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You may be fed up with traditional way of searching/opening applications on your system. Cerebro is an amazing utility built using Electron and available for Linux, Windows, and Mac. It is open-source and released under MIT license.
It allows you to search everything in few clicks on your machine or from the Internet. It can interact with everything: open file in default program, copy contact details to clipboard, see google suggestions or translate words to other language, it uses yandex translator to perform translations.
After installation use default shortcut Ctrl+Space to show an app window. You can customize this shortcut clicking on icon in menu bar → preferences.
Most of the Operating Systems now a days offers search within it, Linux is modern desktop which offers many more features than any other Operating System. Ubuntu Unity has its Dash, Gnome Shell desktop also has integrated search, Whisper can be used in Xfce, KDE also offers search from menu, Mate and Cinnamon desktops already have this feature. Mac yosemite introduced new spotlight, it is an productivity feature available in Mac OS. But there are always some Linux users who bring new stuff to Linux and make it better than any other OS.