First of all you need to add "Open as administrator" option to right click menu.
  • First Step is Open Terminal Window and copy following command:

When installation completed, Then enter the following command to restart Nautilus Process:

  • Now go to the File System Drive, then Right click on "etc" folder and Select option open as Administrator.
  • Then find folder "grub.d" and open this folder, Then copy your image file to this "grub.d" folder.
  • Now open this file on text editor "05_debian_theme", Now locate the following line in this file.
COLOR_NORMAL= "black/black"
COLOR_HIGHLIGHT= "magenta/black"
  • Then type following line above the lines:
WALLPAPER= "etc/grub.d/Your_image_file_name.extension"
  • Now Save the file and close it, Now open Terminal and type the following command for update Grub:

Restart and See your image to your Grub2.
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