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Nuvola Player runs a web-based interface of cloud music services in its own window and provides integration with a Linux desktop (multimedia keys, system tray, media player applets, dock menu, notifications and more) offers more native user experience and integration with Linux desktop environments than usual web browsers can offer. .Nuvola Player is an open-source project licensed under GNU GPL 3 and written mainly in Vala (the core) and JavaScript (service integrations). It tries to feel and look like a native application as possible. However, it cannot overcome common drawbacks of web-based music streaming: some music streaming services require Flash plugin and web apps usually have higher memory usage than native apps.
Nuvola Player 3 doesn't need any hacks to support Flash plugin, because it is built on top of WebKit2Gtk+, the second generation of this web rendering library. The major diference is that plugins are run in a separate GTK+ 2 compatible process, so there is no need to use nspluginwrapper and install 32bit libraries on 64bit system. There is also one extra benefit: If Flash plugin crashes, it doesn't take down whole Nuvola Player application.