What is cloud-hosted PBX? It is a business phone system that enables communication both within or outside of your company. Cloud PBX, also known as virtual PBX, is an IP-based solution that provides the services fully via the internet. While choosing this option, you don't need to host your own software on a server because all the data will be stored online.

More business owners choose cloud-hosted PBX over using software on their own servers because of the several benefits offered by this system. Here are some advantages of cloud-based phone systems you definitely want to know about. Also, check the infographic provided by Yeastar to learn more.

Cost Efficiency

Cloud-hosted PBX can be a smart investment if you want to avoid additional costs in the future. Your company doesn't need to hire a new employee to operate the telephone services, which can be a huge financial relief, especially for start-ups. What's more, the price of this service will gradually decrease, making the maintenance costs even more affordable.


Cloud-hosted PBX services will allow your business to grow! Add additional phone lines and several extensions or connect to mobile devices to create a perfect phone system for your company. What's more, depending on the demand, you can easily modify your telephone services without any limitations.


Nowadays, remote work has become a part of reality. A cloud-hosted PBX system will allow you to make calls from all around the world. As the system is virtual, your employees will be able to access it online and use the services just like in the office.


With a cloud-based phone system, you’ll be able to expect minimal delays at most when it comes to the call quality. What's nice about this type of service provider is that it’s based in a cloud, which is much faster than a PSTN connection.


A cloud-hosted PBX system might be a life-changing improvement made in your company. As we all know, communication is the key to success in an increasingly competitive market. You want to provide your employees with opportunities, not limitations. That is why PBX phone systems based on cloud hosting might be a suitable option for your business.

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