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Install Adobe Flash 11 Beta 2 on Ubuntu 64bit using PPA

What is new in adobe flash 11 beta 2?

Key benefits of the Flash Player 11 desktop beta include:

Stage3D APIs — Deliver cutting edge three dimensional experiences on the desktop.
Native 64-bit support — Support for 64-bit operating systems and browsers on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.
G.711 audio compression for telephony — Integrate real-time voice and telephony capabilities into business apps and integrate with existing phone systems using the G.711 codec.
H.264/AVC SW Encoding — Create apps that encode higher quality video locally using the efficient H.264 video standard.
Socket Progress Events — Improve management of data transfer, track progress, and provide responsive feedback in apps send large amounts of data.
JPEG-XR support — Take advantage of support for the advanced JPEG-XR image compression format to deliver higher quality images with less bandwidth, and leverage lossy and lossless compression with alpha channel transparency.

Commands Removed

Adobe Drops Flash support for Linux 
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