We all spend hours on YouTube watching their favorite Vloggers, tutorials, sports, and all kinds of other creators. But sometimes you want to save your most loved videos to watch over and over. There are a few ways of making this a reality, read on to find out more!

YouTube Is Huge!

There are countless creators and types of content on YouTube. From daily vlogs to sports reviews, to kids cartoons and news channels. In fact, there are roughly 300 hours of new material uploaded to the platform every single minute! Some 1.3 billion people regularly use YouTube, so there is plenty to get stuck into and a huge demand for content. You may already have your favorite channels or be totally new to the whole site, but rest assured there is something for you on there. Get involved and start finding your entertainment today!

Why Access Videos Offline?

There are many reasons why you may want to access videos offline, instead of being connected to the web the whole time. Here are just a few positives to consider when planning to download YouTube content. 

  • Saving Data

If you are on a mobile plan with limited data, YouTube can deplete your data stores. Having all your favorite videos downloaded can save you constantly draining data from your mobile account. You could even download Youtube from your desktop and then transfer them to your phone, this way you’ll not use any data at all. Saving yourself money in the process! What’s not to love?

  • No Ads

These days, almost every YouTube video has adverts. Some have ads before, during, and after videos. This helps creators get paid, and you may want to watch them sometimes to help your favorite YouTuber. However, once you’ve done this you may be sick of the adverts! After you’ve downloaded the videos you want to your phone or desktop, the adverts will be no more. Giving you a more relaxing and enjoyable watching experience.

  • Watch Again, Whenever You Want

Of course, the most simple benefit is that you now have the videos at your disposal to be watched absolutely whenever you want. Traveling on a plane, train, or boat with no signal? No problem! Watching videos while your WiFi is down? Of course! Want to store up a load of cartoons for your kids’ car journeys? Fine! Simply put, having access to top content whenever and wherever you want is thoroughly satisfying.

  • It’s Free!

Most of the tools available for downloading online videos are completely free, and you should be able to find some easily. Enjoy free, easy content whenever you wish. What’s not to love?

So, How Does It Work?

Most downloader software is extremely simple and there are a few easy steps to follow to get that content saved onto your hard drive.

  1. Download the Software

Find the downloading software that you wish to use and install it on your computer. Most of these programs are very small and quick to install. Some even operate directly from your web browser - the choice is yours!

  1. Navigate to Your Favorite YouTube Video

Next, pull up your most loved videos or channel. Have a browse and decide which content you’d like to permanently keep on your phone or laptop. As we know, there are so many to choose from, so this may be the hardest task of them all! Found it? Then move on to step 3...

  1. Copy & Paste the URL

In your browser, there will be a URL / search bar at the top. Once you’ve navigated your video of choice, you should see the unique URL of that video in the search bar. Highlight this, and copy it. Return to your downloader software and paste this into the software’s URL box.

  1. Sit Back and Relax! 

Hit that download button, sit back, and watch the magic happen! Depending on your internet connection speed, your video will download as quickly as your connection can handle. Once it’s done, you can open it up and watch it whenever you wish.


Is This Legal?

Downloading videos from YouTube using external software is an infringement of their terms of service. They state that you can only watch their content straight from their platform. It means that if they really wanted to, the company could sue you. But so far, this has never happened and YouTube does not seem to plan on banning or suing any users who have downloaded videos.

So, you can enjoy all the content you wish to, whilst on the go, without using data. You’ll always have some entertainment in your pocket or on your PC, whenever you wish to watch it. Follow these simple steps and get downloading!

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