Franking machines are a century-old innovation that still proves to be beneficial in today’s world. Large national businesses and various government departments benefit greatly from this premium stamping device. After spending 20 years in the making and witnessing life-altering partnerships, this machine finally generated the first metered mail on December 10, 1920. This became the start of what we now know as the mailroom industry. While there are only 3 real-time franking machine manufacturers in the world today, you can still obtain a variety of incredible business solutions. This, of course, includes Mailmark. Read through our article to find out the benefits of Mailmark franking that your business should take advantage of.

Financial Efficiency

If you send out at least 10 letters a day, investing in a franking machine can help you save a lot of money on your post. You will find that several service providers offer avid users discounted postal rates. Some providers may also provide special rates to businesses and other heavy mailers for volume postings. This makes franked mail a much cheaper alternative to the stamped option. Mailmark, which is typically presented through franking machines, will always remain Royal Mail’s cheapest option when it comes to business mail. You can save above 10% on standard postage by paying only 57p for a first-class franked letter. Because Mailmark comes with automated updates on pricing strategies, you can ensure that your business will pay the right amount of money at any given moment. This will save you the trouble of paying for unnecessary additional costs, which we will discuss in more depth in the following point.


Franking machines are now furnished with built-in, integrated, or stand-alone weighing scales. This feature automatically determines the size, weight, and thickness of your envelope to quickly detect the correct pricing scheme. Regardless of the type of scale that your franking machine uses, you can ensure that all of your mail is precisely calculated and sent over to the meter for accurate stamping. As long as you know how to use a franking machine, you will be able to diminish the possibility that your mail may be over-stamped or under-stamped. Either stamping issue can be problematic; the former can result in additional payments, while the latter can result in fine payments incurred on the receiver or keep your mail from getting delivered.


You don’t have to invest in a complex or top-tier franking machine to ensure maximum productivity, output, and efficiency. You will notice how much time you can save with even the most rudimentary franking machine. Having a device at your disposal means that you will not have to complete frequent trips to the post office. Manual postage is multiple times more time-consuming than in-house printing. Besides, stamping your mail would take more time than it would take you to frank it; if your franking machine comes with an auto-feed system, your mail will be ready in no time. All you need to do is load your device up, as we explained above, some machines weigh, frank, and even seal your mail as it passes through. In the business world, every extra second matters, and having a franking machine will ensure that you have countless seconds to spare.

Traceable Postage Spending

With a franking machine, you’ll always have the option to upload credit to the device. This way, you’ll find it easier to stay aware of your usage and keep track of your business activities. This will grant you a deeper understanding of your spending organization-wide, allowing you to monitor every department’s usage. You may also be able to obtain a monthly report via your franking machine. This allows you to trace the allocation and spending costs easily, as well as keep records of them.

Additional Features

Since Mailmark is a barcoded franking mark, the sender and the receiver will both have access to information that wasn’t available before. For instance, both parties can view the mail’s real-time location, and know exactly when it will set out for delivery. It also provides a precise landing estimation, providing your marketing and contact teams with an increased level of flexibility. Your mail’s status and address data quality can also be accessed via online reports.

Businesses can greatly benefit from Mailmark in terms of enhancing customer relations and making use of its mail tracking features. Not only that, but Mailmark has opened up several novel service and product line opportunities that businesses can expand on. With its time and money-saving features, increased accuracy, traceability, and provision of detailed information, this innovation can be extremely advantageous to your business.

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