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There are many audio players available for Linux and you may be using your favorite one and might ask why so many audio players, but there is no harm to try new stuff, you may consider it. Museeks a cross-platform, open-source audio player is around since last year (2016) and it is doing great. It is available for Linux, Windows and Mac; written in Node.js, Electron, Flux with Redux and React.js languages and released under MIT license.
It feels like a clean interface, like good audio player should be, it has ability to play wide range of audio formats including: mp3, aac, m4a, wav, ogg, 3gpp and flac. The interface is easy to use, just add music library or add single files to play, also it allows you to manage audio, interface.


It can find audio file by itself and searching is fast and responsive, doesn't matter if the audio library is quite huge. Playlist feature is must have for any audio player and it does have, which makes easier to manage playlists from entire different tab (star icon on the left bottom). It has tray applet which is handy to access features like: pause, previous, next, show player, track info and quit; also it displays the notifications but can be disabled if you want.

  • Entire tab for playlists
  • Dark Theme
  • Native Notifications can be Disabled/Enabled
  • Search box can be selected using Ctrl+F
  • In-app playing animation
  • Faster and responsive search
  • Native OS window frame support
  • Tray Applet (Minimize to tray option)
  • Sleep Mode Blocker
  • Queue management
  • Shuffle, loop

Download Museeks

Which player is your favorite?