Gaming can be a wonderful experience. Unfortunately, it can also lead to a disordered space involving haphazard stacks of games, devices, empty juice bottles, and gaming gear scattered about. The good news is that a few tweaks can improve the look of your gaming set up and help keep it that way for good. It turns out, you can have people over, and they can see your gaming setup, and they can be impressed. The following will break down some of the alterations to your gaming setup you should consider if you want to give the space a little sprucing up.

Shelving Space Is Key

Having a chest or shelf or even a lovely basket nearby to hold all the items you typically need for gaming is a must. Make sure that whatever you choose isn’t too far away from your desk otherwise you won’t spend the time mid-game to put anything back there. A shelf within arms reach is perfect. Some desks have built-in storage which can be an option as well, depending on whether you’re looking into a new desk or not. As well, when bought new, many games provide cool or adorable memorabilia which can be displayed on the top shelves that you don’t use too much while gaming.

Organize All Those Cords

This one is a bit of a pain, but it can make a big difference in how your gaming setup looks (and functions if you are switching between devices and consoles often). Take some time to organize that tangle of cords behind your desk. There are several extension cords available that help you keep everything tidy and organized—some even have nifty color-coded lights to help you find the cords you need in the dark, but you can also simply wrap and tie cords into neat little bundles. In addition to this, having a basket, bin, or box for you loose and unused cords can keep those pesky things from crawling away from you. Cords are a lot like socks in the laundry, they like to get lost.

Add A Little Personalization

Whatever the size of the space you have for gaming or your budget, there will be a way to make your gaming setup distinctly yours. Something as simple as a carefully chosen screensaver can add a whole new feeling to your space. Maybe you want to get a custom design for your mousepad or playmat. Maybe you want to include a family photo up on one of those shelves we talked about earlier. You don’t need to go overboard with this, but adding a little bit of yourself to the space can keep it from feeling cold and empty, which can sometimes happen if you’ve got a lot of tech and lights in one place.

Add Some Life To Your Space

Let’s be honest. When we game, we sometimes are playing a marathon. Sometimes we sit in the same spot in the same room for hours with the windows closed, curtains drawn, and the door firmly shut. This can result in a smelly room with gross stale air. A single houseplant can sit on the windowsill behind those drawn curtains and improve the air quality.

Houseplants clean the air of toxins, produce oxygen (which is necessary for proper focus and concentration, and so might even improve your gameplay), and give the space a fresh, lively feeling. In addition to all of these physical benefits, houseplants help keep people calm and happy. If you’re worried about keeping a plant alive, do a little research and choose something that requires minimal care. Some plants take a little bit of water once or twice a month.

Layout Your Furniture To Maximize Natural Light

No one likes the glare from the window on their screen. We get it. This being said, sometimes moving around the positioning of your furniture can mean that you can have those curtains open for more time during the day. If you place your screens somewhere where they aren’t opposite a window, you’ll be able to leave the blinds open for more time during the day. Not only does natural lighting improve the look of your space drastically, but it is also good for your eyes and your overall health. Fresh natural sunlight that alters as the day changes improves the look of almost any space.

With the above tips in mind, you are well on your way to shifting your gaming setup from the space you spend all your time in but never let guests see to something that is both pleasing to look at and fun to sit in. Once you begin implementing these steps you’ll see how easy it is to keep your space tidy and feeling fresh while simultaneously not inhibiting your gameplay.

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