Now that the majority of office workers worldwide have now migrated to home working for the rest of 2020, business owners and employees alike are looking for ways that they can boost their home working regimes through the use of technology. If you want to find out more about how remote tools can work for you, this guide explores some of the software that everyone needs to have installed onto their work gadgets.

Intranet Software

One of the key problems of the current climate is the need to find new ways to communicate with each other out of the office. However, rather than toying with communication apps or having to find a variety of different software to contact each other effectively, intranet software can help to make your workplace interconnected no matter where you are. Not only will intranet software allow you, employees, to have a portal to everything that they need to complete their duties, but it can also enable different departments to speak and share updates. Click here for more information about how the intranet can be combined with other remote working tools.


Project Management Tools

Whether you are in the office or out of it, the right software can help you to lead projects to a high standard and to make sure that deadlines are not missed simply because you are working in a different environment. Project management tools can help you to track your progress toward certain project deadlines, as well as make sure that you have kept to your budget. They can also help you to delegate tasks to other employees and to complete the paperwork that you need to plough forward with your project.


Calendar Apps

Working from home can be distracting, and to make each of your employee’s home offices as motivating as the real thing, you need to consider the benefits of calendar apps. The best calendar applications can alert you to meetings and conferences that you may have coming up, as well as allowing you to write down deadlines and other dates of importance. What’s more, many of the latest applications have a shared function that means that there will soon be no excuse for missed deadlines or sleeping in. 


Remote Access Software

Not being in the office can be extremely frustrating for your employees, especially if they need to access certain content that is unavailable on their home servers. However, remote access software can allow them to find the files and information that they need even if they had not remembered to get the documents they need before they left the office. 


Digital Whiteboards

Although you might think that meetings and conferences will now have to be staged in a completely different way than previously, this is not completely the case. Instead, digital whiteboards can help you to replicate the meetings of the past by allowing you to write and explain information in a visual manner with your employees- and all in real-time.

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