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Install Grub2 Editor/Customizer on Gnome and KDE

For Grub2 Cutomizer on Gnome:

Grub Customizer - a new graphical GRUB 2, You can now select the default boot entry, change the menu visibility and timeout, set kernel parameters, disable recovery entries and change screen resolution (GFX_MODE) - all by using Grub Customizer.

To install open Terminal and copy the following commands in the Terminal:

For Grub2 Cutomizer/Editor with Burg Support on KDE:

A KDE Control Module for configuring the GRUB2 bootloader.

Smoothly integrated in KDE System Settings, it is the central place for managing your GRUB2 configuration. Supports many GRUB2 configuration options, most notably:
* Manage default boot entry
* Manage boot timeout
* Manage boot resolutions
* Manage boot menu colors
* Manage boot menu theme
* Manage linux kernel arguments
* Save and update the configuration files of GRUB2

Extra features include:
* Recover GRUB2
* Remove old entries
* Create and preview GRUB2 splash images

Download Grub2 Customizer from KDE-Apps:
Here is the page for Grub2 Customizer for KDE