Linux is always a top choice for the commercial sector. Not only because it is an open operating software, but it also sports up multiple other features which are definitely missing in some major operating systems. Both Windows and Linux are user-friendly in nature, but whenever we compare the latter with anything else, security always comes up as a big factor to consider. 

 Linux is developed with simple codes. However, it likely accepts more information in terms of security. today, more and more devices are running on this platform because of the amazing features that this operating system comes with. it is ideal to have one with yourself.


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5 Amazing Security Features that Linux Has and Windows Doesn't

1. Privileges of accounts

Accounts always become a big factor to consider while you are choosing Linux. When it comes to the Windows Operating system, the users are provided the assistance with the administration rights. This is why they are given the permission to bring in changes to the system. This is the reason why, when there is a simple virus attack on the system, it can easily jailbreak the administration. 

The data is never secure in such a Windows system. Coming to the Linux OS, the access rights presented here are always limited. This is why it becomes difficult for any virus to access these files. In fact, they can only reach out to some local files and folders. The admin panel is always protected and it remains to be secure.


2. Competent community

Choosing the best out of the operating systems always becomes a difficult task. However, it is important that you know about the competent features of the operating software. Social engineering plays out as a big factor and an easy target to many. This is where Windows backs out. They are more vulnerable to such types of threats. 

Most of the innocent people could easily download a virus that is sent over the mail or to the social networking modes. Once this virus has been downloaded, it becomes easier for the hackers to gain complete access to the PC. In no time, the data is transmitted.

However, the case for Linux is not the same at all. In fact, Linux is much more developed when it comes to the technical aspects. In this platform, you won't be able to download such suspicious attachments at all. Downloading any such files from the internet requires a direct permit from the administration. 

This is the main reason why the damage to be caused on the Linux platform is always limited. One of the best things about having Linux is that there are various developers constantly working on the platform. if they find any heinous activities, it will be fixed out instantly and without any further delay at all.


3. IPtables

Not many people do know about the concept of IP tables in the Linux platforms. On Windows and other platforms, such topics are not brought up often as well. IPtables are responsible for a crackdown in the firewall of your PC. Most of the hackers attempting a break in the firewall plant multiple IPtables which are responsible for an easy movement inside. 

With the help of Linux software, you will be able to block such activities. In short, it creates out a safe environment that will prevent the execution and also it will not allow any command or access network. Thus, everything on the Linux platform will be stopped and it will always remain to be protected.


4. The Monoculture

Effect Windows Platform works on multiple aspects and this is why there are millions and billions of people working on the same platform. Although Linux always works on a safe and secure environment, it does the work on a regular basis. 

However, when it comes to the environment console, Linux follows a monoculture. The architecture of this Linux OS is fragmented. Because of this, it is almost impossible for a virus to track back to the source hub, says Maria Flagg from techie passion.

In Windows, the divided structure does not come to an implementation. It is not much divided at all. This is why Windows could easily cause a major harm to most of the users available.


5. Recording system events

Linux Linux always follows the log file pattern. This is why it can easily prevent from any type of malicious files to log in and to prevent from a strict action. if there is someone trying to enter the system files, the notification is sent to the administrator. This is why the disc writes fail to load. it can create problems for hackers and you can track back to the source.



Using the Linux operating system with your commercial computers and laptops can be a great solution. The platform is developed on certain aspects that allow you to get unlimited access to the data but always in a safe and secure way. There are certain reasons why most people prefer Linux over Windows and it becomes a big factor in security. Here, we have mentioned 5 amazing security features of Linux that every other operating system does not have. It will be much easier for you to grab on Linux and gain what is the best option.

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