In the web design realm, the term Slider basically means the addition of a slideshow onto any one of the web pages on your site. There are numerous Wordpress slider plugin options, one can choose from these days that can give you the chance to come up with your own unique sliders as well as add what you've created onto posts, landing pages, home page or anywhere you feel it will fit best. You can use sliders on a variety of websites, however, you'll find that they are most commonly used on professional portfolio websites and business websites. You can head to WordPress support professionals for a good piece of advice.

Anyway, one of the clearest benefits this particular feature has is that site owners can use it to put up all their important information in an interactive and visually appealing slideshow either at the top or at the bottom of the web page they choose to place it in. Good web hosting is key for interactive user experiences and JavaPipe is hard to beat when it comes to this, however, the addition of sliders can also help a great deal with inter-activeness as well. But, that's not all. It's also a great way to grab your visitors' attention. Herein-below are a few reasons why you still need to consider placing sliders on to your website.

1. More info on less space

Great responsibilities usually come along with business websites. And, if you want your website to run efficiently, then you'll definitely need to familiarize yourself with space conservation and its importance. Arguably one of the most obvious reasons why many people opt for sliders on their website is because this feature allows them to put up more content, whether it's product information or company USPs, in way less space than usual. This activity is mainly useful when it comes to bettering communication between you and your target audience.

2. Helps keep visitors engaged

Another very important reason that's attached to using sliders on your website is that it greatly helps in catching the attention of your visitors, which, in turn, helps keep them hooked and glued to your site for longer periods of time. And, isn't that usually what everyone wants for their website? When users stumble onto your site while they're surfing the internet, they might just stick around and take a glance on all the slides you provide them with. They may even end up scrolling through your other web pages as well because of those slides. Generally, this occurs when the slides you put up happen to be both attractive and beautiful.

3. Draws attention to the call-to-action buttons

In this day and age, the vitality of CTA or Call-To-Action button features are simply undeniable and with slider features on your web pages, you have the ability to display all your top-selling products and services as well as place Call-To-Action buttons in very visible locations on the site. What's even better is that when the CTAs are placed above the fold they become so much more beneficial than they regularly would. In scenarios such as these, diverting the attention of users to the buttons becomes way easier. You'll also have an opportunity to help get your other web pages more traction as well.

4. Visual appeal still matters too

If psychological aspects are things you believe in then you might find it very interesting to know that a lot of people tend to find visual media far much more attractive than its text counterparts. Furthermore, with the rapid rise in popularity when it comes to all things social media, the human brain has now been successfully trained to naturally gravitate towards picture content and, more recently, video content. What this generally means is that the people that visit your website are now going to be interested in seeing more images, and slider features can help you make this happen for them without having to cause too much trouble.

5. Best way to showcase your e-comm products

Another essential aspect that comes with displaying sliders on your web pages is that with them you'll now be able to give your site visitors a glimpse of the products you have available to them. It will allow you to show them the kind of stuff your website happens to be offering. Whether you want to showcase something that you may have just recently launched or whether it's products that are selling the most that you want to display to your users, there's a slider feature that can certainly fit all your needs and requirements.

However, when using sliders on your Wordpress site there are a couple of things you still need to carefully consider and keep in mind.

  • Sliders normally load the content as well as the images on the slides. Which means that they can sometimes cause your website to load a bit slower. Also, slider plugins often use JavaScript, such as JQuery and the like, which come loaded separately as scripts. Your page load speed will also be negatively impacted by this as well.
  • Another common issue that comes with using slider features on your WordPress site is concerning matters of mobile readiness. If a responsive theme is what you happen to be using on your WordPress website, then employing the use of non-responsive sliders in that particular site will break its layout on different screen sizes and devices. A few slider plugins will try as much as they can to minimize these shortcomings by using responsive slider designs as well as optimizing slider load speed.

Considering how rapidly sliders have been gaining popularity over the past few years or so, more and more sites are equally jumping on to the bandwagon and aggressively employing the use of such features. Almost every single site owner online is trying to find out how they can incorporate them into their websites in one way or another. Most plugin options will give you the ability to place them anywhere you'd like on your site and not just on the home page like many people have grown fond of doing. They have certainly become the way of the future no doubt and now you know. So, is there any reason to get left behind anymore?
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