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Install Plank LightWeight Dock in Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal/Ubuntu 12.04 Precise/Ubuntu 11.10/Ubuntu 11.04/Linux Mint - (Light Weight)

ubuntu dock

Plank is the underlying technology for Docky and aims to provide all the core features while Docky extends it to add fancier things like Docklets, painters, settings dialogs, etc.

ubuntu docky

Install Cairo Dock 3.0.1 on Ubuntu 12.04 Precise/11.10 Oneiric/11.04 Natty/10.10 Maverick/10.04 Lucid/Linux Mint (New Release)

cairo dock

Cairo Dock includes many plugins/applets such as: weather, clock, Messaging Menu, system monitor, keyboard indicators, custom icons, notification area, clipboard manager, and many other plugins.

cairo dock

cairo dock 3.0

What's New in Cairo Dock 3.0.1?
  • Dock’s menu: fixed 2 annoying bugs with the menus: don’t hide if the dock is raised and don’t try to check if the mouse has left the dock if the menu is raised
  • Dialogues: fixed a bug where the dock could auto-hide when a modal dialogue was raised
  • Fixed a compilation error on Gentoo
  • Added a compilation option to not force the display of icons in menus
  • Dialogue: fixed a crash with gcc-4.7: the local variable (const gchar **) can be corrupted due to optimisations
  • Fixed a bug where the dock didn’t accept clicks when the mouse touches the screen edge (with auto-hide)
  • Fixed a bug where the hidden dock background colour was not updated properly
  • Class-Manager: fixed a bug with Windows applications whose name is in upper case (.EXE)
  • GUI: use cairo_dock_get_xwindow_class() to link a program with a launcher
  • French translations: fixed 2 small errors
  • Gnome-integration: fixed the time&date command
  • KDE integration: fixed the time&date command
  • Updated previews of dustbin and logout
  • Updated the version of applets that can be always visible (for the new parameters)
  • Clock: numeric view: increased the size of the rectangle if an outline is used
  • + modified the default colour
  • Clock: Added the possibility to have an outline
  • Use the core option to not force the display of icons in menus
  • Minor fixes in Sound Control’s .conf file
  • MusicPlayer: mpris2: metadata: trackid attribute should be of D-Bus type ‘o’
  • Switcher: fixed a possible crash (division by 0) if the X manager couldn’t get info from X + removed bMenuVisible
  • Clock: numeric mode: fixed a bug where the date was not displayed correctly (with OpenGL)
  • Clock: numeric mode: set a minimum size for the text: we keep the ratio until 12px
  • Logout: added a fallback method to get the users list if the accounts daemon service is not running
  • CMakeLists.txt: fixed a CMake warning (or error?)

To Install Cairo Dock 3.0 on Ubuntu/Linux Mint (Press Ctrl+Alt+T) and copy the following commands in the Terminal:
That's it