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Install Beautiful Themes for Gnome Shell in Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot/Fedora

How to Install Gnome Shell Themes in Ubuntu Oneiric/Fedora:
  • Backup /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme folder
  • Extract the theme archive and rename gnome-shell to theme
  • Copy this folder to /usr/share/gnome-shell/
  • Restart Gnome Shell Press Alt+F2, then type r and press enter
  • You can also use Gnome Tweak Tool to install directly from the archive.
  • You can install Theme Selector.

1: Tronny Gnome Shell Theme

Tronny is Gnome Shell theme by rvc-2011 based on original Tron Legacy theme by half-left. Tronny is fully compatible with Gnome 3.2 so you can get it working under latest Ubuntu 11.10.

>> Download Tronny Gnome Shell Theme

2: Black Glass Gnome Shell Theme

Black Glass theme is another cool Gnome Shell theme made by deviantARTist shule1987.

>> Download Black Glass Gnome Shell Theme

3: Metal X Gnome Shell Theme

Metal X Gnome Shell theme by justviper gives your shell clean and polished metallic look

>> Download Metal X Gnome Shell Theme

4: Elementary Viper Luna Gnome Shell Theme

Elementary Viper Luna Gnome Shell theme is inspired by DanRabit's work on Elementary Luna desktop. The theme is created by justviper.

>> Download Elementary Viper Luna Gnome Shell Theme

5: GnomeOrg Gnome Shell Theme

Justviper has created another nice and clean Gnome Shell theme, this time based on the design of official Gnome website.

>> Download GnomeOrg Gnome Shell Theme

6: Adwaita White Gnome Shell Theme

Adwaita-White Gnome Shell theme by deviantARTist Oberon27 blends nicely with Adwaita Theme and gives a consistent look for your all over Gnome 3 experience.

>> Download Adwaita White Gnome Shell Theme

7: eOS Gnome Shell Theme

eOS Gnome Shell theme by 0rAX0 is yet another equally beautiful theme inspired by Elementary desktop and features a Plank like dock and designs from Pantheon Shell and Wingpanel.

>> Download eOS Gnome Shell Theme

7: Ubuntu Ambiance Gnome Shell Theme

Half-left has designed a new theme for Gnome Shell based on the Default Ambiance theme in Ubuntu. The theme looks great and if you use Gnome 3 PPA in Ubuntu 11.04, it would nicely integrate with your desktop.