Does your business blog need a quick boost of catchy phrases? Do you need writing help with your college project? Then hiring an article writer might be a good idea. Article writers come in all shapes and sizes. Everything depends on your goals. While some writers will compose an award-winning article for your college project, others will effectively talk to your target market audience and sell your products.

How to find the best article writer? Check the tips in the article below.

1: Ask for a Referral

There is a high chance that someone in your niche has already used writing services. Therefore, you can trust the word-of-mouth method and search for a writer in LinkedIn and Facebook communities. The key is to find article writers for hire that can tailor your text according to the core requirements. For this purpose, ask about the field in which the referred talent specializes. For instance, hiring an expert in blog article writing will be wrong if you need an article writer for a magazine.

The factors to mention when asking for a referral are:

  • Type of writer you need;
  • Deadline;
  • Task details;
  • Price;
  • Other questions you consider important.

2: Make Your Job Description Is Clear

Although most customers consider a typical writer a jack-of-all-trades, the idea is wrong. There are different article writers for hire, including blog article writers, biography writers, ghostwriters, etc. Each one of them is best at doing their specific job. But first, they should be able to see whether your task is the right job for them.

Hence, make sure your order, aka task description, contains all details. Update your instructions in time if there is a need for a change in the project. Also, keep the requirements as detailed as possible to attract the right talent. Again, a blog article writer should be able to distinguish an order for a business article from the one for a magazine article.

3: Check the Writer’s Experience and Skills

An expert you hire must have an in-depth knowledge of your business or, generally, the niche they’re going to write about.

  • Conduct research that will include independent platforms with reviews from the clients that have already cooperated with the professional you’ve chosen;
  • Find more data about the quality of the company’s services and its overall reputation;
  • Ask the writer about their experience working on the same projects as yours.

4: Reach Out to Writing Agencies and Freelance Platforms

It is the best option if you’re short on time or too busy dealing with the global talent pool yourself. Modern writing agencies will guide you through the process of talent matching. In the end, you’ll get one of the article writers for hire that matches your order requirements the best.

  • Platforms like Upwork, Skillhub, or Fiverr have the top writing staff;
  • Depending on the deadline and the complexity of tasks, the price will differ;
  • Make sure the agency you choose has 24/7 support.

5: Explain the Purpose of Writing

At first sight, a blog article and a magazine article might look the same. However, a writing professional will tell you that these products are created according to different rules. Let’s say you’ve found a writing talent for your business article. However, they might lack marketing skills and business knowledge because they are biography writers. To make sure your order ends up in the hands of a proper writing specialist, follow the tips below:

  • Mention your target audience;
  • Write down the goal of your article;
  • Talk about the main focus/topic/idea of the article;
  • Tell more about your business, company, project, etc.

6: Plagiarism and Feedback

Sometimes a writer has a great editor to polish the text. Yet the work samples you see might not always reflect the truth. Your job is to check the writer’s skills and decide whether their professional level matches your demands.

  • Ask your writer about their working process and how they deal with plagiarism;
  • Ask them whether they’d require feedback on their work after each stage they complete;
  • Ask your writer about working with links and statistics.

7: Article Writers for Hire - When Samples Are Not Enough

Be ready to pay a little extra for the ‘trial’ stage before you develop any contracts with the writer. What we mean is bidding. You might choose the freelancers you like and provide data and project instructions. Ask them to do a pre-writing stage or compose a few paragraphs before you hire the one and only. For instance, ask the candidates to write a few topic ideas. Yeap, this is where you should be ready to pay a few more bucks for the plan of the article and stay fair.

Final Thoughts

A writer is a specialist who showcases facts and information to the audience and tailors each text according to instructions. However, writers differ. How to choose the best specialist for your article? Explore reviews and contact agencies, and be specific about the deadline and purpose of your writing.

We hope the tips were helpful to you. Good luck!

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