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If you love Ubuntu then you might know about Ubuntu Edge which campaign never reach to the goal in 2013. I was quite thrilled to get that Ubuntu edge phone but end up with Nexus 4, so I could run latest Ubuntu Touch development. Canonical is partnered with Meizu a long ago and they are about to launch a new mobile "Meizu PRO 5" Ubuntu Edition. It will be the most powerful and rich-feature Ubuntu smartphone, I will take about specs in a bit. As you know Ubuntu recently announced it's first tablet which is made by Spanish company BQ.
As you guys already know that Canonical has been working on mobile convergence from quite sometime now. Recently I was invited to the Ubuntu tablet press release and saw true convergence being done with new tablet (BQ Aquaris M10 Ubuntu edition) and phone (I think it was Nexus 4), and it was quite satisfactory that how things are going in the right direction.