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1: Understanding the Linux® Virtual Memory Manager

Finally, a comprehensive guide to the Linux VM! This book describes VM in unprecedented detail, presenting both theoretical foundations and a line-by-line source code commentary.

VM's behavior affects every Linux kernel subsystem and dramatically impacts overall performance. But until now, there was only one way to understand VM: study the poorly documented source one line at a time. Now there's an easier, faster alternative. It systematically covers everything from physical memory description to out-of-memory management. Coverage includes:
  • Linux VM 2.4 architecture in depth-with diagrams and call graphs
  • Physical memory description, page tables, address spaces, and memory allocation
  • High memory, swapping, shared memory, and much more
  • Expert guidance for analyzing the code of any open source project
  • Linux kernel features in every chapter
  • Well organized and superbly written, Understanding the Linux® Virtual Memory Manager will be indispensable to every kernel programmer and researcher.

By: Mel Gorman. Published by Prentice Hall. Part of the Bruce Perens' Open Source Series.
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2: Doing More with Less: How Red Hat Enterprise Linux Shrinks Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Compared to Windows

IT organizations face the constant challenge of juggling two almost opposing priorities: continuously delivering business-critical application services while keeping IT expenses in line with budget constraints.

The primary function of IT departments is to supply core infrastructure and applications to attract new business, generate revenue, and facilitate profitability—and IT managers strive to meet this goal in spite of flat or shrinking IT budgets.

According to an article in Computer Weekly, approximately 80% of IT expenses are spent on maintenance and support for the existing infrastructure. Beyond maintaining current platforms and mission-critical applications, IT must also address new mandates, such as reporting requirements for regulatory compliance or corporate “green” IT initiatives. In addition, IT managers must allocate budget to tackle emerging strategic initiatives that are needed for future success.
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3: Linux Management with Red Hat Satellite Server: Measuring Business Impact and ROI

This ROI study conducted by IDC is based on data gathered from structured in-depth interviews with representatives from over 10 IT organizations around the world using Red Hat Satellite to manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Based on this study, these organizations on average experiences a payback of less than 7 months on their initial investment, and yielded an average of 398% ROI over a 3-year period.
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Conky Collection for Ubuntu 14.10 Utopic/Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty/Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy/Ubuntu 13.04 Raring/Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal/Ubuntu 12.04 Precise/Ubuntu 11.10/Any Ubuntu Version/Linux Mint/Fedora/Other Linux Distributions

Conky is a free, light-weight system monitor for X, that displays any information on your desktop. Some guys are working on Conky gadgets. So NoobsLab decided to keep this work up for Linux users. NoobsLab provide conky for all Linux environments like: Unity, Gnome Shell, Cinnamon, Mate, Gnome Classic, Xfce and others.

Note: Many users were reporting issues about different conky widgets. Finally all conky errors/bugs has been fixed and made more easy to install on your system. If you face any problem, post comment on related conky page (Please don't report server error, If you get server error just try again after sometime).

Fix Conky Shadow/Black background

Malice-Tab Conky
Distro-Clock Conky
Net Conky
Torn-Paper-Clone Conky
Basic Conky
Bar Conky
Nadia Conky
HGM-Hudnet Conky
123 Conky
Linux Conky
Techno Conky
1st Conky
Colors Conky
Legacy Conky
Lunatico Rings Conky
Gotham Conky
Energreen Conky
DeadSpace Conky
Reloj Conky
Two Conky
Tab Conky
Hardy Conky
Patch Conky
Lucid Conky
(Red, Gray, Orange) Conky
Sample Conky
Cores Conky
Infinity Conky
Tron Conky
Lua Conky
Box Conky
Max Conky
eOS, Elune, Bauraturia
Spectro conky pack
Typhoon weather widget
Gold & Grey Conky
Harmattan Conky
Neon Conky
Flair Conky