The technology sector of today is without a doubt, the driving force behind colossal change in the world today. It has progressed so much that entire behavior patterns have emerged from our interaction with it. If technology is the driving force, then smartphones and the internet at large can be considered as the linchpins.

The Internet, the connecting factor

The internet is almost like a physical or real representation of all our happiness, sadness, hopes, dreams, sorrows, guilt, pleasure and convenience. It is often said that no matter what you’re feeling or thinking or going through, someone, somewhere has already written a song about it. Well, the same applies to the internet, where no matter what you feel or think, it exists in some form on the internet.

Social media and SaaS

There are various websites and applications in the world that regularly witness billions of visitors on a daily basis. A social media platform like YouTube has billions of regular users and visitors. An obscene amount of data is uploaded, downloaded and transferred on YouTube on a daily basis.

A lot of amazing applications exist that offer a wide range of functions. There are online solutions out there for everything, even something as niche as a random shape generator for graphic design.

This kind of service is known as Software as a service (SaaS). It is one of the most popular and growing business niches in the tech sector. SaaS is possible only due to continued brilliant technological innovation taking place all over the world. Which has also resulted now in the next step in the technological revolution – cryptocurrency.

Crypto-currencies are inevitably going to be the future of modern human society. It is a much more practical solution rather than printing physical money. There are currently many promising cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH) and Litcoin, which are proving to be quick in growing their user base.

There are technological advances taking place in all kinds of different sectors which include important sectors like medicine and pharmaceuticals, astrophysics, agriculture, aeronautics etc. The most radical and advanced of all would be the advancement of Artificial Intelligence or AI. Japan is especially strident in this field and has integrated its society and its people to a much greater degree than any other country in the world.

The land of the rising Sun has restaurants where the entire staff is made up of robots that have necessary AI capabilities! Even precision surgical tools have come up which are entire ecosystems created of many mechanical and technological parts which the surgeon can then direct or conduct the surgery with minimum risk involved. You have only to make a cursory search on YouTube to gain insight into what the future holds for us.

Global warming is now a not-at-all-distant future, which we must prevent from happening, not just through erudite policy-making, but also through the use of tech. Technology is quite versatile and can be applied in innumerable ways to mitigate most of the problems of the modern world.

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