Getting ready for the big day? No, we’re not referring to anything fancy or romantic but rather the big day of your career when you gain your Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate certification. But of course, the journey of prepping for this significant certification entails the completion of its required exam, which is MS-500.

So if you want to smoothly answer all the questions thrown at you during your scheduled exam, make sure you comprehend everything about this test.

In this article, going to provide you with the necessary exam details and some tips to prepare for MS-500 exam effectively.

Why Become Microsoft 365 Security Administration Certified

One of the best ways to show your employer that you are a competent specialist or to improve your CV is to earn appropriate certifications by the globally recognized vendors, like Microsoft, for example. The Microsoft 365 certification in Security Administration is suitable for security administrators who want to get today’s professional information, verify their skills, advance up the career ladder, and find a well-paid job. And to gain this badge it is needed to pass MS-500 exam.

MS-500 exam as a validation of your Microsoft 365 Security Administration skills

For Security Administrators who want to learn how Microsoft 365 security features work, MS-500 is the key. This exam will give you a weighty understanding of different security and compliance solutions for Microsoft 365 environment and other hybrid settings. Moreover, it will help you transform into a seasoned professional who can efficiently do security tasks such as retorting to threats, performing thorough investigations, and enforcing data control.
With the intensive series of technical tasks needed as a Microsoft 365 Security Administrator, it’s important for you have a prior background in Microsoft 365 workloads, including familiarity in identity safety, security supervision, threat protection, and data governance. And the best way to know more about these areas is through working experience. Aside from that, it’s also advisable that you first complete MS-900 exam, which will walk you through Microsoft 365 fundamental concepts.

The collection of the best prep materials for MS-500

Ready to jump aboard the preparation stage? We’ve made a guide for you to go through this process with less stress. Take a cue from this list of materials that will surely make your journey easier and efficient.

1. Exam Ref for MS-500 Microsoft 365 Security Administration

Serving as the official exam guide for MS-500, this book will be released in 2020. It comes with 416 pages that highlight topics needed by a Microsoft 365 Security Administrator. These include effective implementation and management of identity and access; information and threat protection; and governance and compliance solutions. With this material, you will be prepared on more practical tasks to secure a Microsoft 365 environment.
Since this is part of Microsoft Exam Ref publications, it’s more beneficial compared to other third-party materials. It provides vital guidance from Microsoft itself and streamlines your learning through an objective-by-objective discussion of the exam content.

2. Free dumps and premium files from Exam-Labs

Exam-Labs is definitely a standout among all other providers of exam dumps. They prepare you effectively through their collection of quality dumps uploaded by real exam takers. There you can get free variants of such files or buy the most actual Premium file for $29,99. Their dumps are constantly revised to cope up with the changes in the exam content, thus allowing you to practice with the most actual and valid exam questions and answers.
Exa,-Labs’ dumps with the most updated exam questions and answers work using the VCE Exam Simulator that helps you train almost in the real exam environment. This way you gain the skills to complete all exam questions within the allocated time.
In addition, make sure you also keep track of the modifications incorporated in the exam objectives by checking the official website.

3. Microsoft recommended training courses

Other essential materials that you shouldn’t miss are the instructor-led courses. Though these are paid materials, they will surely help you uncover all the things you should know about the exam content. Some of them are:
  • Managing Microsoft 365 Identity and Access: this course covers the protection of the organization’s information and work with Azure products and the Microsoft 365 system.
  • Implementing Microsoft 365 Threat Protection: during this course, you will learn such topics as threat protection, securing different devices, and several security technologies.
  • Implementing Microsoft 365 Information Protection: it includes information about how to locate and classify different data, use protection technologies, and also about security rules and policies.
  • Administering Microsoft 365 Built-in Compliance: the program of this course involves information about data retention, investigations, content searches and proper technologies.
Each of these courses requires 1-day discussion of topics with the guidance of a Microsoft instructor. Hence, you need to spend 4 days so you’ll finish everything. So, if you want to have complete coverage of the exam objectives, availing the training material is a great move.

4. YouTube MS-500 prep videos

If you want to study economically without spending extra money, then you’ll find YouTube very helpful. This internationally recognized video-sharing platform has been imperative among IT exam professionals. Here, successful exam takers can upload and share information and insights about their entire MS-500 prep journey as well as their experience in taking the real exam.
With the free videos provided online, it will be more convenient for you to nurture your practical understanding of the exam objectives. Plus, there are graphic videos that will make you comprehend difficult subjects easier. Some videos even walk you through the possible exam questions that may appear during the exam. Therefore, it’s recommended that you spend some quality time watching these highly accessible videos for you to polish your exam mastery.

5. Exam Replay

Microsoft also provides Exam Replay for MS-500, which is a practical way to learn as well as take save money. They offer two options: Microsoft Exam Replay (1 certification exam voucher & 1 retake) and Microsoft Exam Replay with practice tests (1 certification exam voucher, 1 official practice test & 1 retake).
The great thing about the Exam Replay voucher is that you can buy as many as you want. Such vouchers can also be used for online Microsoft certification exams. However, take note that the exam vouchers are valid for up to 12 months from the date of purchase.


It always pays to be resourceful and determined when preparing for the certification exam like MS-500. Don’t restrict yourself with the ones provided by the certification provider and explore various opportunities like exam dumps by Exam-Labs that will help you become a well-rounded professional. Being a Microsoft 365 Security Administrator keeps you at par with the competition. So you better do your best to understand every exam subject required in MS-500 and you’ll earn its impeccable role-based certification in just one take.
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