Starting and running a blog is a great idea, it's fun, it's informative, and if it goes well it can be a excellent source of income for you. However, the one downside to having a blog is that it's easy for your blog to get lost in the crowd in the blogging world - you only have to take a moment on the Internet to see that there are literally millions of blogs currently being run, so you need to stand out from the crowd if you want to be noticed in that seemingly overwhelming number of blogs.

One of best ways to get people's attention is to have a unique design for your blog, this is a perfect way to be noticed and not end up looking like everyone else. Our guide below will talk about several things you can do to create a unique design your blog.

1. Create Unique Logo

We all know the power of creating the unique logo - a company or brand can immediately be identified by its logo, and the best ones always stand out and in turn, reach a larger audience. If you think you won't be able to create a captivating and unique logo by yourself, it's a good idea to hire a professional graphic designer to do it for you; it's well worth paying for when it has the potential to help you get noticed.

2. Choose Color Scheme

Never underestimate how important your color scheme is, it has been proven time and time again that colors have a huge emotional impact on users and the right color can even mean the difference between, for example, a customer buying a product or not, it's that serious. With the colors, and incidentally the fonts you use, don't use anymore than three types of each - use fonts that are easy to read and not too juvinile, and use warm and inviting colors.

A great idea is to use a tool called Figma, in Figma you can create a model of the future design and it will be the most ideal way to see what it will look like or make any changes necessary.

3. Add Graphics

Your blog will have a lot of infographics, pictures, and other types of graphics, you want them to look professional and again unique so you are noticed. Use a tool like Canva where you can create thousands of different and original designs, and can experiment with the types of graphics you want on your blog.

4. Add Call to Actions

Just like a sales business cannot be as successful without calls to action on their site steering customers into buying products, your blog similarly cannot be as successful without your own calls to action. Make sure you include them on your blog, perhaps directing people to affiliate links, your own social media, or even telling them to share your blog with their friends.

5. Investigate Competition

A way in which you could gain a huge advantage over your competitors is by being able to look them up, see their designs, their marketing strategies, and their associated social media accounts - well, with Spokeo you could.

Spokeo is a reverse phone lookup tool, and by simply entering your competitors phone number in the phone number search or email in the email search, you could have all the aforementioned data in an instant. Spokeo is the best reverse phone lookup tool on the market and will go a long way to helping you with your own blog.

6. Benefit From Video Content

People are very visual and are easily won over by the right kind of video. Make sure include video content on your blog that is both relevant and exciting, add music, add screen changes, whatever it is you need to make sure people watch the whole video and even want to share it with their friends.

The blogging world can be a bit overwhelming but there is no reason to not seize the day, and start your new adventure with your own blog. Just because there are many already online that doesn't mean there isn't room for you too, and by using tools such as Figma, Canva and Spokeo, you'll be ahead of everyone else.

Writing by: Maguire Haigh is a marketing manager for Spokeo. He is interested in the latest technology trends, marketing strategies and business development. He also prefers travelling, exploring the world and meeting new people. Maguire has great experience in creating and editing articles on different topics.

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