Do you love to play classic games? If yes, then you are on the right page. RetroArch is a frontend utility for emulators, game engines and media players. You can play wide variety of classic of computer and consoles games. It is free, open-source and cross-platform runs on Linux, Most Windows versions, Mac OS X; On top of all that, RetroArch also runs on iOS and Android for tablets and phones, as well as on game consoles like PS2, PS3, PSP, PS Vita, Wii, Wii U, 2DS, 3DS, Switch, and more! If you have device which is not mentioned here or simply you don't want to install it on your system or you just want to give it a shot then you can run RetroArch online in your web-browser.

With the introduction of technology and new modes of communication, one is at a greater risk of their information being leaked or misused. People who are busy handling each and every minute detail of the business themselves are often worrying about the information they have. Losing even a slight piece of information can be an extremely big deal for the development and growth of their business.
This is one of the reasons why many famous technology brands like Google have managed to introduce Google drive that can keep your personal and private information secure. However, another similar product like that of Google Drive is Mailfence. It offers the same facilities that Google is famous for. It is very important to analyze the type of facilities that Mailfence has to offer and what are major benefits that it can bring about for your business both in the long as well as the short run.

What is a Recycle Bin?

Recycle Bin is a folder that stores items that are deleted from your computer. It is a type of temporary storage, so users have a chance to restore deleted items before it is permanently removed.
For example, when files are accidentally deleted, they are moved to the Recycle Bin. Just by clicking on ‘Restore’, you can easily get back these deleted files from the Recycle Bin.

Reasons why files may disappear from the Recycle Bin

Deleted files do not always go to the Recycle Bin. In some cases, it may bypass the Recycle Bin and get permanently deleted. In these cases, you will not find the required files in the Recycle Bin.
Here are some situations under which files may disappear from the Recycle Bin.
  • When the files are permanently deleted using ‘Shift + Delete’
  • The Recycle Bin can handle files only of a certain size. So, when the deleted files are very large, they usually don’t go the Recycle Bin
  • If the Recycle Bin properties are set to directly remove files instead of sending to Recycle Bin
  • When files and folders in the Recycle Bin are hidden, you may not be able to see the files in it

Recommended Solutions to recover files that have disappeared from the Recycle Bin

1. Enable settings to show ‘Hidden folders’

One of the reasons why files are not displayed in the Recycle Bin could be because the files in it are hidden.
To fix this issue, you can enable the settings to unhide folders in the Recycle Bin. To do so,
  • Open File Explorer from the taskbar
  • Click View menu on the top
  • Click Options > Change folder and search options > View tab
  • In the Advanced Settings, select ‘Show hidden files, folders and drives
  • Then click Ok to save changes
By doing this, you can get back access to the files that were hidden in the Recycle Bin.

2. Using Yodot File Recovery software

If the files were deleted permanently using ‘Shift + Delete’, or if the files were too large, they don’t get saved in the Recycle Bin. In this case, data recovery tools are your best option. Yodot offers reliable file recovery software to recover deleted files not in the Recycle Bin. It can recover all kinds of files like Word & Excel documents, PDF’s, notes, images, videos and audio files.
It has the ability to recover files:
  • That are not in the Recycle Bin because they were permanently deleted
  • That are not saved in the Recycle Bin due to large size
  • To recover files that are set to automatic deletion without going to the Recycle Bin

Measures to make sure deleted files are saved to Recycle Bin

In order to always save deleted files to Recycle Bin and prevent them from getting permanently deleted, you can take certain measures. Here are the 3 most common ways.

1. Ensure that the option ‘Move files to the Recycle Bin’ is disabled

If you don’t find the files in the Recycle Bin, it could be because ‘Don’t move deleted files to the Recycle Bin’ option is enabled. To disable this setting:
  • Right click on the Recycle Bin folder located on the desktop
  • Select Properties and click on the General tab
  • Unselect the option ‘Don’t move files to the Recycle Bin. Remove files immediately when deleted’

2. Increase the size of the Recycle Bin

The Recycle Bin is usually set to occupy 10% of the drive size. But if you deal with a large number of files, you can increase the size of the Recycle Bin to accommodate all the deleted files using steps below.
  • Right click on the Recycle Bin and select Properties
  • Manually slide the pointer to any percentage you wish to set your Recycle Bin
  • Click Apply to save the changes

3. Increase the file size limit of your Recycle Bin

When the size of the deleted file exceeds the size limit your Recycle Bin can handle, then files will get permanently deleted. In order to avoid this, you can increase the file size limit using the steps below.
  • Right click on the Recycle Bin folder and select Properties
  • Under ‘Settings for selected location’, check the maximum size for deleted files
  • Increase the size according to your requirement to accommodate files of larger sizes


These methods described above will avoid permanent deletion of files and ensure that the deleted files go into the Recycle Bin going forward. But if your files are missing from the Recycle Bin and you are looking for a way to recover them, Yodot file recovery is the best option.
With the ability to recover several types of files and formats combined with a safe and secure approach to file recovery, it is the most recommended tool to recover deleted files/files missing from the Recycle Bin.

Online jobs and businesses are a new trend in the labor sector. Working online can either be a supplement to your existing wages or your sole occupation. Pew Research Center (2016) asserts that 8% of Americans made money online in 2015 alone. Only 18% of this population earned from selling a product. This data suggests that the remaining fraction utilized their knowledge and skills. While it may sound direct, one may stumble around before finding a profitable niche. So, are you a student asking how to make money in college, unemployed, or need that extra cash? This guide details three ideas to help you find a niche online where you can have the freedom and success you need.

Blogging in a Niche Where you are an Expert defines a blog as an informational webpage made up of distinct units called posts. Although often free, you can monetize a blog if you own one or earn through revenue sharing if you don’t own one. The secret to achieving success in blogging is selecting a niche that you an expert and is your passion. If a beginner, learn more about the subject or niche you have chosen; the more you learn the more you earn. Keep adding content to your blog and focus on growing your following. Remember your selected niche determines the traffic on your blog. Blogging experts recommend choosing a niche full of customers seeking solutions (Walker, 2014). Here are ways you can earn from this venture, whether you do or do not own a blog.

Blog Monetization

Information products and advertisements are a great monetization strategy for bloggers. You do not need to own a blog to engage with the former method. Even beginners can sell e-resources online. But if you are an already established blogger with an audience, you will be more successful. If you are new and lack followers, there are plenty of ways to reach your target audience. Examples include:
  • Landing pages
  • Forums
  • Pay per View advertisements
  • Contextual links
  • Pay per Click marketing
  • Sponsored posts
  • Podcasts
  • Social media
Top bloggers in the country sharing their experiences confirm these methods are effective. Jessica Knapp (2019) warns about complying with Google terms and conditions when monetizing blogs. If you provide the correct content, keep learning, you are set for success. If you still thinking I need money right now, set up your blog, add your content, get following and monetize it.

Revenue Sharing

Several blog platforms allow writers to create content for them. If you do not have a blog, consider writing for them for a revenue share of the article. Not only do you receive a 75% commission of these ads but you also gain experience if you are new. Such platforms have massive traffic. Do not show concern that you will receive little money. The amount you make is way more than what you can make from your blog. Moreover, others allow you to publish materials in your subject and the format of your choosing. The standard formats supported include audio, text, video and images. Examples of such authority sites include Hub Pages, Digital Journal, and Best Reviewer. Get more traffic and get paid for your blog content today!

Go Freelance


Writing is the fastest way to earn from all the available online platforms. As a freelance writer, you have the freedom to choose what you want to write. Freelance writers have the independence and flexibility that everyone desires. Whether you are a learner, a mother or you run your business, you can work as a writer. You also do not need office space, work from your computer from anywhere in the world. Writers can choose their interest subjects and work on them at their own time as long as they meet the deadline. Your effort determines your pay because payment is per page. Existing essay writing services offer different pay. They can also develop a custom essay for a student with a tight schedule but needs to complete their paper.

Transcribing and Translating

If you are still looking for a faster way of making money in college, consider these two. As long as you are fluent in more than one language and have no hearing or speech impairment, you are right for this job. You can listen to audio and convert it to text or translate from one language to another and get handsome pay. Today, there are numerous translation and transcription agencies. All you need to do is undergo training, take a test, get approved and start working. You can work from wherever you are. All you need is a working computer, transcription software (free), and an internet connection.


Programming is among the top jobs that make a lot of money for anyone looking to work online today. But to be a programmer, you need special skills and training. You must be proficient in at least two programming languages. Common ones include Java, C++, Python, Oracle, and MySQL among others. If you have the desire and passion for technology and wish to be a programmer, the solutions are online too. Various schools on YouTube such as W3Schools help you to educate yourself.

Find a Job that Doesn’t Need You to be in Office

In the contemporary world, the internet is your office. Our smartphones, computers, and other portable devices have access to the web 24/7. You can now carry everything that before fitted in an office within your pocket. Boxes of documents are now archived into MBS of data. With these advancements, you can work without leaving your couch in the morning. These developments do not mean that companies will change their recruitment process. All employers still need competent workers with good values and experience. Thus, employees, whether working online or in an office still need perfect resumes. ResumeThatWorks develops excellent resumes based on Human Resource principles. Get these services today and land any of the online jobs that you want. You can also join this team of resume developers or consider a career in any of the following:
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Paid Surveys
  • Cost-per-action Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-View Marketing
  • Email marketing

By now, you must have decided the niche that you will work. Do not be too excited to start and end up bored a few weeks into the job. Be patient and focus on the niche you have chosen. For some of these ideas, you may not start making money right away. But if you believe in the concept, have passion, and use the knowledge and skills you have. Deliver quality work and watch your business grow. You will not believe how much you will be making by the end of the second or third month. If your idea sprung in an instant, you are among the lucky ones. Enjoy the independence, flexibility and wealth that comes with online jobs.

The fact about college students is that most of them operate with a strict budget in order to meet their financial needs. As well, they tend to have plenty of free time, which some of them might spend on doing things that negatively impact their lives, such as drug abuse. As a student, are you struggling with bad company that you want to keep off? Well, the good news is that there are various online jobs that you can engage in during your free time. The jobs will not only prevent you from doing bad things but will also earn you an extra budget. It is the wish of every student to have sufficient money to cover their bills. Below are some of the jobs that can help every student do so.

Selling on Amazon (FBA program)

Given the current advancements in technology, substantial people have adopted the idea of shopping in the comfort of their homes. This is an indication that most business people have also transformed their businesses into online shops. Among the most famous online shops in the Amazon. It has been there for ages, and therefore, their services are trustworthy. Therefore, if you have the capital to start selling various items, Amazon is the best shop you can think of. It will save you the cost of having to establish a physical location for your shop and advertising. Given its current reputation, you do not have to advertise your products much since the buyers will have a way of accessing them. This is one of the high-paying remote jobs which you can carry out at the comfort of your home. All that you need to do is deliver the item to the specified destination of the shop, and the rest of the delivery arrangements will be made on your behalf. The best part about selling on amazon as a student is that the clients will only purchase the item at your indicated price. You will not have to waste your time negotiating with customers that might end up not buying the product. Therefore, take the initiative today and spent your free time earning on amazon.

Online Writer

Online writing jobs are some of the entry-level online jobs from home that will get you earning a lot of money. As a student, you must have learned how to write good essays and articles from your classwork and assignments. Therefore, why not use that skill in making some extra coins during your free time. There are plenty of custom essay writing companies which offer you the opportunity to write an essay for sale. If you have the experience, then why not take advantage of it now. The good news about online jobs is that they do not cost an individual any money. All that you need is a computer and internet connection. Stay indoors during your free time and write as many essays and articles as possible. The amount of earnings received from online writing jobs depends a lot on the dedication of an individual. The more jobs you do, the more you earn. You can also work as an individual freelancer online where you take up projects from your friends or other people across the internet. In addition, a substantial number of students have been doing this, and to avoid being conned your money online; it is advisable to get a recommendation on one of the best and legit websites that you can for online. Sign up today and start earning big.

Survey Taker

Companies rely a lot on online data in order to strategize on their advertising strategies. One of the ways through which they obtain such data is by paying people to carry out surveys. This sounds like an easy job, right? A deal too good to be true? Imagine earning money by just clicking and answering a number of questions on your computer. This must be the easiest way that a student can think of using to make money. It will cost you zero money to begin taking paid surveys. However, the most challenging part about these jobs is getting a legit company that will actually pay you for the work done. People have complained of having been lured to perform extensive surveys with the promise of earning a good amount of money only for them to realize that they cannot withdraw their money after the survey. Experts from point out that getting a recommendation from a friend is one of the best ways to get a legit online survey company that will actually pay you. As well, you can check out the reviews of the company before beginning the survey. Good reviews are an indication of a legit company that will pay your money. There are applications that you can download, carry out a survey, and get paid ate the comfort of your home.

Teach English Online

Are you a native English speaker? Have you completely mastered the English language? Well, if you fall into this category, it is time you start making money, there are plenty of people seeking to learn the English language. Most of them do not have enough funds and tie to enroll for classes, and hence, they seek individuals who can teach them at a low cost. It will cost you nothing to teach someone English. Rather you will end up getting paid for offering a service. What better deal could be looking for other than doing something that doesn't require any special knowledge. It is among the work from home social media jobs since it is through the social media platforms that you can get most of the clients.

Website Tester

Web developers usually have the website tested before it can go live. This is one of the part-time work from home jobs that will get you earning a lot of money by doing a simple task. The best part is that there are plenty of such jobs in the market, and most of them are legit. Given the technological advancement, people will keep on developing websites, and therefore, you can be guaranteed of a long-term side hustle. All that you require is a means of accessing the website, and therefore, similar to most of the online jobs, it will cost you nothing to begin. It is like getting paid to offer your opinion on a particular thing. According to, web testers help in the identification of any potential bugs that a website might have before setting it live for the intended users to access.
Concisely, take the initiative today and start earning during your free time. You can never go wrong with no experience working from home jobs listed above. It is best to choose the job that interests you the most, and you will be amazed by the amount of money that you earn from it.

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Linux used to be the go-to operating system among the tech-savvy crowd. Because back in the day, it was a lot more demanding to use. Now Linux has modern, user-friendly distributions such as Ubuntu and Mint. The application repository they have in common has matured too. Customizing it to your heart’s desire is now easier than ever before. And this should be the end goal — to mold the OS into a tool that’s custom-tailored to your needs. So if you haven’t already, consider installing the following types of applications.

1. Image Editing Software

There’s no need to install expensive image editing suites such as Photoshop to get the job done. GIMP, as funny as the name sounds, is a powerful open-source alternative. And it’s more than enough for all but the most demanding of graphic designers. Like Photoshop, It has a myriad of third-party plugins, and you can also customize it to look like PS as well. There’s also the option of streamlining your workflow by setting the shortcuts that you’ll be using.

2. Cloud Storage Solutions

Making regular backups of your data goes far toward preserving your sanity if your device gets hacked, lost, or stolen. You can always buy a new device and reinstall the system. But what about the projects you’ve invested so much of your time in or the family photos that you hold so dear? Some, if not all, are irreplaceable. Thus, you should take the steps necessary to protect yourself in the unfortunate event of a disaster. Always back up your files to a hard drive or cloud. There are plenty of cloud storage providers to choose from. It’s also smart to use NordLocker or similar file encryption software before syncing your sensitive data. After all, you don’t want it to get into the wrong hands at any time.

3. Video Editing Software

By installing Openshot or Shotcut, you won’t be paying a dime to transform your device into a powerful video editing workstation. Compared to the old days, there’s no need to be a tech whiz either. The interface of both of these editors is intuitive, and you can learn everything in a matter of minutes. As a bonus, these video editing software solutions will help you export the video to a wide range of formats. You can produce a high-detailed version for storing on your device and another one for uploading to the web.

4. IDE

Using an IDE is a must for a serious programmer. Professional IDE solutions like Visual Studio Code will make any coding errors easy to spot and fix before deployment. Its features include Code editor, Debugger, Designer, and Extensibility. No matter what programming language you’ve chosen for the project you’re working on, you’ll be able to tap into its common function display functionality. And it works in real-time!

5. Antivirus Protection

The distribution of malware by the operating system makes it clear that Windows is still the #1 operating system hackers exploit. But you should always be aware of the cyber threats. The architecture of Linux is rather robust and hard to penetrate by hackers. But an infected file can still find itself on your hard drive, and you might spread it around without even knowing. Thus, antivirus programs like ClamAV deserve your consideration. By default, this is a command-line scanner. But you can also install a front-end for it if that’s what you’re more comfortable using.

6. Screen Recording Client

If you use Linux for gaming (especially if you’re a content creator or a streamer), a screen recording client is a must. Peek is a good one to use for the purpose. It also allows turning your recordings into GIF animations that you can post in chat apps or forums. It’s a lifesaver when it comes to creating online courses. Instead of filming yourself, you can record the action on the screen while you explain what’s going on.

7. Alternative Package Installer

A high number of Linux users indeed prefer to use the command line to install the apps. But some like things to be point-and-click. And there are different solutions available for different user bases. A package installer like GDebi makes installing .deb files a breeze. And sometimes it’s the only way to install certain applications.


Linux is reliable, secure, robust, and overflowing with applications that are ripe for picking up and putting to good use. While it’s impossible to cover every single one of them, this list should give you more than plenty of ideas to start.

Programming is one of the most popular disciplines in schools and universities, and many students learn programming languages at this point. If you are one of them, you know how complicated it can be to study programming, especially if you get a lot of other assignments from other classes.
If you have a lot of assignments to do and don’t have enough time, there is one way out of the situation that can help you handle this problem: online programming help. Is it worth your time and money? In this article, you can find more facts about online help and more reasons to use it.

7 Benefits of Using the Online Programming Homework Help

If you have a lot of programming assignments you should work on, you should try programming homework help from AssignmentCore service and its team of expert programmers. But is it really going to help you and how? Here are 7 reasons why you should try.
  1. You will be able to use your assignment as a great example of how the task you are working on should be done. When you decide to cooperate with professionals, you get a guarantee that your assignment will be done in the right way. In the future, you can use it as a guide for the next tasks you get.
  2. If you have a lot of upcoming deadlines and feel lost in them, programming assignment making services can offer you help in this matter as well. When you order your task, you should always mention the deadline, and the service will handle the job during the time limits you have set. While the professionals work on the given task, you will be able to cover other materials that you should study.
  3. When it comes to time, programming services have another benefit which is saving your time and efforts. Often homework and multiple assignments take a lot of time to complete, and of course usually, it is just not enough of it. Professional services will work on your task while you work on other important things. If you want to boost your time management and complete everything faster, choosing custom homework writing service is going to help you a lot.
  4. Professional assignment help is going to point at common mistakes not only you, but other students make as well.
  5. Programming help is going to be really affordable. You don’t have to pay a lot of money in order to get your assignment done. The online assignment help offers nice prices for their assignments, and you will see it yourself. Since they work with students, the rates for the assignments stay low.
  6. You will get 24/7 assistance. No matter what kind of homework you get or which issues or problems you might have faced, the online homework help is going to be there for you no matter what the time is. The team of the programming help works around the clock, so feel free to ask them for assistance.
  7. You will be able to improve your own programming skills as well. Not all of the assignments you get will help you improve your skills. If you want to dedicate yourself to programming and learning, you can use the programming help that will free your time that you can spend on programming. You can also get a piece of advice if you need it from a professional programmer.

Work with the best specialists in the field

There are many services that offer students help with homework. If you are looking for professionals you can trust, one of the best ways to find one is to read as many reviews as possible since it will help you to choose the right service for yourself. Find some customer reviews that prove the level of professionalism of the service you want to order from.
One of the most important things you should pay attention to is the experience and education of the professional you might cooperate with. You should always be sure that the person that will work on your assignment has a few years of experience and has a portfolio of your samples to show.

Get your assignment done by a professional

It is true that programming takes a lot of time and effort. If you have a lot of homework to do, don’t hesitate to use the programming help online. You will not only get done with some part of homework but will also be able to get better grades and study on a higher level.
If you decide to order online homework help, all you have to do is just go to their website and fill in the order details. The support team will contact you right away as soon as you send more information about your assignment.

You might have used several type of launchers or maybe currently using your desktop's default laucher/menu to launch application. If you want to try something new and different on your Linux then we present you ULauncher. It is simple and fast application launcher designed to use on Linux desktop written in Python programming language.
Ulauncher consumes very few system resources and has ability to run on almost every desktop environment such as: Gnome Shell, Gnome classic, Mate, Xfce, Lxde, Cinnamon, Openbox and so on.
Using Ulauncher you can search for applications on your system and you can also send search queries to Google, Wikipedia and Stack Overflow. Moreover, there are plenty of extensions available for Ulauncher which can be found on official website.

MusicBrainz Picard is an open-source and free tag editor for audio files. It is written in Python programming language licensed under GNU General Public License version 2+. It supports multiple popular formats such as mp3, FLAC, OGG, M4A, WMA and more. Picard uses AcoustID audio fingerprints, allowing files to be identified by the actual music, even if they have no metadata.
Picard can lookup entire music CDs with a click. Picard also supports plugins if you need a particular feature, you can choose from a selection of available plugins or write your own to extend functionality. Picard is not built to be a mass single-track tag fixer. Picard believes in quality over quantity and provides a plethora of customization to tweak music collections to your needs.

Supported format list:
  • MPEG-1 Audio (.mp3, .mp2, .m2a)
  • MPEG-4 Audio (.m4a, .m4b, .m4p, .m4v, .mp4)
  • Windows Media Audio (.wma, .wmv, .asf)
  • Microsoft WAVE (.wav)
  • The True Audio (.tta)
  • FLAC (.flac)
  • Audio Interchange File Format (.aiff, .aif, .aifc)
  • Musepack (.mpc, .mp+)
  • WavPack (.wv)
  • OptimFROG (.ofr, .ofs)
  • Monkey's Audio (.ape)
  • Tom's lossless Audio Kompressor (.tak)
  • Speex (.spx)
  • Ogg FLAC (.oggflac)
  • Ogg Theora (.ogg)
  • Ogg Opus (.opus)
  • Ogg Audio (.oga)
  • Ogg Video (.ogv)

Available for Ubuntu 19.10 Eaon/19.04 Disco/18.04 Bionic/Linux Mint 19/and other Ubuntu derivatives
To install Picard in Ubuntu/Linux Mint open Terminal (Press Ctrl+Alt+T) and copy the following commands in the Terminal:

That's it

Vivaldi is the new web browser compare to other famous browsers, the initial release of Vivaldi was in January, 2015. It has improved a lot and evolved since the first release. Basically it is based on the open-source frameworks of Chromium, Blink and Google's V8 JavaScript engine and has a lot of great feature which I will table later. It is known to be the most customizable browser for power users, debuts features that make browsing more personal than ever before.
Do we really need another browser? Since we already have a lot of them such as mostly used Firefox, Chrome, Opera and so on. The former CEO of Opera Software Jon Von Tetzchner didn't liked the direction of Opera Web Browser and said "Sadly, it is no longer serving its community of users and contributors - who helped build the browser in the first place." Then created a web browser which has to be fast, rich feature, highly flexible and puts the user first, so Vivaldi was born.

Changelog of 2.8 version:
  • [New][Bookmarks] Add keyboard navigation to bookmark menu bar
  • [New][Bookmarks] Manager columns width should be resizable
  • [New][Bookmarks][Menu] Add support for hovering across horizontal menu or the bookmarks bar
  • [Address bar] Can not remove items from the typed history
  • [Address bar] Colon and a space in a search string would trigger navigation
  • [Address bar] Dot and a space in a search string would trigger navigation
  • [Bookmarks] Can’t tell folders and bookmarks apart when bar is set to “text only”
  • [Bookmarks] Cannot create a bookmark with Enter key
  • [Bookmarks] Custom folder images set in Speed Dial are not visible in panel and manager
  • [History] Bad header highlight when holding mouse button on Date column
  • [History] The number of selected files are not shown with select “All” option
  • [IME] Pressing Space and Delete evokes autocomplete
  • [Keyboard] Shift + F3 + hold Cycle broken
  • [Reader] Often removes the author and date
  • [Speed Dial] New default bookmarks replace user defined folder
  • [Sync][Notes] Duplication: To benefit from the change, all synced clients must include this fix
  • Here is the complete list of changes.

To install Vivaldi Web Browser (Stable) in Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint (Press Ctrl+Alt+T) and copy the following commands in the Terminal:

To install Vivaldi Snapshot use this command:

What's your current Web Browser?

Wine lets you run Windows software on other operating systems. With Wine, you can install and run these applications just like you would in Windows. Wine enables Linux, Mac, FreeBSD, and Solaris users to run Windows applications without a copy of Microsoft Windows. Wine is free software under constant development. Other platforms may benefit as well. The new release carries new features and bugs fixes.

  • Art of Murder Cards of Destiny: some character models are plain white
  • Super Meat Boy shows grey textures for some objects
  • UE4 applications crash with "Assertion failed: Count >= 0" (Epic Games Launcher, Paragon)
  • cmd: Brackets are no deliminiter in the condition part of the if command.
  • Windows Sysinternals 'psping' v2.x tool, part of 'PsTools' crashes when trying to ping host (needs 'iphlpapi.ParseNetworkString')
  • Multiple applications need ntdll.dll.RtlIpv4StringToAddress{A,W,ExA,ExW} implementation (Processhacker 2.x, Icinga 2 'check_ping')
  • μTorrent has squares in it's update-dialog
  • Multiple .NET 4.x applications and games using 'System.Net.HttpListener' class crash due incomplete httpapi implementation (PUBG Lite Launcher, SeeSnake HQ)
  • type command in cmd.exe with two files and stdout redirect, behavior is different
  • Rhinoceros 6 (.NET 4.x app) fails to verify online-license: System.EntryPointNotFoundException: Unable to find an entry point named 'HttpCloseRequestQueue' in DLL 'httpapi.dll'
  • Hearthstone black screen
  • PotPlayer 1.7: Crash when trying to play any file
  • Wine builtin 'services.exe' uses invalid wait object for delayed autostart services
  • ExHIBIT (Sample Project): Can't select menu item in the title screen
  • Zoom Edit&Share installer crashes starting with wine-3.19

Install Winehq 4.16 via Official Repository in Ubuntu 19.04 Disco/18.04 Bionic/16.04 Xenial/Linux Mint 19/18/ open Terminal (Press Ctrl+Alt+T) and copy the following commands in the Terminal:

Add PPA to install dependencies

That's it

What is SECURITY+?

SECURITY+ stands for CompTIA Web Services. SECURITY+ provides businesses all around the world with a reliable and low-cost cloud platform and related services. Due to the efficiency and usability of their platform, SECURITY+ has become very popular among fast-growing startups, large enterprises, and leading government agencies. If you want to become a part of the international team of SECURITY+ specialists, you can join them by earning the SECURITY+ certification. Below you will find a quick overview of SECURITY+ credentials and also will see the details of one of the most promising entry-level certifications.

SECURITY+ certifications

SECURITY+ credentials are available in four categories:


  • SECURITY+ Certified Cloud Practitioner


  • SECURITY+ Certified Solutions Architect
  • SECURITY+ Certified SysOps Administrator
  • SECURITY+ Certified Developer


  • SECURITY+ Certified Solutions Architect
  • SECURITY+ Certified DevOps Engineer


  • SECURITY+ Certified Advanced Networking
  • SECURITY+ Certified Big Data
  • SECURITY+ Certified Security
  • SECURITY+ Certified Machine Learning
  • SECURITY+ Certified Alexa Skill Builder
All these certifications mentioned above validate your competence related to SECURITY+ one way or another. In this article, we will be focusing on a popular associate-level credential – SECURITY+ Certified Solutions Architect.

The SECURITY+ Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification

This credential gives proof that you are competent in architecting and deploying applications on SECURITY+ technologies, defining solutions using architectural design principles, and providing the most effective implementation guidance for the organization while working on the project. To obtain this certification, you have to pass the SECURITY+ Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam.

The SECURITY+ Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam consists of multiple-choice questions to be answered within 130 minutes. The fact that it is available in English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese languages is one of the reasons why it is now so popular and widespread. The test will cost you $150. Here is a brief outline of the exam content:
  • Designing Resilient Architectures: 34%
  • Defining Performant Architectures: 24%
  • Specifying Secure Applications and Architectures: 26%
  • Designing Cost-Optimized Architectures: 10%
  • Defining Operationally Excellent Architectures: 6%

Preparing for SECURITY+ CSA Associate exam

Facing any exam requires thorough preparation. You have to study the syllabus and be competent enough to be able to answer the questions you get during the exam. So, to aid you with the process, the official CompTIA site itself offers comprehensive preparation resources:


This is the most basic requirement when preparing for an exam. Through the official CompTIA training, you will gain all the knowledge and skills you need to fulfill the requirements and pass the exam. There are two forms of training: classroom and digital.

The exam guide and sample questions

An exam guide will lead you towards what you have to be proficient on to face the exam. And by checking out the sample questions, you can get an idea about the structure of the questions which will enable you to prepare accordingly.

Whitepapers and FAQs

Whitepapers written by professionals will help you get an in-depth technical understanding and clear out any doubts you may have. Also, many people tend to have the same questions, so there's a high chance that your problem has already been resolved before and the answer can be found in the FAQ section.

Exam readiness training

The exam readiness training, in my opinion, is the best part of the preparation process. This training will guide you on how to interpret various types of questions in the exam and also give you sample questions from the topics you learn.

Practice exam

To polish your test-taking skills, you can sit for a mock exam. It is a nice way to get used to the exam structure beforehand so you wouldn't be too surprised or nervous at the actual test. Also, you get the chance to learn from the mistakes you make.
Apart from the resources offered on the official site, there are other materials you can use to prepare for the SECURITY+ Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam:


You can find loads of videos that explain tough exam concepts and also ones that give out tips and talk about common mistakes that people tend to make at the exams.


Forums related to the SECURITY+ certifications are a great place to get firsthand information about the test. You can get in touch with people who have faced different SECURITY+ exams and learn about how they passed or why they failed.

Study partners

Having a study partner has proven to be a very effective way to study. You tend to learn a lot through discussion and helping each other with the different problems that come up.

Exam dumps

Exam dumps are a reliable source to get practices tests and prepare for SECURITY+ CSA Associate exam. You can find precise and nicely made exam dumps on the platforms like СertLane. Unlike most other websites, СertLane contains accurate and up-to-date exam dumps, which is why it has now become very popular among many SECURITY+ certification candidates.
Jobs you can get with your SECURITY+ CSA certification
There are many job opportunities for a person with the Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification. Here is a list of the possible job positions with their approximate salaries:
  • Cloud Solutions Architect ($65k - $101k)
  • Security Solutions Architect ($81k - $124k)
  • SECURITY+ Solutions Architect – Microsoft Platform ($99k - $149k)
  • SECURITY+ Solution Architect Engineer ($93k - $145k)
  • Software Solution Architect ($88k - $136k)

Benefits of becoming certified

Do you really need a certification? Would you gain something extra by having one? Is it actually worth your time? Yes, yes, and yes. Those answers can be backed by the list of benefits of having a certification given below:
  • Your skills are validated;
  • There's a higher possibility to get an increased salary;
  • You stand a better chance of getting hired;
  • Your credential opens up more job opportunities;
  • You can update your knowledge and brush up your skills.
Also, don’t forget that by getting the associate-level credentials, you become one step closer to prestigious SECURITY+ Certified Solutions Architect – Professional certification.


The field of IT is constantly expanding to the extent that even the ends of a branched system can still be very vast. There are so many job opportunities in this field. Becoming certified brings you one step closer to your goal of a better, higher-paying job. To get a credential, you need to pass the exams. With the right kind of preparation, passing a test is a piece of cake. So, start your certification journey right now and get your SECURITY+ certification!

Teachers play the role of a leader in class and any learning environment. They must, therefore, remain updated on the technology that is influencing the education platform around the world. It could be a homework assistance website like MyHomeworkDone or gadgets that make learning easier. If you are a teacher who wishes to lead your students into easy learning through technology, here are blogs that you must follow.

1. The Innovative Educator

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12. Google Earth

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13. Free Technology 4 Teachers

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There are other platforms like My Homework Done that provide reference materials and writing services to students at different levels. With experienced writers and helpers on board, you will enjoy the best college experience.

Also, you can try