Spotify is a great entertaining platform that had bloomed as a reputed live streaming program recently. The quality of the audio tracks is impressive. If you are a music lover, then Spotify is the perfect app to entertain you in an online mode.

Most users would like to listen to their favorite Spotifysoundtracks in offline mode. There are ample ways to carry out this process. You must select an efficient program to obtain the desires quality outcomes. Here, you will discover the best tool, called AudFree Spotify Music Converter that performs optimally on the Spotify space for quick downloads of your favorite soundtracks.

Quickly surf the below content to enlighten with insightful methods to access the Spotify soundtracks precisely. It is high time to enjoy your favorite Spotify audio tracks flawlessly. Scroll down to discover exciting facts about the best techniques.

Part 1. Key Features of AudFree Spotify Music Converter

When you take a closer look at the digital environment, you will grab the AudFree Spotify Music Converter tool to work with the Spotify platform without any hesitation. It is the perfect partner to access the soundtracks in the Spotify app. Using this Spotify Music Converter app, you can download music from Spotify to your computer flawlessly. This program assists you to assign values to download attributes to obtain desired audio files. If you download the Spotify songs using this program, then you will be able to play them on any audio players without any compatibility issues.

Quick synopsis about its features for better understanding. Surf the below reliable data carefully, and comfortably use the AudFree Spotify Music Converter app.

Lossless conversion and download process

You can select the Spotify soundtracks for download and convert them to any desired file format. The entire conversion process takes place without any data loss. You do not have to compromise on any factors during the download and conversion procedure. It retains crucial data like ID3 tags, metadata associated with the audio tracks for future use. The conversion takes place without affecting its quality factors. Irrespective of the audio file size, the soundtracks conversion occurs precisely.

Faster conversion

The AudFree Spotify Music Converter tool quickly converts and downloads the complex audio files. You do not have to wait for longer to get your favorite audio tracks into your system. This app converts the audio files at 5X conversion speed. It assists in batch processing without any issues. You can work on multiple audio files optimally.

Regular Updates

This app notifies regular updates to keep the tool up to date with the evolving technology. The frequent app updates help the program to perform well.

Simple Interface

The working environment is simple, and you can easily add the files in no time. This app allows you to insert multiple audio files from Spotify to carry out batch processing. This feature-rich app displayed all its elements explicitly for easy reach. The users can access all the essential controls quickly without wasting time in search of it.

Organizes the Music Library

This tool organizes the downloaded Spotify audio files optimally. You can access the audio files quickly and transfer them to any desired storage space for future reference. It manages and maintains the audio tracks for comfortable use.

These are the salient features of the AudFree Spotify Music Converter tool. You can use this program for your needs and make desired song download without any hesitation.

Part 2. How Does AudFree Spotify Music Converter Work?

In this section, you will witness the discussion on how to use AudFree Spotify Music Converter app optimally. You can use the AudFree Spotify Music Converter app to carry out the download tasks efficiently. You can follow the below instructions to carry out the specific soundtracks download from Spotify to the computer.

Step 1: Install AudFree Spotify Music Converter

Go to the official page of AudFree and download the correct version of this program. You can opt for either Windows or Mac-based on your system OS. Install the app and launch the tool. Spotify opens simultaneously along with this program.

Step 2: Add Files

Copy your favorite Spotify music tracks link and paste them beside the ‘+’ icon on the AudFree Spotify Music Converter interface.

Step 3: Assign values to download and conversion parameters

Click the ‘Preference’ icon and set the values for the attributes Output format, channel, conversion speed, bit rate, sample rate etc. Then, you can save the changes by hitting the ‘Ok’ button.

Step 4: Begin the conversion

Now, hit the ‘Convert’ button to trigger the conversion. You must wait for few minutes until the soundtrack conversion and download completes.

Now, you can access the download Spotify songs available in your system local drive. You can play them and listen to your favorite songs in an offline mode. Click the ‘History’ icon to view the downloaded Spotify songs.

Part 3. How to Activate AudFree Spotify Music Converter with Ease?

Officially, you must purchase a Spotify subscription to download music into your system drive. After a successful purchase, you will get a registration code with a licensed email. You can use these credentials to register with Spotify as a premium user. Download the desired Spotify songs easily once you had logged in as a subscribed user. It is a formal way to access the songs and make a download without any interruption. Moreover, in this premium account, you will not find any disturbances due to the pop-up advertisements.


Thus, in this article, you had learnt how to use AudFree Software to access the Spotify playlists effortlessly. You can listen to music offline without becoming a subscribed user in Spotify with the help of this program. You had an enlightening discussion on the potential usage of this tool.

Download your favorite soundtracks from Spotify and play them on any desired media players. The AudFree Spotify Music converter app is the perfect application for Spotify to access the music tracks optimally. Connect to this article to enhance the song access on the Spotify platform. Choose the AudFree Spotify Music converter tool and enjoy its benefits with the Spotify app.

A highly competitive market will gobble up the businesses that don’t have their processes and flows figured out. This means a highly efficient team, where communication between departments happens naturally, using the latest productivity and collaboration tools.

However, if you work in an IT company, you know the Development team and the Operations team are separated and the communication between them is often deficient. So, even though many companies understand the importance of proper communication between teams and provide their employees with access to modern collaboration tools, there is still a gap that hinders productivity.

This is where you’d need the help of RTS Labs DevOps consulting, a company that works with businesses and helps them create their own DevOps systems in order to unify development and operations.

Moreover, specialists also recommend using DevOps in collaboration with a reliable Cloud provider for the best possible results. Still, the connection between these two entities is a bit confusing since one is about processes and the other is technology.

Considering this, we thought to dig a bit deeper in an effort to understand the connection between DevOps and the Cloud and why it’s so important for businesses looking to grow and succeed.

What is DevOps?

You will find different definitions in different organizations, but the general consensus is that DevOps is all about bringing the development and the operations team together. In some organizations, you will find a developer-friendly operations system where IT operations and developers are still separate, but the entire process encourages communication between parties. Other organizations have a consolidated team where both developers and operations take on each other’s responsibilities.

According to a recent report by, teams that practice the DevOps experience recover faster from crashes (24 times faster) and waste less time (by 22%) on unplanned work or redos.

The Relationship Between DevOps and the Cloud

Cloud computing is no longer a mystery or a novelty to business owners as many already moved their operations to the Cloud. A reliable cloud provider can offer better data security and easier access to data (regardless of location) than a locally administered system could. Moreover, it does so at a fraction of the cost and resources required by an in-house data center.

So, what does DevOps have to do with the Cloud?

First of all, it’s a shared environment where everyone (with the right credentials) can access the information they need. This means that developers can share their work progress while operations can keep an eye on the entire process without having to ask for progress reports and other similar documents.

Additionally, if a mistake is spotted, it can be pointed out and solved on the spot. There’s no need to wait until the development team completes their part to check for errors and then send the project back for corrections. In short, the business saves time and money.

Another important aspect of cloud computing is the fact that developers can have access to complex technology that can take months to set up and configure in a standard work environment. With Cloud computing, it’s easy to instantiate an already configured LAMP stack or work in an SAP-like ecosystem.

Lastly, if one of the devices crashes in your company (it happens more often than you want), the progress will be saved on the cloud and the developers can just switch devices and continue their work.

Wrap Up

Overall, a company has a lot to benefit from hooking up their DevOps team with Cloud computing. But among the most important aspects are increased productivity and reduced costs with devices and other resources.

As an entrepreneur, you wear plenty of caps, however here and there it's a good idea to take the cap off and work with an expert. While in the beginning, this practice might work out fine, your business will most likely develop to a point where the time it takes to sort something out yourself would be better spent on different tasks.

Also, certain activities may require skills that you, or your group, simply don't have. Rather than burning through your time that is better spent on the important tasks that you can handle, enlist a specialist to deal with those issues. In case you don't know which assignments to rethink, or who to work with, start with these six experts. You'll be happy to have another person dealing with the monotonous yet significant roles while you centralize your focus on developing and expanding your business.

6 Important Hires to Help With Your Business

New business owners regularly wind up confronting a heavy expectation to learn and adapt. Luckily, they don't need to do everything on their own. There are individuals that can help to take care of the things you aren’t able to do. Moreover, living in Chicago gives you access to some of the best talent available in the country. Take advantage of the talent bank and hire the right people for your business.

1. CPA

Each business, whether small or big, needs a dedicated financial advisor, which is especially true for taxes. CPAs go through rigorous state examinations, which allow them to do more than a general accountant can. They are specialized to handle things like filing business taxes with the IRS. There are the jacks of all trades when it comes to accountants and fiances. Your business will greatly benefit from their guidance.

2. Insurance Agent

Every business, no matter the size, needs a competent insurance agent to make sure that the business is covered in multiple areas. Depending on the industry and type of business, it is possible you may need more than one insurance agent. You may need an agent to cover the building itself, another to work with you on employee insurance needs (health and life benefits), and so on. This is a vital step to securing your business.

3. Web and Graphic Designers

In keeping with the way of the world, a company is invisible without some form of an online presence. For serious businesses, this includes having a website. Not just any website, but one that is personalized to the business as a brand. For this, you will need to hire a web designer. Their job is to create an intuitive, eye-catching website that your customers enjoy using and is easy for you to navigate on the backend. Graphic designers are also important for other social media projects and campaigns. Sometimes one person can fulfill both roles.

4. Business Lawyer

There is no way around it; owning a business means having to handle legal matters. This doesn’t mean having something negative happen, like being sued for example, but there are legal papers that will need to be filled to make sure that your business is operating legitimately, you’ll also have to deal with things like contracts, agreements, and other deals. Having a business lawyer to help make sure that all the necessary paperwork is done accurately and timely is important to your business.

5. Recruiter

This one is really important. Hiring a recruiter to help you find the best talent to fill the positions you need is key. Recruiters are specialized in finding the right persons to suit a business. They see the potential in the employee and employer and do their best to match the right pairs together. This will save you time in going through countless applications. Only the best will make it onto the final list when working with a recruiter.

6. IT Specialists

IT specialists are needed to help set up and maintain a proper working network that you can trust. They will work to set up a system that protects your business data and sensitive information. The world of cybercrime is complex and continues to grow more sophisticated. The role of an IT specialist is to help your business fight against possible attacks and threats to your system. It is unavoidable; you need to be connected online but with the right help, you can do it safely.

An entrepreneur can be pulled in many directions. Significant tasks like legal documentation, contract creation, or medical insurance ought to be dealt with by a professional that can focus on the task at hand. Realizing when to reassign tasks and allow others to take over is important. It is also vital that you note the areas in which you and your team are lacking and search for the help and support you need. This will ensure that your business is set on the right road to success.

The tech industry has been growing year-on-year for decades, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. While many sectors are struggling to recover from the economic impact of COVID-19, the tech industry is already bouncing back and capitalizing on the demand for increased tech solutions, such a remote working platforms and virtual fitness classes.

For aspiring tech professionals, the future certainly looks bright. Between now and 2029, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts job growth rates of 15% for Computer and Information Research Scientists, 22% for Software Developers and 31% for Information Security Analysts.

While there is set to be an increasing number of jobs available, candidates will inevitably face a significant amount of competition for the top roles. If you want to build a successful tech career and fast-track your journey to the C-suite, take a look at these top tips now:

1. Complete an MSc

The majority of people begin their tech careers by studying Computer Science or related subjects at undergraduate level. However, completing an MSc can give you an edge when it comes to applying for more advanced roles. After all, the knowledge and experience you’ll gain by completed a master’s degree will enhance your skillset and extend your capabilities.

When you undertake a computer science degree online, you can combine your academic pursuits with full-time work, to ensure you don’t miss out on the crucial practical experience you need. With the option to study from any location, an online MSc in Computer Science can put you a step ahead of your peers while giving you the flexibility to live and work wherever you choose.

2. Focus on a Specialty

The tech industry is vast, so you’ll need to decide what area you want to build your career in. From software development or cybersecurity to data science or network architecture, there are numerous specialties to consider. However, every specialty can lead to a successful and lucrative career, so select an area that you’re genuinely interested in. Not only will this make your career more enjoyable, but it will also help you to stay motivated as you navigate your future.

Many professionals find that enrolling in an advanced course, such as an MSc or a Postgraduate Diploma, helps them to confirm their specialty and formalize their experience. If you’ve completed a BSc in Computer Engineering, for example, an MSc in Computer Science with a Software Engineering track can help you to narrow down your specialist field.

3. Become a Thought Leader

If you want to fast-track your career, building a professional profile, promoting your personal brand and becoming a thought leader will definitely help you to achieve your goals. A thought leader is someone who pushes the boundaries, develops original ideas and offers something new to the industry as a whole. If you’re eager to shape the future of your chosen industry, use your current position to gain publicity and show people just how talented you are.

Whether you publish articles in industry journals, take part in high-profile events or build your brand online with Q&As, guest posts and podcasts, becoming a thought leader can optimize your success and boost your earning power.

4. Create a Five-Year Plan

A successful career rarely happens by chance, which is why it’s important to have a workable strategy in place. As it can take time to climb the career ladder, think long-term when you’re planning your professional goals. A five-year plan will give you the opportunity to enact major changes in your professional life, such as completing an extra qualification or securing a promotion.

Of course, five years can feel like a long time when you’re eager to maximize your success, so find ways to stay motivated. Breaking goals down into smaller targets will ensure that you’re regularly rewarded for your hard work. In turn, this will inspire you to continue working towards your main objectives and give you a sense of fulfilment and accomplishment.

5. Manage Your Digital Reputation

So much of our lives are lived online that we develop a digital reputation without even realizing it. When you’re working in the tech industry, however, it’s particularly important to be aware of your digital presence and to take active steps to manage your reputation. Every piece of content that relates to you shapes your reputation, so bear this in mind when you’re posting on social media or chatting publicly with friends.

Setting your profiles to private will go some way towards separating your personal and professional lives but, in reality, your online presence will affect your career. To ensure it has a positive impact, rather than a negative one, make managing your digital reputation a top priority.

6. Start a Side Hustle

A side hustle can be much more than a way of earning extra cash; it can also be an effective way to enhance your career. By choosing an appropriate side hustle, you can expand your skillset and gain experience in the area you want to specialize in. From developing software for private clients to acting as a cybersecurity consultant, there are various tech side hustles that can help you to fast-track your career.

In addition to gaining practical skills and theoretical knowledge, having your own side hustle can also help you to build up a network within the industry. As you make new contacts and get to showcase your work, for example, you’ll be promoting your personal brand and opening the door to new opportunities.

Is a Career in Tech Right for You?

Technology is literally shaping the future and changing the way society operates, which makes it one of the most exciting sectors to work in. Furthermore, the vast range of roles and specialties means there are numerous areas to explore. Similarly, you’ll find that the tech sector facilitates numerous working arrangements, which means you can build a career that’s as flexible as you need it to be.

If you’re eager to be at the cutting-edge of new developments and you want to transform advanced concepts into real-life, tangible solutions, a career in tech could certainly be the challenge you’re looking for.

Gazing out at the future of the working world can be a stress-inducing pastime, particularly when the technological landscape continues to advance at pace.

This can make the effort of developing one’s professional skillset a daunting endeavor to say the least, but it is nonetheless important and perfectly doable.

Many companies recognize the seemingly limitless value of big data to be the future of modern business, so taking a glance or two at the career opportunities, it can offer might be well-worth your time.

If you were struggling to think of a direction in which to take your current career, or you wanted to test your skills at the cutting edge of technological development, looking for a break with the help of education might suit you fine.

Here are some of the ways (of which there are many) that striving to obtain a degree in data analytics may be able to help your future career prospects.

What Does it Entail?

The close study of data is one of the ways in which companies develop their business models in many various fields.

From advertising to product development and everything in between, without the data to back it up, or more specifically, a data analyst to back it up, any efforts will likely lose out on potential capital.

Interpreting data in a way that is applicable to practical situations requires a good eye for recognizing patterns, a strong mathematical ability, and a knowledge of computer languages, all skills that can fit nicely into a wide array of roles.

Online Opportunities

The digital realm is now occupied by a host of elite institutions offering a wealth of opportunity for study, which might make obtaining a degree a more viable option for many hopeful students.

This can make the prospect of studying a fantastic business analytics masters online exciting, especially considering the way educational institutions have streamlined their courses in recent years.

Courses are now highly flexible and catered to take students' individual circumstances into account, potentially allowing them to study around their previous commitments in a way that was not previously thought possible.

Plus, the quality and the prestige of a remote learning qualification is rightly recognized by a great deal of employers around the world. Just because the course is entirely remote, there is no need for the authenticity and teaching effectiveness to suffer.

Is it Right for You?

If you enjoy working in an environment that relies on multidisciplinary input from different departments, individuals and software systems, or recognize the fact that data can indeed be beautiful, then taking a business analytics masters online can set you up for a rewarding job in the future.

If you have an inquisitive, curious, and logistical mind that likes to seek out patterns, taking your passions into an educational setting can help you hone your personal development and your professional skills.

Throughout your time studying a business analytics masters online, you will likely have to pitch your own ideas, present case studies, and communicate with others regularly to develop your data interpretations. If you enjoy explaining points with facts, figures, evidence, and research, it is certainly worth examining.

If not, there is no need to panic, as you are likely to be taught how to deal with this, and it is not necessarily always essential in a real-life environment. It can be, however, an incredibly useful set of life skills, so you may find it useful to read up on how to practice.

What do You Want Out of Your Career?

Aside from the chance to bag yourself a very decent salary, a business analytics masters online can set you up for a host of fulfilling roles, so it may be worth asking yourself what it is exactly you want to get out of your future career.

For example, this might mean thinking about such topics as:

  • What do You Like Doing in Your Spare Time? – Work does in no way have to be a concept that brings up feelings of dread and apprehension, and in fact, many people who love their job do so because it reflects what they enjoy doing in their spare time.
  • Which Industry Excites You the Most? – By completing a business analytics masters online, you might suddenly find yourself standing in front of many wide-open doors that lead to a job in a range of industries. In this regard, thinking about which one of them excites you the most can be extremely beneficial.
  • What Kind of Work do You Find Most Fulfilling? – Admittedly, this question is probably difficult to answer if you have not yet found yourself in a fulfilling role. It does not hurt to think about what that kind of role this might be, however. You could think about subjects like location, working practices, colleagues, methods and techniques, or how you personally like approaching tasks.
  • What is Your Personality Type? – Sometimes, your ability to fit seamlessly into any given role can be down to your personality type. For example, if you are an extrovert, you may enjoy working in a big team of people, or if you prefer your own company, you might thrive under solo responsibility and pressure. Of course, the two are not mutually exclusive, but it is something you might want to think about.

Whether or not you will find a career fulfilling can be a difficult one to predict, as how you value success will likely depend on your individual set of criteria. Thankfully, the skills you will learn throughout your time studying a business analytics masters online can help prepare you for a host of eventualities.

The Workplace of the Future

Preparing for a future career can seem like a fruitless endeavor when concepts like space tourism, virtual reality, and quantum computing seem set to change the way the world works.

However, it is for this very reason that pursuing further education should be high on the list of considerations for many individuals, as it has the potential to help you grasp the transferrable fundamentals of industry.

It might be argued that it is not necessarily what you learn, but how you are taught to learn it, and discovering new ways to approach problems is an aspect that an online business analytics masters will be able to nurture.

Taking an analytical approach to situations is very much a skill that can be taught and sharpened, even if you already find yourself in that mindset on a regular basis.

If the workplace of the future is going to consist of employees working closely alongside robots, AI, and advanced software systems, then studying for a business analytics masters online may be able to make sure you get along just fine with your mechanical counterparts.

Research is Vital

Wading through a growing mountain of data might all be for nothing without the research to back it up, and research is one of the most vital keys in learning how to develop solutions using statistics successfully.

In many ways, this is important to the entire future landscape of work. You will most likely be conducting a great deal of research throughout your time studying for a business analytics masters online.

Implementing quantitative research into business practices is by no means a new concept, but the methods used to gather the data are constantly updating.

Working closely with software platforms such as Tableau, you can start to visualize this data in a way that makes observing patterns and trends easy to present and understand.

It is also worth noting, any skills or experience you might have working with Microsoft Excel are highly valuable in this field. Although it is a fairly old setup comparatively speaking, it is still widely used in data analytics, perhaps providing a testament to its long-standing quality.

Which Modern Companies Utilize Big Data?

A host of tech companies thrive on their ability to use data analytics, so you might want to think about which well-established and renowned companies you admire or might like to work for because chances are, they will have a need for a data analyst. If not now, then perhaps in the future, as many companies are beginning to warm to the idea of using data in their daily operations.

Some of the more successful and recognizable companies that constantly make use of big data include YouTube, Netflix, Microsoft, and of course, Amazon.

If you had a specific company in mind, it might even be worth looking up what opportunities they have on offer as of right now, as a skilled data analyst is usually a sought-after candidate.

Examples of some of these roles might include business strategist, administrator, IT consultant, or even an AI engineer!

A Flexible Approach

Taking a business analytics masters online can offer a great amount of flexibility throughout the duration of the course, as you will likely get the chance to specialize in many corresponding fields of work.

For example, many programs have entire electives dedicated to other fields in which data analytics can apply, such as finance and cybersecurity.

Preparing for your future career is often as much about developing a flexible skillset as it is about specializing in one particular area; however, so it can be important to keep your options open along the way.

For example, if working closely with computer science happens to take your fancy, there is no reason you should have to rule it out as a career choice in the future.

Since you will be the proud owner of a prestigious advanced degree, many more opportunities will likely start making themselves known to you in the world of work.

How to Prepare

Reading, reading, and more reading can be a great way to start filling in the gaps in your knowledge when it comes to business and data, and it is also a good way to prepare yourself for the course ahead.

There are many great online resources to help you find some highly authoritative pieces of literature on the matter, such as Jstor and Google Scholar.

It is also worth taking a look at some of the many great YouTube channels if you are more of a visual/audio learner. The official channels and affiliated content creators of big companies often have their own experts who relish the chance to provide regular updates on the industry, so it also worth seeing what they have to say.

Reaching out to alumni can also be useful in giving you some greater insight into not only what the course truly has to offer its students but what they go on to achieve after completing it.

Seeing if you can find out what kind of roles graduates usually pick up after the course may help you to decide on your own future career path, or at the very least, give you some inspiration.

Making sure you are prepared can also pertain to scoping out the curriculum, reading ahead, and working out what times are best for you to get the coursework done!

Writing yourself a short bio in order for fellow students to get to know you better is also a great way to kick off your course in a friendly way and hopefully gain the attention of some important contacts in the form of like-minded individuals.

Meaningful, Fulfilling Job Opportunities

The events of the past few years have left many people questioning the meaning behind their work, how fulfilled they feel in the current career, and why they decided to get into it in the first place.

However, this level of introspection can be beneficial, especially if you are deciding on what your future career might eventually look like.

There is a vast array of important work to be done in the world of data analytics, and much of it relates directly to the betterment of global humanity.

From public safety and access to information to healthcare and ecology, if you wanted to help the world, a career in data analytics might just be able to supply you with the chance in the right circumstances.

After 2020 where people were required to stay at home, online shops were the saving grace. But even before that, several people preferred them as they gave a convenient way of shopping. Shopping from home and coupled with doorstep delivery is a dream.

Since then, there have been plenty of online shopping sites that have made it hard to determine which ones you can use. Here, you can find a list of the top online sites that you need to check out. They offer excellent service seeing as they are at the top of the already populated market.


Judging from the millions of offerings you can get from Amazon, this has to be at the top of the list. With Amazon, you not only get millions of goods from their warehouses, but you can also call upon millions of other vendors.

When you have that many stores to choose from, you can easily shop around to find out who has the best prices. It's like walking into the supermarket, but here, you have all the products you want. You can also get free stuff when you use Amazon to shop.

Another thing that makes Amazon stand out is that you can access it through the website and an app. The app is supported by all smartphones, which makes it convenient. For easy purchases, you can use the Dash button, which is quite popular. There are countless deals that you can check out when you constantly use the Amazon app too.


Another online shop that has been creating shockwaves has got to be Banggood. This Chinese retailer offers you the "best bang for your buck" – lots of bargains that you can use here.

There have also been some fears of financial information left on the site. But there hasn't been any concrete info that suggests it's unsafe to use it. You can get some deals with the site if you can find a banggood coupon code. With Banggood, what you want to look at mostly are electronics, toys, and clothes. When you meet the prices quoted on the site online, you may think it is a scam. But the site is accurate as they come – and they promise to bring only high-quality Chinese goods.


When you're looking for an online auction, then eBay has got to be your go-to site. There's no bigger online auction than eBay, and you can get anything you want to buy from there. It is also easy to be a seller there if you have things to get rid of.

Far from what most people assume, you can also find some new stuff on the site. It would help if you only key in the keyword of whatever it is you're looking for. But one part that eBay is known for is that you can easily find collectibles here.

When you're looking for video games and appliances, this should be your first stop online. You can also get several seasonal gifts and daily gifts when you check the deal page.

When you use this site, you can easily filter through it to find exactly what you want. The filters include size, brand, color, ratings, and so on. Also, you can use the advanced search if you're looking for items with free shipping.

Not everything is set out for auction, and there are options for buy now and the auction option. You can either download the app or use eBay's website; it's all a matter of preference.


The last online shopping site that you want to look at is Wish. This is the one you go to when you want to get the best deals in the market. The catch, however, is that you have to deal with long waits before you can get what you ordered.

With Wish, you can get almost everything that you're looking for. You get phone accessories, home décor, fashion, shoes, toys, hobbies, and so on. These are just the categories that you can look at when selecting what you want.

You can easily spend a lot of time on Wish and a whole lot of money too due to the low prices. For easy shopping, quickly download the Wish app and shop even on the go when you find a deal.

Online shopping sites are a significant hit as they provide convenience for shoppers. They also stand out because there are many deals to find when you use them. Here are some of the top online shops that you can consider using for your next shopping experience.

A frequent problem that computer users face is memory leaks. In today's day and age, 16 GB or even 8 GB is sufficient for most personal computers. But, sometimes, programs and processes that run on your computer do not let go of unnecessary memory resources, and your system may run out of memory. Let's look at how memory leaks happen, why they slow computer performance, and how you can handle such situations.

What exactly are Memory Leaks?

A memory leak happens if a program or programs fail to let go of memory resources that are no longer needed. Now, you could be using a high-powered desktop computer, a new laptop, or even a refurbished laptop. Regardless of the scenario, you may face memory leaks at any point in time, and that can slow your computer down drastically.

In a typical scenario, your computer dynamically distributes memory. So, your computer allocates more RAM as and when needed. The memory is released as and when the need is gone. But, at times, programs or processes do not free up memory resources after the requirement is no longer there. This is a memory leak and can result in performance issues.

If a memory leak happens, your computer tries to overcome this by storing temporary data in your hard disk and retrieving it when needed. Such a process is known as paging. By doing so, your computer can temporarily keep processes running. Otherwise they would crash. But, such workarounds may take their toll on the performance of your system if this goes on for a long time.

How bad are memory leaks?

Memory leaks can be terrible for computers. Short-term results of memory leaks are that there may not be sufficient RAM for other programs to use. Long-term effects of memory leaks can be severe - such as freezes, unresponsive programs, software aging, and complete crash of your computer.

How do you know if your computer has a memory leak?

If your computer is undergoing a memory leak, you'll experience all sorts of technical issues. Some of these are:

  1. You won't be able to launch additional programs. This happens since there is no free memory available.
  2. Slow or degraded computer performance. Your computer may take a long time to act on process requests that generally complete within a second.
  3. Running programs may crash or freeze indefinitely. When the processes in these running programs try to access RAM, they won't get a response and will get stuck.
  4. If you are an advanced software developer, you can detect and prevent memory leaks using code. You can do this in your Ruby application, using Python, Node JS, or PHP.

How can you prevent memory leakage?

  1. Have enough RAM by installing extra RAM if necessary.
  2. Do not open multiple tabs. Browsers use a lot of memory. The more tabs you keep open, the more RAM is eaten up.
  3. Run a few programs at a time. If you are running memory-intensive processes, you should close any redundant background programs.
  4. Use memory monitoring programs. Memory leaks may go undetected if they do not cause visible issues. Installing an app to monitor memory usage and monitoring reports regularly will help you detect memory leaks and take action.

How can you fix memory leaks?

  1. Close programs and restart your computer. First, try manually closing programs and processes that may be eating up memory. If this does not help, restart your computer. Doing so should free up memory that was blocked earlier.
  2. Cut down programs that run during startup. If you have multiple programs that launch automatically on computer startup, your RAM gets unnecessarily strained. If you don't need these programs, disable them to prevent them from launching automatically.
  3. Update your device drivers. Corrupted or outdated drivers can cause memory leaks. Ensure that you have the latest version of drivers on your computer.
  4. Use tools that diagnose memory. If you are using Windows 10, you can access a tool called windows memory diagnostic. This tool runs a scan on your computer and helps you find memory leaks.

In Summary

Memory leaks can cause your computer to go haywire. Use the tips shared in this article to know what they are, how you can find out if your computer has a memory leak, how you can prevent memory leaks and fix them if your computer does develop memory leaks.

Have you or someone you know recently been getting more involved with copywriting, and now you have begun to look for some different ways to improve your craft? Maybe you have just recently acquired a job as a copywriter, and you are not exactly sure what ways you can go about getting better at your job? Perhaps you have been working as a copywriter for years now, but you are always on the lookout for innovative ways to improve your end products? If any of this sounds familiar, then be sure to read on to learn some helpful information. This article will discuss some of the best tips and tricks for creating great copy. Although there is no one set formula to getting the job done right, there is always something that you can learn from researching, experimenting, and practicing.


The first step towards getting anything done in life is to set out a few goals and create a plan to eventually accomplish them. The same holds true for creating great copy, and planning will help to speed up your process and refine your writing. Planning your copywriting could be something as simple as trying to create a general template for your work in order to help give you some more consistency. You might also want to plan out a few different potential angles that you could take on the given topic, in order to give you a more diverse end product.


The second step you should take when you are trying to improve the quality of your copywriting is to make sure that you do a thorough job researching the topic prior to starting. This will allow you to accumulate some basic knowledge about the topic, and help you to hone in on key topics that you want to include in your writing. You could also do some research on the basics of copywriting as well, which might allow you to gain a more extensive understanding of how to best approach any given topic.


Once you have created a plan and done some basic research, then the next thing left for you to do in order to improve the quality of your copywriting is to actually do it. In order to advance our skills in any field we need ample time to make mistakes and learn from our actual experiences. There is only so much that you can learn from a book, and any craft that requires some kind of creativity will require hours of practice in order to perfect. Some people believe that in order to become a professional at anything you need approximately 10000 hours of experience. Depending on how fast you write you may need more or less time than this. If you are committed and put in the time then you should be able to accomplish whatever goal you set your mind to.


It is truly amazing what science has given our species in terms of technological advancements in the last few decades. This has truly been spurred on by the developments that have happened in the field of computers. In just a few decades computers have progressed to a level that many people had never previously imagined. In recent years this has also been sped up even further with the invention of quantum computing. Advertisers and marketing teams have even begun to look for ways to use AI to help create copy that converts well. We are only beginning to see the possibilities of quantum computing, so be sure to keep an eye out on future developments to see some useful new technologies.

Professional Help

Sometimes no matter how hard you try at a task, you will never be as good as a well practiced professional who has been doing the job for years. The same is true for copywriting and many other advertising and online marketing specialists. If you are struggling with copywriting or suffering from writer's block then getting in touch with a professional to help you out might be something worth considering. Sometimes even just a quick lesson or chat on the phone might be enough to help you out, so it is worth trying if you get desperate.


Another good way to improve the quality of your copywriting skills is to try and develop your vocabulary as much as possible. There are a number of ways that building vocabulary can be done, but the easiest and most accessible way is to try and read more. Reading books has been proven to build your vocabulary, but it can only take you so far. If you are serious about building your vocabulary to an extreme level, then you can use resources such as a thesaurus and dictionary in order to learn more and push yourself.

Background Knowledge

Having a large breadth of knowledge can help to save you enormous amounts of time as a copywriter. If you are already well versed in the different terminology of a certain topic, then you will be able to have a much easier time writing about it without doing extensive research.


Editing is a crucial process in any writing project, and should be made a priority for anything that you will be releasing as an end product. Failing to edit your work is usually very quickly recognizable and shows a serious lack of professionalism.

After reading through a few of the different strategies and ideas listed above, the hope is that you have come away with a better sense of how you can improve your skills as a copywriter. If you are the manager of a large advertising company then you will sometimes need to think outside of the box in order to make sure that the job gets done the right way. Using new technologies such as AI and others can help to drastically improve the overall output of your advertising company. There is no reason to keep using the same old techniques that have worked in the past, since the advertising and marketing industry is constantly in a state of flux. Make sure that you are putting in the work in order to polish your skills as a copywriter, and you will be able to see results in the overall quality of your work.

Photography is more than just a passion for many. It is their way of capturing a piece of the world and externalizing it forever. However, while most people speak of photographers and their side gigs, they focus only on the camera, tripod, and other photography equipment while forgetting the importance of a good printer. Yes, a printer is an important accessory for a professional photographer because it lets them showcase their work to their clients and display it at work. If you are a professional photographer, here are a few pointers you could consider.

1. Brother MFC-T920DW Ink Tank Printer

As a photographer, you might have to print on numerous paper types, sizes, and colors. So, it is important to get a photo printer that supports it all. Besides, printing photos is not your main gig, and you do not want to spend all your time and resources trying to figure out a printer. So, you should invest in an Ink tank printer that lets you do it all with ease. The Brother MFC-T920DW Ink Tank Printer is an ideal printer for those who wish to print a lot at a low cost and would be best suited for your photography gig.

2. Canon imagePROGRAPH PRO-2000 24" Professional Large-Format Inkjet Printer

If your passion for photography is taking a serious turn, and you wish to scale things up, here is a printer that would be right for you. The Canon imagePROGRAPH printer lets you print images that are up to 24 inches wide, making it ideal for those planning a photo exhibition. This printer is for the slightly tech-savvy photographers as it has many features like roll paper preview mode, batch edits, and contrast reproduction.

In addition, it lets you print in both black and white and color without having to switch inks. So, if you have a photo exhibition coming up, here's a printer that you could use without a second thought!

3. HP Designjet Z3200ps Large-Format Inkjet Printer

As the name suggests, this printer is ideal for photographers who wish to print a larger-than-life version of their picture. This printer supports even a 22 x 34-inch print with ease. This means that you could get those poster-worthy shots of yours finally printed, framed, and ready to gift to your loved ones. If you are planning on taking your photography to the next step by setting up your studio or an exhibition, this could be your go-to printer too. As it lets you print in all sizes seamlessly, the photographs you shoot can come to life!

4. Epson SureColor P800 Inkjet Printer

This is the printer that is ideal if you are looking for a budget-friendly printer. It has a rich black density and is known for printing true-to-life color gradients. In addition, the printer supports A2+ sizes with optional roll support. Besides that, you can also pair it to your Apple device and AirPrint on the go. So, if you are someone who wishes to use a printer without the hassle of being connected to the device, this would be the best buy for you!

These are just some of the many printers we believe are perfect for photographers. Each one of them serves a different purpose based on the scale of your needs. So, which of these are you planning on buying? Do let us know in the comments section!

Protecting yourself digitally is just as important as protecting yourself physically in a digital age such as ours. With hacks being more and more apparent, it’s only right that you take the right steps to secure yourself digitally, whether for a business you own or for your personal self.

There is an assortment of ways you can protect yourself online. One of the best ways to do so is through digital solutions that safeguard your data and assets from potential threats. Currently, one of the online threats that people are most prone to are viruses which they can contract through links, files, and many other ways online.

Viruses can do various things to your computer. They can destroy files, flood network traffic, and even put your privacy at risk as well. Most viruses are man-made with the intent to ruin the integrity of your files online. Sadly, we can never remove these threats online as much as we want to.

The baseline protection against viruses is anti-virus software which is something that no computer, smartphone, tablet, or another tech-related device shouldn’t be without. Exactly how does antivirus software work, and how does it prevent threats from ever harming you and your data?

What Is Anti-Virus Software?

The name itself reveals that this is software that’s made to fight viruses and malware online. As per the experts at SoftwareLab.Org works by detecting the virus from links and downloads and then blocking it there and there. It basically prevents the attack from ever happening in the first place.

Anti-virus software is mostly free and these free versions come with the basics to protect yourself from problems online. They are available for desktop and mobile devices too. It’s the best protection against viruses but for some people, it’s not more than enough and it can even be too much to handle.

For businesses, basic anti-virus software won’t be enough to protect themselves from the threats that lurk online. It can be too much to handle paid versions of the software as well. The good news is that there are many ways your employees can improve their digital security without having to go all out on anti-virus software.

Smart Online Security Methods Other Than Anti-Viruses

For starters, what you can do for your employees is give them access to regular training and seminars which focus on how they can protect themselves better online. This is a good start because a majority of data breaches and online problems are caused by human error.

Whether it's through clicking bad links or answering phishing forms online, these actions can lead to virus penetrations which can be bad for the data and assets that your business owns. Constant training for your employees can help lower the risks you face online.

The training should not just focus on how your employees can prevent having viruses from penetrating the database. It should also focus on healthy practices that can actually help them maintain full use of the internet without compromising themselves or the data of the company.

The good news is that there are many firms that offer training for businesses. Investing in manual steps to protect your business from viruses is one of the most practical steps you can take if antivirus software is too much to handle or if it’s not enough for your business.

However, we do highly suggest investing in anti-virus software as these are impenetrable solutions that can prevent attacks from ever happening in the first place. The truth is that there’s no such thing as an anti-virus software “becoming too much to handle.” These are automated solutions, after all.

Consider It A Blessing

A good practice would be to teach your employees how they can fully utilize the anti-virus software they have at work. Teach them how it works, teach them what it does, and then teach the benefits of it so that they understand its importance for the company as well.

Even in your personal life, you should take in more appreciation for anti-virus software. Never browse the internet extensively unless you already have antivirus software installed on your computer. You never know when a link online comes with a virus after all. All it really takes is one bad website to have your network infected.

Anti-viruses are a blessing to everyone. There are literally millions of viruses that you can get online, and protecting yourself from them is a must. Aside from compromising your files, these problems can also put your privacy and well-being at risk as well.

Nowadays, technology is moving forward at an astounding pace. With new devices being introduced all the time, it is so difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest trends in the tech industry. With that comes a huge amount of devices being discarded daily, and for those of us who aren’t bothered about having the latest gadget, this is a great opportunity to save some money while still acquiring a quality device.

In recent years, the second-hand laptop market has really taken off, with countless used and refurbished devices being purchased every day. While both options are more affordable than a brand new laptop, refurbished computers are generally superior.

To help you understand the advantages here is why it’s better to buy a refurbished laptop than a used one.

1. Used Laptops Are Not The Same, As Refurbished Laptops

The terms “used” and “refurbished” are often used interchangeably, when it comes to laptops, but they are very different things. Refurbished laptops come from a number of different sources, mostly through trading programs from businesses, or consumers that do not want the devices anymore or have problems using the devices because of faults and defects. Refurbished laptops can also be units that were previously used for demonstration purposes, and since they are opened and can no longer be sold as new, computer companies will check all their components for performance, fix any faults, and restore them to the best possible condition.

Used laptops are sold by consumers mainly because they are no longer suitable for their needs, or because they are upgrading to a better model and need to get some money back. Used laptops are then cleaned up, tested, and classified based on their condition, and sold as-is, usually without any in-depth inspection or restoration process.

2. Refurbished Laptops Provide Better Performance

People often make the mistake of thinking that refurbished laptops are inferior when it comes to internal components, like RAM or internal memory. In fact, during the refurbishing process, the computer pros will swap out outdated internals for better RAM, storage space, hard drives, and optical drives. These new components can be every bit as good as brand new models, if not better. Many of the newest models of laptops end up being refurbished so it is easy to search for refurbished laptops with a touchscreen or another advanced feature and get one for a significantly lower price than buying one new. Moreover, if the experts notice any missing parts or malfunctions with the battery, screen, power supply, or connections, they will either replace the faulty components or add in new parts that are suitable for the models.

Since these laptops are usually unscathed and have only been used very lightly, their cosmetics remain good and do not need much work. From there, the professionals will wipe all the data and install the latest operating system before sending the laptops over to the retailer.

Used laptops only have cosmetic work and general function testing done, without any repairs, replacement, or restorations, which means that you will start off right where the last owner left. The performance of most used laptops will have dwindled from years of use, and there are various issues that you may encounter.

3. They are More Reliable

Many people will be surprised to learn that refurbished laptops are often just as reliable, if not more reliable, than their brand new counterparts. All the factory faults (if there were any) will have been resolved, and if they are not up to certain specifications, they will never be released for retail. In fact, studies have shown that any refurbished laptop that survives the first year (which is typically the warranty period) without needing maintenance, is almost guaranteed to be without major problems long-term.

In contrast, the majority of used laptops will have been used for quite some time and so will show signs of wear both externally and internally. They are then cleaned up and loosely checked, but that does not mean that all the faults have been identified or rectified. As most customers don’t know anything about computers, it will be impossible for the majority of us to identify problems before we buy a used laptop, particularly internal ones.

4. They Come With a Warranty

When buying any piece of technology, the warranty should be one of the most important factors in your purchasing decision because it gives you the confidence and security that your device will be repaired or replaced if there is a problem. While refurbished laptops typically cost a bit more than used ones, the price difference is not that much, and it will be offset anyway by the value of the warranty. Most refurbished laptops come with warranties of at least 90 days, but this period can be up to one year with reputable manufacturers like Apple.

In the case of used laptops, if any issue arises after a certain period of time, you are pretty much on your own when it comes to repairing. Most online retailers do not offer much protection, and while you can always put your trust in reputable second-hand specialists, they are typically very limited in the models that they sell.

5. Tips for Buying a Refurbished Laptop

Make sure you are buying your refurbished laptop from a reputable company or retailer with experienced laptop repair professionals. Look for the one that has the longest warranty possible (e.g. one-year warranty) and a generous money-back return policy (ideally without a restocking fee). Make sure that you know the difference between refurbished laptops (ones that have their faults fixed, defect components replaced and the whole system restored) and certified laptops (ones that are fully functional and are reset to factory settings, but their parts and components remain the same).

Upgrading any tech device comes at a cost, but it does not have to be a fortune. Buying a second-hand laptop is a great way to save some money, and a refurbished one, in particular, will give you the highest possible performance for your dollar. Although there are certain risks that come with buying second hand goods, doing your research beforehand and carefully checking all the details will ensure that you don’t experience any issues.

If you’re a web designer, you’re in a field that should pay you well, and you should have plenty of work going forward. Virtually every company needs a website, and you can often make top dollar working for them. As you gain notoriety and amass positive feedback, clients will demand your services more.

Every company will want their website to be a little bit different. They’re the paying clients, so you need to do what they say. However, they will probably rely on you for suggestions since you’re the expert in this area.

Let’s look at some of the different business website components that nearly all sites need. If a potential customer visits any company’s website and doesn’t find these, they’re not going to enjoy the experience as much.

Basic SEO Elements

If you are creating a site for a company based in a particular geographic region, then SEO will be important. For instance, maybe you have a St. Louis-based web design company. Since that company operates primarily in one area, it makes sense that the copy on their site should mention St. Louis-related topics.

As the web designer, the company that hired you will probably not make you write the site’s initial copy. They should have a copywriter do that for you, and you can simply plug it into the proper places it should go.

However, if they’re asking for your opinion on the site as it gets closer to going live, you might simply remind them that basic SEO matters. They’ll need to do some keyword research to determine what keywords and phrases they should include in different places on the site, or else, it will not rank as highly as they would like.

A Landing Page

A landing page will be the first thing any potential client will see when they arrive at the site. It should feature the company’s name, and it should also introduce the color scheme, font, and overall aesthetic the business is trying to convey.

The potential customer should also be able to read about what the company does before the fold, meaning before they begin to scroll down. There should be a brief company description so the site visitor will have no mistaken impression about what the business is and what they do.

An About Us Section

The site visitor should be able to find an About Us section easily as well. The About Us section will cover some of the same information the potential client can see on the landing page above the fold, but it will expand on that.

The About Us section should not be too long. It should be a concise, relatable story about how the company came into existence. The copy should talk about the company’s founder or founders, why they’re the best choice within their niche, and it might touch briefly on a few of their most noteworthy accomplishments.


There should be a testimonials section. This section will mention some of the companies or individuals with whom the company has worked in the past.

Ideally, these should be prominent or famous people and companies. Failing that, these can be glowing recommendations in quote form, talking about how great the company and the services it provides are.

Remember that if a company uses a former client’s quote as a website testimonial, they need to get permission from that former customer before they do. As a web designer, it’s not your responsibility to get that approval, though. The company representatives must do that.

An FAQ Section

The FAQ section is an absolute must-have. As the web designer, you can create the page, but again, it’s the copywriter how should provide the content.

The copywriter, working with the company heads, should brainstorm and come up with some of the most common questions that their clients and would-be clients are likely to have. They will probably have some queries about the products and services that the company provides, such as how well they work, what they cost, and so forth.

As the web designer, you might also suggest things like a company blog section, product pages, etc. As we mentioned, no two sites will feature precisely the same pages and layout since no two companies are identical.

However, any site visitor will expect a certain format since the internet has gradually dictated what websites should resemble. If one of these elements isn't present, the visitor will likely take their business elsewhere.

Did you know that almost 90 percent of users will only check results on the first page of Google? Rankings have become more critical than ever. Working with an SEO company is almost a necessity.

Do you plan on working with an SEO company? The firm you choose will determine the success or failure of your digital marketing strategy. While there are hundreds of SEO companies, they aren't always good for your business. Some research may be the difference between a drop in your Google rankings and a boom in organic traffic. Before getting into a contract, here are a few things to consider when choosing your SEO firm.

1. Word of Mouth

Instead of searching the internet for great SEO companies, go by word of mouth. It is the most reliable way to find a good SEO firm. Don't make a decision based on their search engine rankings. In most cases, great SEO companies are busy trying to optimize their clients' websites. They don't have the time to worry about their own.

Most of them have long-term clients. They get new ones from referrals. Companies that are short of clients, on the other hand, will put a lot of effort into their ranking. Keywords like 'best SEO firm' and 'SEO tools' can be misleading. When doing your research on the internet, don't assume that listicles are always fair. Even though there are many fantastic SEO firms on the internet, word-of-mouth remains the best way to find them.

2. Pay Attention to Their Promises

If a company promises to get you to the top of Google pages in the next two days, they are lying. Search engine optimization is a long process. Anyone who claims to have the secrets of Google algorithms is probably not a good fit for your company.

The best SEO firms have a deep understanding of search engines and how they work. They are attentive, patient, and good planners. Since Google algorithms are continuously changing, no one can claim to have 'special insight' to how they work.'

Avoid companies that rely on shortcuts like keyword stuffing, buying links, and cloaking. They work for a while but will eventually have your website demoted from search engine rankings. When Google Bots realize that your website is using Black Hat SEO, they downgrade your rankings immediately. It will reduce organic traffic.

3. Communication

Pick an SEO company with good communication skills. Even though you may be able to access measuring tools like Google Analytics, you may not have the time or expertise to analyze them. Therefore, you need a team of specialists that are happy to offer explanations when needed. Offering amazing SEO services isn’t enough. They should communicate in ways that are easy to understand and consistent with your needs. Since SEO is a process rather than a product, you will be working with them for a long time.

You don't want to be stuck with a firm that can't communicate effectively. Even when you only plan on working with them for a short time, proper communication is essential.

4. Consider Their Metrics

Pick an SEO firm with metrics that match your needs. Outline your needs and determine what your company considers most important. It will help narrow down your options. Do not choose companies with no clear method of measuring progress. Let them know about your goals and find out how they will help you meet them.

Ensure that you are on the same page regarding KPIs. They are metrics that apply to almost all aspects of your business. Different companies have different needs. If, for example, your company is launching a new product, you will have different needs from one with a solid clientele. A good SEO company should know the KPIs that are most relevant to your needs.

5. Set Clear Goals

Having clear and specific goals is the first step towards choosing a good SEO firm. The same applies to the firm you select. Avoid those with vague or unclear goals. 'Boosting organic traffic,' for example, may be a promise, but it isn't a goal. Increased organic traffic is not guaranteed to boost your revenue. Ranking first on Google for Italian leather women's shoes may not do your business in town any good.

The goals of the firm must be consistent with yours. Do you wish to reduce the bounce rate on your website, improve sales, build your social media following, or promote engagement? Be clear about the results you want and the services your business needs.

Finding a good SEO company can be more difficult than it seems. While most companies will make big promises, only a few can deliver. Others end up hurting your business even more. Tips for choosing SEO firms include: setting clear goals, paying attention to their communication abilities, and relying on word of mouth.

Podcasts have been cropping up like crazy in all corners of the internet, and though it is no doubt a creative and interesting pastime, there are some other undeniable perks. While podcasting can be a fun hobby, many people around the world are starting to realize just how lucrative an effectively monetized podcast platform can become.

All that being said, making money from your podcasting isn’t an instant profit scenario. While precious few beginners' dollars might be earned passively, making any appreciable income from your content requires putting in some good old-fashioned hard work. Not sure where to start? Here’s a guide to help you get started on your monetization journey.

Build Your Audience

One of the essential criteria for making money also happens to be one of the most basic- have an audience! If nobody is listening to what you make, there is almost no way to make money off it. Due to the many benefits of having an engaged community, audience building is the number one step to success as it pertains to earning cash from your content. This means being active on social media, cross-sharing podcasts, and possibly trying to boost your brand first. The more followers you have following your movements, reading the text you publish, and engaging with you on a daily or weekly basis, the better your podcast will do.

Sell Your Stuff

Despite the focus primarily being on direct revenue streams, there is something to be said about the vast potential of indirect monetization. This can mean a variety of different things, but explained simply is the selling of products or services as a result of or based on your podcast. For many, this can look like branded merchandise or related published works and is a great vehicle for bringing more earning potential into play. If you don’t already have a website, resources like go into detail about the pros and cons of various podcasting platforms and discuss the ease of integration with website hosts like WordPress. This can be a boundless source of income if your brand is strong enough. Plus, if you’re selling products directly on your own website, you won’t have to pay anything to an online retailer.

Don’t Be Afraid to Fundraise

Especially in the first few stages of building a podcast, it may not always be realistic to think you’re going to be making a high income from things like sponsorships and affiliate marketing. While in the growth stage, don’t be afraid to do some fundraising. If people are connecting with your content, you should give them an outlet to tangibly show their appreciation. This can mean encouraging online patronage or using crowdfunding to reach certain goals. It’s a good idea to grow your email list concurrently, as this can be a great way to directly reach interested fans, and can pay off in the future.

Sponsors Are Your Friends

Though sponsors aren’t the only way to earn money as a podcaster, they are a great option for making money both actively and passively. If your follower count still needs some beefing up, try using referral sponsorships as a way to circumnavigate numbers-based gatekeeping. You’ll get a kickback from each effective referral, and the potential for earning won’t stop unless the referral code or business ceases. If you are trying to scale your earning, you’ll want to introduce traditional sponsorship to your content. Consider incorporating regular ad slots in the intro or middle of your podcast. While you will typically make a set fee for these slots rather than an ongoing one, the financial payoff will likely be a lot higher. Rates will vary but largely depend on your brand, popularity, engagement, and listener count.

Whether you have ten followers or one hundred, it’s important to remember that every successful podcast starts somewhere. Namely, a place that requires building a new skill set and engaging in strategic decision making. Thankfully, by analyzing other successful podcasters and new market trends, the steps to earning real money are anything but a secret.

This Should Be Fun

By placing the importance on content first, understanding and targeting your audience, growing your brand, and utilizing smart selling methods, you can easily start making appreciable sums. By utilizing the advice in this guide and taking a small leap of faith you can kick start an epic career. Look to resources when you can, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and remember to always do your research. Podcasting can be as lucrative as it is fun, so don’t shy away from making money doing something you love!