Microsoft has made a name for itself not only in tech but also in other spheres such as accounting, marketing, analytics, etc. As a result, knowledge of basic Microsoft products like MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint is included in most employment requirements. But competition for jobs is stiff and that’s why you need something extra to set you ahead of the pack. In this case, you can go beyond the basics and create a successful career by seeking a deeper understanding of other services offered by passing this exam and verifying new skills through certification.

Earning a credential related to any of Microsoft’s products is one of the sure ways to improve your chances of securing a job. Moreover, recently, Microsoft has introduced badges that equip you with specific competencies needed to be eligible for certain roles. One of those badges is Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals that prepares you for job positions of Microsoft 365 business user or administrator. In this article, we will outline a few details about this accreditation after which we will look at some duties you’ll be ready to handle.


MS-900 Exam Description

The Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals certification showcases your basic knowledge of Microsoft 365 applications and services and implementing them in the cloud platform. To obtain it, you have to pass one exam, certified. This test focuses on common cloud features, Microsoft 365 principles including security, privacy, pricing, and support.


Best Preparation Options

To get completely ready for MS-900 exam, it’s better to use several reliable materials that cover all the required concepts. You can start with Microsoft’s free learning paths or a paid course. Then, solidify what you’ve learned with videos as they are often created by industry experts and contain specialist. Also, don’t hesitate to train with dumps. These are sets of questions and answers that can be run in an exam-simulating software to give you an insight into the real assessment beforehand.


Responsibilities of Microsoft 365 Certified Administrator

With efficient exam prep, you can easily ace MS-900 and earn your certification. This will show employers and HR-managers that you are a qualified Microsoft 365 administrator and are able to efficiently perform the following tasks:

  • Ensure efficient use of Following services i.e. reliable and timely delivery.
  • Collaborate with the cybersecurity department to ensure the safety and privacy of data. This also involves providing data recovery in case of security breaches.
  • Participate in training sessions for staff from other departments to create awareness on matters related to Microsoft 365 platform.
  • Ensure that the company’s software and hardware are up to date in alignment with any releases by Microsoft.
  • Carry out application maintenance if the need arises.

All these responsibilities will keep you current on the latest trends in the sphere. This plus an annual average salary of Objectives for fresh certified specialists, according to, will be a good return on your investment of study time and exam registration fee. And being an experienced professional you can earn annually about $82,500.



Since Microsoft 365 is cloud-based, the number of new job positions for qualified specialists will keep rising as many investment in various sections of the economy migrate to cloud computing. When this happens, you can be on the verge of it. All you need now is to pass MS-900 with the help of training, dumps, and other materials and earn the Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals credential. This will be a stepping stone to challenging !

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