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You may have your favorite note taking application on your system but it is good idea to try new applications, you may like it. Turtl is free, open-source and an advanced note taking application which lets you take notes, store sensitive files, bookmark websites, and save passwords securely. It is released under GNU GPL v3 and source code is available on the GitHub, meaning anybody can download and run their own version personally or in their company's intranet. You can use it from sharing passwords to tracking research on an article you are writing, Turtl keeps it all safe from everyone but you and those you share with.

It's a private place to keep your notes, research, passwords, bookmarks, dream logs, photos, documents and anything else you want kept safe. Turtl's easy tagging and filtering make it ideal for organization and research whether for personal or professional projects. Turtl takes your password from when you sign up and uses it to create a cryptographic key. It uses this key to encrypt your data before storing it anywhere on your device or on our servers. You can share your Turtl data with others, in a way that unshared data will be safe.

Run this command to create folder, so Turtl install can copy shortcut in the folder:

Download and extract Turtl then make installer executable (using chmod +x To uninstall use this command (./ uninstall)

Download Turtl

Making notes is an essential part of life of a responsible person, if you are a student, teacher, or professional and you use Linux then you may not find applications that are famous among other OS users but it doesn't mean unpopular applications can't compete. Today we are going to showcase some good note taking applications which are going to help you and are available for Linux as well. So you can write notes and increase your productivity, well there are online services who offer taking notes but you may don't want to use them. And no we are not going to talk about sticky note here. Lets Start making list what we have! Shall we?

Kaqaz is free multi-platform notes manager application and it is open-source software released user GPLv3 license, it is more like a theory; a theory on which much time has been spent in Sialan Lab to be designed and implemented. Developing this application some modern technologies have been used such as AndroidAPI-19, OpenGL-3, etc. Kaqaz focus on a better user interface and best user experience, and it is available for Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS. It provides faster access bars and provides convenient interface for the users to have an enjoyable time while using Kaqaz.
WizNote is free, cross-platform cloud based notes solution which helps personal and professional to take notes and collaborate with team members. It is especially designed for Internet users and mobile Internet users. It allows users to edit, view, modify, and create notes interactively on Linux, Mac, MS Windows, Android, iOS, and Windows-Phone devices anytime, anywhere. All notes private or group notes synced automatically on all connected devices.
It also offer WizNote Business Service, teams/groups can communicate and collaborate with each other using this application with messages and comments. All WizNote servers are cloud based with multiple copies synced, you don’t need to worry about data loss at all.
Another great feature of this service, it allows you to attach files/images/links (Attachments) with notes and also you can categorize them into groups, tag notes, multi-level folders support, so later you can find any specific note easily or share note easily. WizNote focuses more on knowledge of rapid collection, management, reading and sharing.