Software is categorized into two: packaged or customized. Packaged software is a collection of different software that performs similar tasks. Meanwhile, customized or tailor-made software is solely designed, developed, and deployed for the needs of specific individuals or a group. You can say that it is unique because it is dedicated to a specific user only.

For instance, customized software that is designed only for graphic design is not for everyone. A mathematician cannot understand the actions of the tools in the software, but a graphic designer or an artist can. They would know what it can do because it is made specifically for them. It caters to their specific needs.

The Advantages of Customized Software

Custom software—the act of developing a customized software—is not an option for everyone, but it can be useful if we understand what it can do. Here are just some of the advantages that you have to take note of if you plan to use a customized software:

1. Personalization

It comes to the top as it is the main feature of customized software. You can tell the custom software developer what your app or software will look like. Its looks will mainly depend on how you perceive it.

If you are an entrepreneur or an owner of a business, you can use customized software for this feature. There’s a lot of ready-made software on the Internet but none of them may suit your needs. You can easily get customized software made specifically for you. The app or software could work well if you understand how the advancement of technology is used in business.

2. Increase in productivity

Whether you work alone or you have a team, there is no doubt that all of you will work faster because customized software is designed for you. As it eases your workflow, you will be less likely to make mistakes. Time is money—customized software will decrease your chances of losing either.

3. Scalability

Businesses change—mostly likely, grow. Developers and designers of the app will be assessing the situation of your company so they can predict what your app needs in the future. Such software is flexible that you can expand its features. You can make the app grow with your business.

4. Technical support and maintenance

Although you own the app, you cannot sustain it all by yourself. You must use the custom software development team that you hired to preserve the app, to keep track of its activity, and to fix the features that the consumers think are faulty. Adding to that, your app will live on as long as you require.

5. Security

Since the app or software is solely for your purpose, it is secured against external threats. Internet hackers are a constant threat to an app. For instance, a widely-used social media app was hacked in 2020, which used the accounts of famous individuals and companies to promote a bitcoin scam. Hackers will not attempt to infiltrate an app or software that is only used by a small group of people; they mostly go after something that is used extensively by the masses.

6. A smart investment

Customized software has a lot of features that you don’t need to purchase because you’ve already got what you need. Meanwhile, package software will not let you use some of its features because you have to buy it first. Custom software is indeed costly, but it is beneficial for you in the long run. No more unnecessary expenses for the added features of your app.

The Disadvantages of Customized Software

  1. It is costly. From hiring a team of software developers to sustaining it for a long time, you will need funds for both. A software developer will most likely charge you hundreds of dollars per hour.
  2. It requires technical and digital proficiency. Although the developers will be offering their help, you still have to understand which is which and how it works. There is a lot to learn to understand the language of creating software.
  3. Developing the software from a scratch is undeniably time-consuming.
  4. Disclosing confidential information to the commissioned developer is one thing you have to be critical about.
  5. Customized software is not standardized.

From the Difference Engine of Charles Babbage in the 19th century to the latest model of any electronic gadget, we have witnessed the fast development of computers over time. It changed our lives significantly in which we are making much of an impact on our environment that the world cannot cope with it.

With the blinding light of power and wealth, we have to remind ourselves that the advancement of any sort of technology is for our well-being as humans and the world as well. The coolest feature of our phone cannot save the planet from burning.

Globalization made many investors think beyond their local market and start looking for opportunities in the global market. Modern technology contributes to making this even easier for businesses trying to take their line of work to a global audience. Although such a decision can significantly boost your income and expand your brand, many struggles and obstacles come with any international business.

Before taking your business overseas or considering doing business internationally, you have to prepare yourself for these struggles and barriers and decide what works for you and your type of business. This guide is dedicated to explaining everything an entrepreneur needs to know about conducting business globally, so read on.

Can You Afford to Work Internationally?

Doing business internationally will cost you more; you have to pay for things like traveling, office space, international phone calls, and other expenses that come with international business. Working internationally also means you can be paying shipping fees if your company offers shipping. And there are often hidden costs that come with shipping overseas, including overseas shipping insurance and hiring a good freight forwarder. Are you prepared for international buyers asking for long credit extension periods? This can lead to issues with your cash flow if you are not ready for such a financial burden. Consider these expenses and compare them with the potential profit or gains from working internationally before making the decision.

Feasibility and Communications

It is recommended to look into how achievable your goals are overseas and how long it will take you to get things done. This is referred to as your business plan and it’s important to assess its feasibility abroad before considering any international business ideas. The best way to do this is through networking with other contacts from industries that went global and then evaluating their success to find out what they did to gain their success. It’s also important to partner or work with a global translation agency to conquer different language and cultural barriers and manage your business communications properly. These barriers can be the reason many industries shut down or fail to succeed abroad; communication is the key to achieving customer service and without it, you can’t sell your product.

Obtaining the Needed Work Permits

Preparing the needed paperwork for your international line of work is as important as visiting the country you wish to take your business to. Each country has its own special laws and obligations for applying and obtaining these documents. In order to know what the needed permits are, you need to contact the foreign affairs department in the country you intend to start your business. Make sure you obtain the needed visa and assemble all the business permits required to ensure that you work legally.

Identify the Target Market

The most important factor for the success of your business is the existence of a market that demands this service or product. Without a demand for your services, your business won’t thrive. This is why you have to study the market you are entering and find out as much as possible about the potential buyers and customers. For example, consumers in some countries don’t buy their items in large quantities and prefer small items. Selling goods in bulk in these markets will not lead to lots of sales for your business. Aim to analyze the target market and classify your product to find out if there is a place for it or not.

Consider Different Problem-solving Strategies

When starting your business abroad, you need to be prepared for even more complicated business problems that take longer to resolve. Dealing with work problems in your home country is as simple as sending an email or text, or spending a couple of hours on a plane to meet business associates in person and resolve matters. However, if you run an international business, it’s going to take far longer to meet your clients and address business issues. You need to come up with a middle ground strategy that can simplify your communications and help you solve business problems in a timely manner. Consider using a platform that connects you directly to your business associates without charging tons of money or costing you a lot of time.

Doing business internationally introduces investors to many business challenges that won’t arise if you’re running a local business. One has to be prepared mentally and financially before considering such a decision. You have to assess the target market you’re entering and make sure that your type of business can be communicated with overseas buyers and consumers. Additionally, as an investor, you need to make sure you are ready to handle the financial burden of starting an international business in a foreign country where your work changes and costs more.

The mention of VHS tapes evokes pleasant childhood memories, for many people. If you, like me, spent hours and hours sat cross-legged in front of your family’s television set, watching television programs and movies on your VHS player, then you will likely view VHS tapes, as I do, quite fondly. They remind one of better times – simpler times. Times before big technology, social media, and smartphones. However, just because the technology is antiquated and no longer used widely, VHS tapes can still be salvaged, and so can the material and memories contained within them.

In this article, we are going to tell you how you can save valuable video material from your VHS tape collection. There is a lot of benefit in saving your old VHS tapes – not only can you hold onto the memories – but you can keep the content alive, whether it be old movies, family videos, or television recordings.

Here are a few ways to save valuable video material from your VHS collection.

Race Against Time

It is important that you know you are racing against time. VHS tapes contain analogue materials, which deteriorate and degrade over time. If you want to preserve your home videos, your favourite movies, or television recordings that are meaningful to you. If you allow your VHS tapes to sit around and gather dust, they will inevitably degrade and break down. Instead of allowing this to happen, act effectively. You have a number of options at your disposal.


The easiest way to preserve the content of your VHS tapes is through video conversion. You can do this at home with the best digital converter that you can find. The video conversion is quite straightforward and very simple. You only need the proper converter and then you can do conversions by simply following the instructions. VHS conversion is a great way for you to preserve the content of precious family memories and home videos. Converting your videos will be very rewarding and will give you the opportunity to cherish and hold onto your memories for a lifetime.

Conversion Services

If you do not want to put the time, effort, and money into converting your own VHS tapes, then you can hire a professional conversion service to do it for you. The cost will depend on what it is you are trying to convert, as well as whether or not you want it transferred in SD or HD (or even 4k). You may also be able to convert your VHS tapes to Blu-ray.

With these services, they will try to get the best quality that they can out of your memories and family material. They can maximize your enjoyment and return you with a high-quality copy of your VHS tapes, burned onto a DVD, or even onto a USB stick.


DVD’s are themselves quickly going out of fashion, and in a few years, will likely not be used at all. A DVD-VHS recorder, however, will allow you to transfer a video onto a DVD. You may need a PC, depending on the DVD output format, though. It is definitely the cheapest and easiest method of capturing your old VHS tapes and holding onto them forever, though with that said, the quality can be rubbish, and it will not be the best service.


Another way that many people capture their VHS tapes is through smartphones, though the quality can be absolutely rubbish. It is, however, a way to hold onto the VHS memories and keep them without having to pay a fortune. Some smartphone cameras are of such good quality nowadays that the quality may not, actually, be that bad. Even so, the quality will not stand up to that of a professional digital reformat. Smartphones are a great way for you to capture your memories on film and hold onto them for a lifetime.

Enjoy Yourself

Whatever you do, enjoy yourself. VHS tapes evoke a nostalgia that can sometimes be emotional. With your VHS tapes, before they inevitably degrade, consider inviting the family over for one last nostalgic ‘90s movie night. Watch some home movies, watch some real movies, and watch some old television recordings. Invest in some ‘90s snacks, draw the curtains, and have a great night. During the pandemic, to this author, that sounds like an evening well spent, even if it is just you and your children. Enjoy yourself, for your tapes, will not last you forever, will they?

In this article, we hope to have explained how you can preserve and hold onto your old VHS tapes. We hope that you have enjoyed this article and that you will come back and join us again soon. Thank you for visiting this page and thank you for reading this article.

If running any business, you understand how time is essential in every process. Managing and measuring the time used in every process is very important since it guides you in knowing how effective the method is and how to bill the final product.

Learning how much time it takes to accomplish a specific task will help give proper deadliness to clients and payments to your employees. This article will discuss how time tracking helps in managing and bringing value to your business. Here are some ways.

1. It does estimation and bills projects accurately

Time tracking enables you to know how long a project takes and develop your clients' right bill. When a client asks you for a project, you may not know how long it takes, especially if it's something you have never done. Through time tracking, you will be able to develop the time invested and its total bill. Through this business integration, you will come up with fewer or zero discrepancies when doing estimates and final bills. It enables you never to overcharge or undercharge a client and gives you backup when the client asks for the evaluation. Having no tracker may create challenges when asking for payments.

2. It helps you manage capacity efficiently

If your business deals with one project at a time, it is essential to know when to wind up with the current project and take another one without inconveniencing clients. Time tracker enables you to understand your current capacity and when to pick such projects. It also helps you know how many employees you might need for each project, depending on their output per given time. For example, if an employee on shift takes eight hours to complete one project and you have ten projects, you will have to decide whether to use an employee for ten days or take ten employees to complete the tasks in a day, depending on the urgency. Such helps plan your business and inform your clients when to expect their projects.

3. It helps you have insights into your business performance

Time tracking enables you to value projects and determine whether they are profitable to take or not, depending on the time taken and their cost. It allows you to check and evaluate whether you will pick the project or let it go. It points out areas that take little time and those that take most of the time and assess the tasks depending on the revenue. With this, you will know whether the projects are giving your profits and if you are spending much time on non-profitable ventures. For example, it will guide you in picking a task that takes fewer hours to complete than one which takes a full day, having the same pay. Through this, you can accept or reject projects depending on the revenue they will bring to the company.

4. It lets you identify areas for improvement

With time tracking, you will know which areas are doing well and which ones are slow and require improvements. You will learn the areas taking the time and the steps to take to make them useful. It helps you solve challenges, including needing to invest in new machines, have better employees, or other remedies. It also enables you to come up with the correct cost for the slow processes to get profits, considering the time taken. A good example is when manufacturing two different products. If one takes one hour to produce and the other two hours, the two-hour product will cost more if all other factors are kept constant.

5. Increases productivity

When you are time conscious, everyone will work faster to meet deadlines than when you leave your employees without monitoring. It enables you to make payments based on time and removes any wasted not used to perform the company duties. Through the tracker, you will know which processes or employees are time wasters and find ways to eliminate them to enable a smooth and fast operation flow. It is not worth having an employee taking two days to complete a task when others take only a day.

Having a time tracker in your business can be challenging. Not all employees' boards are on it, but it's crucial if you want to instill efficiency. It's like someone watching over them while doing their work, which reduces time wastage and keeps them committed towards work, especially in this era where there are disruptions everywhere, including the social media sites. It is essential to explain to them the reason for it, your goals, and what's right for them. It would help to show them that it's not against them but to help the company grow.

Startup turns devices you probably already own - from smartphones and tablets to smart TVs and game consoles - into full-fledged computers.

Shells (, a new entrant in the virtual machine and cloud computing space, is excited to launch their new product which gives new users the freedom to code and create on nearly any device with an internet connection. Flexibility, ease, and competitive pricing are a focus for Shells which makes it easy for a user to start-up their own virtual cloud computer in minutes. The company is also offering multiple Linux distros (and continuing to add more offerings) to ensure the user can have the computer that they “want” to have and are most comfortable with.

The US-based startup Shells turns idle screens, including smart TVs, tablets, older or low-spec laptops, gaming consoles, smartphones, and more, into fully-functioning cloud computers. The company utilizes real computers, with Intel processors and top-of-the-line components, to send processing power into your device of choice. When a user accesses their Shell, they are essentially seeing the screen of the computer being hosted in the cloud - rather than relying on the processing power of the device they’re physically using.

Shells was designed to run seamlessly on a number of devices that most users likely already own, as long as it can open an internet browser or run one of Shells’ dedicated applications for iOS or Android. Shells are always on and always up to date, ensuring speed and security while avoiding the need to constantly upgrade or buy new hardware.

Shells offers four tiers (Lite, Basic, Plus, and Pro) catering to casual users and professionals alike. Shells Pro targets the latter, and offers a quad-core virtual CPU, 8GB of RAM, 160GB of storage, and unlimited access and bandwidth which is a great option for software engineers, music producers, video editors, and other digital creatives.

Using your Shell for testing eliminates the worry associated with tasks or software that could potentially break the development environment on your main computer or laptop. Because Shells are running round the clock, users can compile on any device without overheating - and allow large compile jobs to complete in the background or overnight. Shells also enables snapshots, so a user can revert their system to a previous date or time. In the event of a major error, simply reinstall your operating system in seconds.

“What Dropbox did for cloud storage, Shells endeavors to accomplish for cloud computing at large,” says CEO Alex Lee. “Shells offers developers a one-stop shop for testing and deployment, on any device that can connect to the web. With the ability to use different operating systems, both Windows and Linux, developers can utilize their favorite IDE on the operating system they need. We also offer the added advantage of being able to utilize just about any device for that preferred IDE, giving devs a level of flexibility previously not available.”

“Shells is hyper focused on closing the digital divide as it relates to fair and equal access to computers - an issue that has been unfortunately exacerbated by the ongoing pandemic,” Lee continues. “We see Shells as more than just a cloud computing solution - it’s leveling the playing field for anyone interested in coding, regardless of whether they have a high-end computer at home or not.”

Follow Shells for more information on service availability, new features, and the future of “bring your own device” cloud computing:


Twitter: @shellsdotcom



Web design has become more important than ever. The work you do as a web designer gives businesses an online identity — a face that can define how people react to their brand.

Needless to say, having an attractive, functional website that resonates with the brand’s intended audience is a must. Here are a few tips and tricks from the pros that will help you build such pages.

Content Minimalism

Although aesthetics play a major role in web design, the content of your website matters as well. There are many rules that govern what good content should look like. Above all, it needs to be readable. Use simple language and never use large blocks of text.

The front page content is usually simple, succinct, and catchy. Use simple phrases that follow the mission of your client’s business. You want to push that message front and center, and have it make a powerful statement.

Keep it Simple

New web designers often fall victim to clutter. Their need to prove their skill tends to lead them towards stuffing their designs with all kinds of unnecessary elements. Naturally, the end result is a messy, bloated, and rarely functional web page that just seems off.

The key to good web design is mastering simplicity. Experts from CH Web Agency argue that you shouldn’t be afraid of negative space. In fact, you should use it to achieve your vision. Less is often more in web design.

Mobile Above All

Google has been more than straightforward with its latest algorithm updates. The message is clear — mobile above all. Your websites need to be mobile responsive and achieve good stats when opened on mobile devices.

In fact, there is a good chance you’ll suffer considerable penalties if your website isn’t fully optimized for mobile users.

Quality Photography is your Friend

Using photos and images in web design can be tricky. Unlike simple colors, photographs aren’t as malleable. However, quality photos that were custom ordered for a specific website can really make it pop. The key is working with a photographer and following a predetermined theme.

In other words, you’ll need to define colors that will be found in all aspects of your website, including whatever images you end up using. Be creative with your aesthetics and use them to guide the reader towards key elements of the page.

Use Up to Three Fonts

Fonts are a big point of conflict for many web designers. Some argue that you should use only one font, while others like to use up to three.

A good middle ground is to use one font for all of your main text, and then have two supporting fonts for parts of the website where you want to accentuate specific elements. That way your page will have the uniform look, but maintain diversity in key areas.

Have Solid Fundamentals

Everything we’ve mentioned above is important, but most of it is still considered fundamental knowledge. Maintaining fundamentals is key for any skill or profession out there. By mastering the fundamentals of web design, you’ll have a much easier time accepting new concepts and implementing them into your workflow.

We live in a society that relies on portable electronics to watch films and programs, play games, communicate with others, and play music. We often need to listen to what we see on them, which can be spoilt if we are in a noisy environment and have poor headphones. Poor headphones can ruin the quality of our experience if our hearing is hampered. With wireless, noise-reducing, and Bluetooth headphones currently on the market, we are spoiled for choice. Here are some expert tips for finding top-of-the-line headphones that produce quality sound.

When considering which ones to buy you need to think about what is most important to you. Typical categories include


You do not want to experience pain or pressure on or in your ears when listening to something, especially if you are going to use your headphones daily, like when commuting to work. Making sure you get headphones that are comfortable for your ears is an important consideration.


Budge headphones may be good for an emergency purchase, but they will not last long. However, more costly does not always equate to better quality. Therefore opt for a known brand or headphones that have good independent reviews.


The best headphones have an equal distribution of sound, with the right balance of bass frequencies. In-ear models can struggle with this, whereas over the ear models can be the best-designed headphones for this.


As stated price does not mean quality. Check reviews and stay within your budget. If your headphones are an item that is used daily, then it may be worth saving up to get the right set for you.

Of course, there are other categories to choose from, such as what type of headphones, whether you want them to be wireless or in a particular color. The above categories were mentioned in a Philips Shp9500 headphones review. By keeping an open mind as to what may be available in comparison with what you originally wanted to buy, could lead you to find something unexpectedly better.

There are three types of headphone, which are:

In the ear

In the ear headphones can allow external noise in, which can interfere with what you’re listening to. This is what makes users of these types of headphones turn their volume up and is the reason why others can hear what they’re listening to. Some in-ear headphones have flexible soft ear tips that prevent this from happening because they provide a tight seal.

One major disadvantage with in-ear headphones is they are closer to your eardrum, making it more prone to hearing damage, than with the other types of headphones. Furthermore, finding the right size to fit in your ears can prove to be problematic.

On the ear

These types of headphones have a band that usually goes over your head. On either side, there are ear cups that nestle on your ears. They tend to be smaller and lighter than over the ear type models of headphones. As they do not allow sound to easily penetrate into your ear, there is less chance of noise being heard by those around you when you are using this type of headphone. On the ear headphones are also gentler to use on your eardrum as they are not placed into your ear. However they can cause discomfort due to pressure exerted on the ears if they are used for a considerable period of time, so you may need to take breaks when using them to avoid this.

Over the ear

These are the largest type of headphones and the oldest type in terms of headphone design. Just like on the ear headphones, these ones have a band that has an ear cup placed on either side of them. However, the ear cups for over the ear headphones are considerably larger. They are considered more comfortable than the other two designs because the ear cups rest over the whole ear, as opposed to on it. Most noise-canceling headphones are designed this way.

Over the ear headphones tend to provide the best sound quality, which is in addition to comfort. However, these are also the bulkiest in design as well as being the most costly. If you’re going out for a jog, these would be ideal for canceling out other noise, but if you were going out, these may be too big for you to hold all night or awkward to have around your neck.

Buying headphones always comes down to why you’re needing to buy them in the first place. People typically use headphones at home, traveling, or for activities. What may be a good choice for one may not be the best for another. For instance, if you like to jog, then wireless headphones may be the most sensible choice. However, if you want to use them at home to watch tv, then over the ear headphones will provide the best sound quality. But these may be too bulky to use when you’re commuting, so you may want a smaller set.

Nowadays headphones are a necessity. Most of us rarely leave home without them. This has happened with the rise in popularity of the smartphone. Most of the uses we have for them require us to listen. This has made headphones as popular as smartphones themselves and as such, they have become an important purchase.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been continually growing in the past two decades especially the business applications. There are many businesses today that have implemented AI into at least one of their operations.

Telecommunication, tech, and financial services are the main industries to have adopted AI. More industries will continue to adopt AI in the coming years as it will simply be inevitable.

On the other hand, implementing AI in your business is a complex and difficult decision. There will be many factors to consider including:

1. AI Should Solve a Problem

You should not adopt AI to your business for no reason or because others are doing it. The thing to keep in mind is that AI should be solving a problem for your business. The first step before implementing AI should be understanding what it can do as it pertains to benefit your business. It could be streamlining organizational processes or solving a problem with customers.

Regardless, if you can keep this in mind, then it should be relatively easy to implement AI in your business. AI should help you achieve the goals of your business and that should be the reason for its implementation.

2. Data Quantity and Quality

Artificial Intelligence works optimally when it receives enormous amounts of quality data. An AI model is only as good as the information you feed it. AI learns from information so the more information it receives the more it will learn. Therefore, when thinking about implementing AI for your business, you should think about the data you can offer it.

Furthermore, the data needs to be of high quality and differentiated from publicly available data. The reason is that your competitors probably make use of the same data so using AI will not give you an advantage if you use the same data.

3. Source of the AI

Not all artificial programs are created equal and will make a substantial difference to the results it brings to your business. Therefore, a crucial factor to keep in mind is where you source the AI program. There are several great sources for AI programs with more coming up as AI progresses. An example is outsourced artificial intelligence development services. There are pros and cons to outsourcing AI development services. The source of the AI service you contract for your business will impact the cost as well. However, the key factor should be a developmental service that understands your business well which means so will the AI program.

4. Legal Issues

Technology progresses at a much faster pace than the legal system is able to regulate. Contrarily, that does not mean that there are no legal mandates to be followed regarding artificial intelligence use especially in business. A prevalent concern regarding the implementation of AI is a liability in case of any damage. Since AI is not a recognized legal entity, a person or company will have to accept liability for the damage.

Therefore, you should keep in mind that an AI system can act in a manner that has unseen legal repercussions. You should consult a lawyer and discover how you can protect your business in case of legal liability.

5. Moral and Ethical Issues

Another factor you will have to keep in mind before implementing AI in your business is the moral and ethical issues surrounding AI use. There is a long list of hotly debated issues as they pertain to AI and ethics. What you should keep in mind is that the AI model is only as good as the data from which it learns. Therefore, if there are moral and ethical issues with the decisions the AI system makes, it will be based on the information it acquired.

AI is not a human being and has no inclination towards ethics or morality except that with which you code it. Therefore, you should consider which ethical and moral repercussions may result in implementing AI in your business.

6. Technical Expertise

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most technically complicated disciplines on the planet. If you want to implement AI in your business, you should ensure that you will have the technical expertise to manage it. Outsourcing to an AI development service makes the work of managing the system easier than it otherwise would be. However, hiring some internal help is a recommendable idea.

AI is still a developing field with very few experts. Therefore, you should consider if you have the budget and the capacity to implement AI into your business. The use of AI in business is a delicate matter that every business owner should consider. There are many more factors to consider if you are to implement AI in your business. However, if you can do so, you should have a better experience with AI than other businesses have.

Almost everyone logs onto a computer everyday to perform or carry out personal or professional duties on a daily basis. We are taught how to use computers from an early age, and they become ingrained into our lives. In order to keep up with the constant changes, updates and improvements, we need to ensure our basic understanding and ability to use a PC isn’t affected.

More often than not, we need to use a PC for our work or job, and it’s essential we can fulfill tasks given to us. These tasks are received and carried out on the computer, so without these attributes we may not thrive and push forward how we really want to.

Why Would I Want To Increase My PC Productivity?

  • To ensure we don’t fall behind on our abilities and skills
  • To streamline processes and save time. This is something the whole world is trying to achieve as we move ever more into such a demanding world where everyone wants everything now
  • Improve at our jobs and move forward in our careers
  • For general interest, desire to improve and better your prospects

It’s good practice in general to stay up to date with general trends but especially important with things like computer or keyboard shortcuts and productivity hacks. How you manage your clipboard could save you time and support you in a professional manner.

So How Do Keyboard Shortcuts Work Exactly?

If you are currently unaware or have never really heard of keyboard shortcuts, they are essentially instructions you can give your keyboard to carry out small, specific tasks on your PC by using a combination of keys or buttons.

Why Do They Build These Features Into our Keyboards?

  • To boost productivity
  • The creators of technology are always striving to build the best products
  • To give us all the tools we need to contribute and play our role in a wider societal sense
  • We live in such a demanding landscape which requires innovation

Adding to this, things would be pretty boring without hidden gems where we wouldn’t think they would exist! Life is about mystery and puzzles and some of these keyboard shortcuts are just that!

What Are The Most Common Keyboard Shortcuts?

  • Windows Key - Open/close the Start menu
  • Windows Key + D - Go to the Desktop
  • Windows Key + E - File Explorer
  • Enter - Open selected file or option
  • Alt + Tab - Switch between open programs
  • Esc - Close a dialog box, leave a menu bar etc
  • Alt + F4 - Close a program
  • F2 - Rename a selected file
  • F12 - Save as
  • Backspace - In File Explorer, goes up a level to the parent folder
  • Windows + X, Then U Twice - Shut down the computer
  • Control + A - Select the whole list or document
  • Control + C - Copy the selection
  • Control + X - Cut the selection
  • Control + V - Paste the copied selection
  • Control + S - Save
  • Control + P - Print
  • Control + Z - Undo last action
  • Control + Home Key - Go to the beginning of a document
  • Control + End Key - Go to the end of a document
  • Control + Page Up - Go to the beginning of the previous page in a document
  • Control + Page Down - Go to the beginning of the next page in a document

You may not have heard or known about some of these awesome little helpers which have been right in front of you the whole time. Incorporate them into your working habits and see your productivity increase!

What Are Some Other Interesting Things About Keyboard Shortcuts?

Now you’re a pro in keyboard shortcuts, there are some other cool things about keyboard shortcuts that make this area really interesting.

Some other, lesser known and super effective shortcuts include:

  • Windows + D - Shows your whole desktop and minimizes all windows
  • Windows + E - Opens ‘My Computer’ where you access documents, downloads etc
  • Windows + L - Hitting this will take you back to the initial login screen on your PC
  • Windows + T - This allows you to switch between the open windows on the Taskbar
  • Ctrl + Shift + Esc key - Opens the Task Manager
  • Windows key + Up Arrow/Down Arrow - Minimize or maximize the current open window
  • Windows key + Pause/Break Key - Opens up the system properties window
  • Alt Key + Space key - This will open up the current window system menu
  • Windows key + Alt Key + D - Displays current date and time

A man named Larry Tesler, a Silicon Valley pioneer, was one of the first people to create keyboard shortcuts. He is the man behind Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, two shortcuts millions of people use on their PC everyday.

Regardless of whether you know any or all of the keyboard shortcuts, one thing for certain is they are super handy little things to know. If you begin to use and implement them into your daily routine, chances are you will become faster, better and more productive at your tasks.

Over the years, the internet has presented the world with tons of benefits, some of which are not known to many. Apart from enhancing communication, collaboration, and socialization, everyone knows by now how the internet is the biggest library ever created. Using the internet, you can learn new knowledge or acquire new skills from whichever part of the globe you might be. However, what you can learn is only as good as where you acquire the knowledge from over the internet. In other words, your online learning experience will largely depend on the platform you choose.

Ranging from free to affordable and premium subscription platforms, there is a wide range of sites out there that offer learning opportunities online. In this piece, we will take a look at some of the most popular options you want to check out when looking for an online courses platform.

1. Teachable

Whether you are a course provider, trainer, or interested learner, this is one of the places you can find accommodating. In a recent review of the Teachable platform, MarketerStack describes it as an all-in-one platform for online courses where content creators and interested learners meet. As a creator, you can easily create your course material and sell it via the platform without much hassle. With a free trial period and a range of flexible subscription options, Teachable is said to be home to more than 22K trainers and 34K discrete courses for different kinds of learners.

2. Udemy

This is another all in one platform where you will find a diverse range of topics and courses offered. It is a unified platform, more of a portal. Students can access any program. Productivity, teaching, programming, language, fitness, arts, music, fitness, personal development, lifestyle, name them! This platform does not necessarily have an academic setting. When you feel the need to sharpen the small skills you have in your DIY interests, Udemy can be a great place to look.

3. Skillshare

This is a less formal platform that focuses more on providing and improving creative skills. This course offers most of the courses in visual form, especially video. Lessons include tutorials, assignments, and mind teasers to test your skills. So if you consider yourself a Creative, Skillshare can be a great place for you to look. You can sharpen your skills in anything from animation, film, photography, interior design, and writing, among other creative areas of skill and profession.

4. MasterClass

Here, you acquire teachings and lessons from the A-gamers in different fields. For instance, if you love cooking, you know Gordon Ramsay, what if you get to class from this pro? It will make you feel like the pro he is. If you are in the film industry, you know Martin Scorsese. In this course, you will see the transparency in these opaque professions by getting the facts and experiences from the experts. These courses are video-based for demonstrations, lectures, discussions, and workbooks.

5. Coursera

The good thing about technology is that everything was simplified, and we got almost everything we wanted for half the price. The benefits are as real as the professors in these platforms. Coursera partners with universities and companies to provide learning environments virtually. The good thing is; you will be awarded certificates upon completion of the course. The classes are interesting, interactive, professional, and challenging. The topics are plenty so you can pick your interests.

6. Udacity

Technical skills have a higher demand, and they are easily marketable in today's world. If you look closely, you will realize that they have a higher demand compared to other courses. Using a learning style is the ‘coding Bootcamp’, their programs are based on programming, web development, data science, and cloud computing. If you are an IT guru, this is your ideal platform. Here, you will expand your knowledge. There are hands-on practical lessons, applications, career coaches, and individual reviews.

7. Pluralsight

If you have your interests in software development, data science, information, and cybersecurity, this can be a great place to look. With Pluralsight, you are allowed to connect deeper with your area of interest and expertise. They have programs like mini degrees that allow you to do pretests to test your skill levels. Moreover, you're allowed to dip a toe in a program if you are not willing to take the full course. This allows you to save time, and money while offering you convenience and peace of mind.

Online learning is a thing in the modern-day world. Since no one can know everything, it is safe to say that online learning is a thing of the future as well. The above are just a few of the many places you can check out online when you need to learn something new or take up a new course for your career and personal development.

Getting your content noticed out there on the prominent World Wide Web can seem like a daunting process, but it doesn’t have to be. If you are writing good quality content on a regular basis, then that is half of the battle won; however, if you are writing as and when you feel like it, with no real purpose or aim in mind, then you are going to have a much harder time building up a following and earning trust from people. Trust is super important when it comes to producing content. Your readers want to know that what you are telling them is accurate and correct, so deviating and just making stuff up will tarnish any trust people may have in you and your work. But trust is only one aspect of getting your content seen. Here are some great tips to help all kinds of content creators get their work seen.

Write regularly

Posting and writing informative and helpful content that your target audience is going to benefit from is going to help get your content seen on a regular basis. Creating continuity to your content ensures your target audience know what they are getting and when thus building up trust in you and what you are writing about.

Be Inclusive

Use live captions by Verbit so that you can reach even more people with your video or audio content. Adding live captions to your work will ensure that more people can enjoy it at any time as they’ll be able to understand the speech better and even engage with your content with no sound.

Don’t be repetitive

There is no need to write 500 words if you can get your point and information across in 300. You will lose readers if you start filling your content with irrelevant nonsense and filler.

Make it relatable

Content that people can personally relate to will gather more momentum than something that is based on a lies or false information and figures. People want their content to be grounded.

Share your content

Don’t be afraid to post your content in several locations and don’t hesitate to join forces with other content producers. You will find it much easier to gain views and readers by partnering with more established content producers.

Be Informative

Write content that informs your reader of something they may not have known before. If you produce informative content that actually teaches or enhances your audience in some way, then you can expect your readers to return time and time again.

Run promotions

Everyone loves a freebie and even more if it is something that will benefit them such as a free, engaging eBook. Don’t run promotions or freebies too often as it will undermine what you are trying to do. See these promotions as an opportunity to connect with your readers and build up a sense of community. The best time to run giveaways and freebies is for when you reach a particular follower or subscriber milestone, as this could even incentivize people to engage with your content.

Running a successful marketing agency might seem like a challenging thing to do, especially in a day and age where marketing agencies are plentiful, so competition between them is fierce. That is why in order for a marketing agency to be successful, land valuable clients, and make an adequate profit, they need to be able to leverage their competitive advantages to set them apart from the rest of the other agencies. Here are some tips and tricks on how to successfully run a marketing agency.

Identify your Target Market and Niche

The first step towards successfully running a marketing agency is identifying the target market you want to delve into and the niche within this target market. Marketing agencies typically run better when they work with specific business niches, especially if your marketing agency is a budding one. When you choose a specific niche, you can then focus on this new and specialized audience and provide them with exactly what they want and need.

There are several advantages to picking a specific target market or niche to focus on. First of all, it makes onboarding easier for companies that choose to work with you as you can establish a clear process that is similar for all companies in the niche. You will also be able to better know how these companies run internally and how much you should charge to offer your services to them.

Develop a Suitable Business Model

Developing the right business model for your agency is a crucial step towards successfully running your marketing agency. You need to create different marketing packages for different kinds of clients. For example, you should have at least a basic and a premium package because sometimes, lux clients want a premium package and if you don’t have one, this could turn them off and have them searching for another marketing agency that can give them a fancy special package.

When it comes to the business model, several kinds are used by marketing agencies. Some marketing agencies, typically beginner ones, use an hourly business model that charges clients per hour worked for them. This business model is good if your firm is still in the early stages and has only a few tasks but you should change it to another business model when your firm takes off as applying an hourly rate with many tasks and clients can easily get messy.

Outsource Coding Projects

When you have a client that needs a website, an application, or anything else online, marketing agencies can reach out to outsourcing companies so that they don't have to waste crucial marketing time on coding or so that they don't have to hire a whole team of coders every time they need to write some code for a client. Technology experts at recommend that marketing agencies save overhead, profit, and time by choosing a good outsourcing company that can handle all details of coding projects for them. These outsourced projects could include ones relating to digital strategy, website design, e-commerce strategies, application development, and UX Design, or anything that needs non-marketing know-how.

Focus on Retaining Best Clients

Another expert tip for running a marketing agency successfully is retaining not all clients but only the best clients. You can focus on retaining the best clients by following some simple steps such as being proactive with them (working to stop any problems before they happen), asking for feedback on work (to be able to figure out areas where you can improve in the future) and setting expectations from the beginning through making sure that deadlines are clear and pointing out any milestones along the way.

Keeping Up With Your Competitors

It is important to always stay up to date with your competitors and know what they are doing. You should find out how you rank when it comes to your competitors and then research them to be able to overcome the difficulties they are facing and beat them. Carrying out a Competitor’s Analysis can help you see who your direct competitors are. Once you have them down to 10 or 15 competitors, you can consistently and easily keep track of their progress and achievements so that you are never blindsided.

In order to make your marketing agency accomplish its targets and be successful, you need to first identify the target market you intend to serve then develop the right business model for your firm. You should also take advantage of technologies and outsource projects that have technical know-how that you aren’t experienced in as taking them on would be a waste of time and energy. Finally, you should focus on retaining your best clients so that they don’t go elsewhere, keep up with what your competitors are doing and build a portfolio that shows off your best work and is ready to present to potential clients. Applying these tips and tricks can hopefully allow you to be able to successfully run your marketing agency!

You must have heard the term ‘SEO’ before. It’s quite a popular digital marketing tool aimed at streamlining websites, improving user experience, and generating web traffic. It contributes greatly to the growth of any business that uses the tool, but before you go on investing in it, isn’t it better to understand what is SEO and its role in the marketing process? Here is everything you need to know.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization, often abbreviated as SEO, is the process of making a website more appealing for search engines. When you hit enter on a search query, a search engine gathers websites and lists them in a particular order. This order depends on a set of ever-changing criteria controlled by the engine’s developers. These criteria aim to list first the most relevant results from the most relevant websites, but not just that. In addition to several other factors, the websites are also ranked according to how easy they are to use, how popular they are, and how much they can handle web traffic.

SEO makes your website as relevant and as useful as possible by optimizing content and by eliminating useless texts and media. The process also includes making the website easy to use, generating buzz around it through quality backlinks, and increasing the website’s speed.

The Role of SEO

● Increases Web Traffic

When you’re on the web looking for an answer or a product, do you open the first two or three websites, or do you go down to the end of the search result page? The top websites on a search list are more likely to get the bulk of web traffic since they are deemed by a search engine to be the most accurate. Digital marketing is all about letting people know who you are and a large portion of that depends on getting more people to visit your website. By catering to the search engines’ preferences, you’ll be guaranteed a place for your website at the top of the list which means that more and more visitors will be coming your way.

● Contributes to your Brand

Another benefit of SEO is that it makes your website better as a whole. User experience is one of the most important factors that contribute to brand image and identity. Plus, it’s how you market your brand. For most potential customers, your website is the first thing they see of you. If their web experience is horrible, it’s not likely that they will come back for seconds whether online or on-ground. Keep in mind that it differs whether your business operates in Mexico, Canada, or Florida. If you’re operating in the latter, then it’s smarter to opt for a Destin SEO firm as opposed to another firm with no awareness of your local market. Because your brand depends on your market, customers, and demographic, you need someone who understands the market to help make the user experience more appealing.

● Increases Chances of Lead Conversion

Let’s take a look at the sales funnel. It starts with getting awareness through leads, then piquing customer interest, following up with them to get them to make a decision, then finally, converting the potential customer into an actual customer. SEO helps in getting you the awareness you need by increasing web traffic, but it also helps in lead conversion by coaxing potential customers through the other stages of the funnel. Once your customer is interested, a good-looking website will keep up this interest and optimism towards your business. Your useful, stream-lined content could then easily convert them to paying customers. Meaning, even if you’re not pursuing customers, a search engine optimized website functions as a lead magnet and converter on its own.

How Effective Is It?

There is no question about the effectiveness of SEO. The statistics and research studies speak for themselves. If 75% of internet users never bother to check anything beyond the first search results page, and if 81% of the users search the internet for a product before making the purchase, it’s ridiculous to believe that ranking higher on search lists has a minimal effect. That being said, it’s important for you to understand that, while revolving around weeding out the good websites from the bad, the criteria for SEO changes regularly. It’s not enough to optimize your website once, but regularly to stay on top of the changes.

Business owners often make the mistake of trying to monetize the pros and cons of SEO before seeing its effects. We’ve already established that SEO is one of the most effective digital marketing tools, but as with the rest, you cannot judge it before you see what it can do to your company. Even if you are number one in your market, SEO can still help you generate more leads, increase your sales, and further separate yourself from your competitors. That’s why the best way to go about SEO is to give it a try before you develop a rigid budget for it.

All businesses operate with some level of IT these days. Whether you are running a small company based out of an office or a multinational corporation with thousands of employees, you will use some level of computing in your business. IT support companies are essential in helping ensure the smooth running of your IT systems, as well as being available to help when things go wrong. Let’s take a look at some of the key reasons why IT support is essential for every business.

Expert Advice 24/7

The most obvious benefit of using an IT support company is the fact that they are always on hand to help with whatever you need. Whether you need small business IT support in London on a Monday morning or advice on a software issue on a Friday night, your IT support business will be on hand to help. In most cases, they are no more than a few clicks or one phone call away. You can be quickly connected with a technically experienced helpdesk agent, who will either assist you in solving your issue or escalate your query to other technicians. The feeling of security in knowing that you have your IT support covered at all times is a great bonus to business owners.

It Can Save You Money

It is also important to note that using a separate IT support company - rather than building your own IT support team in-house - can save you a huge amount of money. Consider a medium-sized business operating with 50 employees. There’s a lot of software and hardware involved in keeping 50 employees connected and working at full potential. To keep these systems maintained and operational at all times needs your own IT department. This may take two or three full-time technical staff, as well as a call handler and potentially a team manager. This means three to five full-time salaried staff to pay for, alongside their pension contributions, equipment needs, and training expenses. Hiring an IT support company will cost you far less per year than this and you will still receive the same level of support. In fact, a dedicated IT support company will probably have more expertise as they have a larger pool of staff to draw from. So, hiring an IT support business may save you money and improve the quality of IT care at the same time.

Crisis Help

Sadly, sometimes things go wrong. Even the most well-designed computing systems fail, and when they do they require expert attention. An IT support business can help you in times of computing crisis, big or small. In many cases, your dedicated IT support team will be able to fix your issues over the phone or remotely in a matter of minutes. In more serious cases you may need technicians to come to your site and manually assess issues. Often a technician can be on-site within an hour with all the tools and knowledge needed to repair or replace broken parts, or simply correct issues.

Building Systems

IT support companies can also help you at the very start of your business journey. When starting or expanding a business it can be challenging to design or build your IT infrastructure. However, an IT support business can help you here, too. With their expert knowledge and highly skilled staff, they will be able to give you honest advice about what systems to implement. Not only that, but once it has been built they will be able to provide you with ongoing maintenance and support of said systems. Using an IT support team from the very start means that they will have a constant and updated working knowledge of your entire IT infrastructure and will therefore be in a great place to offer constant support and help.

Upgrade Support

Finally, let’s talk about upgrades. Within IT things are constantly changing and moving. Everything from phones to laptops, software to servers are evolving daily. It can be hard to keep on top of all these developments in technology or to understand when it’s the right time to upgrade your business’s IT systems. When you are working with a regular IT support service you will be able to ask for advice and expert knowledge when it comes to upgrades. Their experienced staff will be at the forefront of IT knowledge and be able to explain the very best choices for expanding or upgrading your systems.

Without an IT support company in place, you leave your business open to risks. Cyber attacks, software failures, and broken down machines can all be avoided or quickly fixed with the help of IT support. Whatever your business size, reach out to an IT support team today.