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  • philosophy, history, sociology, psychology, political science, history, pedagogy
  • law, history of law and other legal disciplines;
  • tourism, ecology;
  • economics, economic theory, world economy, national economy, marketing, management;
  • finance and financial analysis;
  • foreign languages (including Latin);
  • higher mathematics, probability theory, statistics, physics, chemistry, mathematical programming
  • machine parts, TMM, vsts, theory of machines and mechanisms, interchangeability, applied mechanics, technological basics of mechanical engineering, drawings, hydraulics, electrical engineering, circuit engineering.

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  • The service provides legal assistance to defend each client at the legislative level, even before its management.
  • The service accepts payment to an official bank account in the most convenient way, having a certificate that will be shown to you if necessary.
  • Compliance with the policy of complete confidentiality during the execution of the order.
  • Bear legal responsibility for the quality of work. A public contract governs each order.
  • Have landline phones and real offices and are on Google Maps. Google adds only existing organizations to the maps.
  • They have samples of works performed by their authors. You can compare and pick the best way for you!

Noticed flaws

  • Intermittent interruptions with the website team has been officially working in the market of providing services in the educational sphere for more than 10 years.

The company performs writing of pupil's, student's, postgraduate and other scientific works to order throughout the world. They also work for higher education institutions.

If you do not have enough time to write a scientific paper, or you just want to trust professionals, then you can make the right choice, and will do everything possible to ensure that you defend your work perfectly.

Essay writing service also observe while working with our customers. Any of your data cannot and will not be disclosed to any third parties. Neither your supervisor nor your friends or classmates will know that you are a customer without your consent.

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A few advantages over the competition:

  • To fulfill your order, they need a minimum of information about you:
    1. your name;
    2. e-mail - to send the work;
    3. mobile number - to coordinate all the details at the stage of order formation and SMS-informing about the progress of the work.
  • Order privacy

Also, have no right to publish any works and materials written to order, as they are the property of the customers. On the site in the section "Our works and authors" some works are published for information purposes with the consent of the customers.

  • Guarantee that your data will be kept confidential

The service does not use your personal information such as cell phone number and e-mail address to send you advertising and other informational messages and do not transfer them to third parties.

Noticed flaws

  • There are two "high price" reviews

Important questions to ask you

What is the time frame for writing my work or essay? case study.

Deadlines for non-urgent student papers in the Standard class through

(Premium class papers take longer)

  • Dissertations: from 30 days;
  • Theses and dissertations: from 5-7 days;
  • Coursework, research papers: from 3-4 days;
  • Examination papers: from 2-3 days;
  • Abstracts, essays, and other minor works: from 1-2 days. offers you high-quality papers for a very reasonable price. team of authors is always happy for you and your friends, for whom we have the first order of a friend. Average prices for student papers are indicated. It is also possible to execute an order according to your requirements.

How can I make sure my order is private? case study maintain complete confidentiality and do not disclose your information maintains a policy of complete confidentiality for your order. Under the Copyright and Related Rights Act, any of your data cannot and will not be disclosed to third parties. Therefore, neither your manager nor your friends or classmates will know that you are our customer during and after your work with our customers without your consent. highly values the privacy of our users' personal information. Using all available means of access to information in the global network, you cannot worry about the safety of your personal data when working with online resources. Data received from users of the Internet resource are used only for internal use by managers when creating your request for writing a research paper. Public offer agreement contains clauses guaranteeing non-disclosure of personal information and transfer of copyrighted materials to third parties.

How to order a scientific paper? case study

How to place an order on the site?

The process of order fulfillment has the following sequence:

  1. You apply for writing a new work.
  2. manager will call you back and agree with you the cost, possibility, terms and other conditions of the work.
  3. You make an advance payment of 50 -100% or without advanced paying to our official or any other electronic transfer.
  4. The work is queued to the performer, and will be completed by the date specified in the application, but no later than 20-22.00 of this day.
  5. After the work is completed, will notify you by SMS and send an introductory version of the work to the email address specified in the application.

For all customers, corrections, both free and paid, are available to you on general terms throughout the protection of the work (not limited in time). The guarantee is constantly valid for our author's material.

You can order all kinds of student, pupil and other types of scientific papers from us. accepts applications 24/7/365. Processing of the application and coordination of all the nuances with you is possible!

Are there any general rules for ordering research papers? case study

  • It will be convenient for you to make an advance payment or fully pay for the work through the bank (for details see "Methods of payment").
  • It is necessary to pay for the completed work in time.
  • The sum of the contract doesn't change, if during its validity period
  • the customer has not made adjustments that change the structure, timing and complexity of the order.
  • In exceptional cases, we may consider a refund to the customer in case of failure to meet these requirements
  • in accordance with the terms of the Service Agreement. In this case, you notify us and we will consider a refund of any amount of money. Refunds may also be denied with an explanation of the reason for the denial. Refunds will be made in the same method by which you paid for the order. By means of Web-Money payment system and with the help of plastic cards Visa and MasterCard also provides for a refund to the customer.
  • All complaints about the order are accepted during the whole period of work submission. During this period, we provide free revision of your order within the requirements specified in the application.
  • We take the finished work to the defense, and, at the request of the customer, we carry out the necessary revisions. The work can be reworked for a fee or free of charge. For more details, see the Rules for Revision of Works.
  • In all of our premium works, we check the coefficient of our own text. This is an indicator which shows how much of our own text is used in the work, i.e. not taken from sources, is unique. The originality coefficient is only a rough indicator, more informative is the percentage of text taken from one source, by which you can see if the student has worked with the content of the work or just copied the text from 2-3-5 other people's works.

The support on the site is waiting for you!

How does essay writing services write scientific papers? case study authors carry out the work in accordance with the existing rules and regulations

Design of the References block in some scientific papers

The References block (literature in Latin) may be present in certain types of scientific articles, monographs, and abstracts if it is specified in the requirements for their publication. The list of sources is given in a completely separate block, repeating the list of references provided in the national language, regardless of in the national language, regardless of whether there are foreign sources in it or not. If the list contains references to foreign publications, they are fully repeated in the list given in Latin. The References list is most often formatted according to the APA standard (American Psychological Association (APA) Style).

Formatting of papers of the Junior Academy of Sciences

Scientific papers of the Junior Academy of Sciences are prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Junior Academy of Sciences. All requirements can be see on the official portal of the MAS. Also there you can get acquainted with the "Basic requirements for student works", regarding the writing, design and presentation of student research works for participation in the competition. In this document describes the structure of the scientific work of the Junior Academy of Sciences. Each student work should be logically built according to a certain structure and have a scientific presentation of the material and its own practical research.

The main components of the structure of the work are as follows:

  • Title page;
  • Abstract;
  • Table of contents;
  • List of conventions, symbols, abbreviations, terms (if necessary),
  • Introduction;
  • The main part;
  • Conclusions;
  • List of used sources;
  • Appendices (if necessary).

Each scientific work should be based on a certain scientific basis, contain data of personally conducted experiments, observations or research work; results of their processing, analysis and generalization; references to relevant scientific sources; and reflect the author's own position. This is the scenario in which performs all scientific works for you.

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