that you’ve mastered after practicing a lot and get at least 9 wins. Getting 10 wins can be perfect because the game will put you directly at the best division of the silver tier and going past it to the next one won’t be so difficult or long. 


Climbing the Ladder

Most players think that climbing the ladder to the top is a piece of cake, but it actually isn’t and it gets harder every time you work your way up to a new rank. The different divisions are there to have players of the same skill battle each other. This means that you need excellent tactics and communication with your teammates to climb the season’s ladder efficiently to get more wins and increase your league points. The more wins and league points you get, the better your Elo rating will be. 

Try to be patient and accept the fact that it will take time to get to the higher ranks. Watch your replays, especially the losses. Find out what your mistakes were, don’t repeat them, and survive more every game.


Reaping the Rewards

You need a high rank to start reaping the rewards and getting the best items. The highest and most prestigious rank in LoL is the challenger rank. You need to be one of the top 200 players in the world that have this high rating to earn the best in-game rewards. Whether it’s the summoner’s icons, honor ward skins, backpacks, champion skins, profile trim, and so much more. But getting this rank is important because you can start playing competitively if you like and win tournaments to get fame, glory, and a lot of money as your reward. 

You can spend countless hours trying to get to the highest rank on the ladder and still enjoy playing the game. Some people like to play casually and at a slower pace, while others prefer the hardcore playing style where they climb up the ranks and show off their excellent rating.

League of Legends will always stay as one of the most addictive and fun MOBA games in the industry. Learning about the game, the ranks, the heroes, and how important each aspect of the game is can help you become a better player. You can reap the rewards and secure your spot at the top amongst the high-ranked legendary players.