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Install CMPlayer in Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy/13.04 Raring/12.10 Quantal/12.04 Precise/Linux Mint 16/15/14/13/other Ubuntu derivatives

CMPlayer is a multimedia player. It is aimed for easy usage but also powerful features. It provides various features and convenience functions. Just install and enjoy it! There will be already what you expect. It allows user to configure anything with in player. Some bold features offered by this player are:
Enhanced Subtitle Handling: CMPlayer can display multiple subtitle files at once. Also, CMPlayer handles .smi subtitle properly, e.g., multi-language, tag-based format.
Stays on Top: You can choice a stays-on-top mode: always, playing, or never. For instance, with playing mode, CMPlayer stays on top only for while playing a media.
A-B Repeat: CMPlayer supports A-B repeat. A and B points are selected easily with shortcut. It is also possible to specify repetition interval by subtitle.
Customizable Shortcut: CMPlayer provides handy default shortcuts. Pushed wrong shortcut accidentally? Don't worry. You can undo and redo it! Do you think they are not handy? Just change them to what you want.