If you have heard somewhere that emails are one of the most insecure means of communicating, then you have heard the brutal truth. This is because your email can be intercepted and read without you even knowing it.

Most people send information through their normal Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook accounts. In fact, by signing in to your Gmail account, you allow Google to scan your emails for keywords and target you with product personalization ads.

Did you know that companies like Google, Yahoo, and Outlook would hand over your email data to the Feds without hesitation? Lots of sensitive information can be found in your email account, so they should at least be secure from unauthorized success.

Here are some of the most secure email services you can use to transmit your most sensitive information:

1. CounterMail

CounterMail's mission is to provide the most secure online mail service that is simple to use, and that is what they have achieved. Its servers are located in Sweden. The servers are diskless, which means that nobody can read any incoming or outgoing email traffic. It is also the only mail provider that offers 100% transparency on how its security system works.
It also has a purchasable USB key option to provide an extra layer of security to your email account. This feature enables you to decrypt any encrypted emails from CounterMail's servers. With this USB key, it is only you who can access your email account too.

2. ProtonMail

It is considered as one of the best secure email providers in the industry. Its servers are based in Switzerland, and they offer complete end-to-end encryption.
It is also user–friendly and setting up your account is as easy as that of Gmail. It is free to create a ProtonMail account, but to upgrade it to a more secure level, you will have to pay 5-8 dollars each month.

3. HushMail

HushMail is user-friendly and provides a secure emailing environment for personal and business use. However, its data servers are based in Canada, where privacy laws were first implemented 20 years ago and have never been updated. It is also not compatible with MacOS. HushMail is available for 49.98 dollars per year and has a 14-day free trial when you sign-up.

4. Tutanota

Unlike HushMail, Tutanota is available on all types of operating systems from Android, iOS, Windows, and more. Tutanota focuses on providing an easy to use and very secure application.
Its servers are in Germany, where the privacy laws of that country will be applicable when handling you as their client. This application is free like Gmail; however, to upgrade to the more secure level, you will have to incur costs.

5. RunBox

It is a Norwegian-based email service provider. This means that your data is protected by Norway's privacy laws. They have a great Customer Care service that is available 24/7 to help you solve any problems you encounter.
It also has a feature known as Integration Functionality which enables you to safely copy all the data from your Gmail and Outlook accounts into your new RunBox account. It has an end to end encryption that ensures that your information is safe.

6. Kolab Now

The servers of Kolab Now are located in Switzerland where privacy laws are tight. So if you have an email account with Kolab Now, then your data will be kept safe.
It also offers complete integration with email service providers, which allows you to copy data from other providers into your new Kolab Now account. The minimum cost is 4.99 dollars per month, and the prices rise with additional features.

7. Mailfence

The servers of Mailfence are based in Belgium, meaning that your data is protected by the privacy laws of Belgium.
It has AES-256bit End-to-End Encryption, which means that your data is protected from unauthorized interception as it is being sent. Its only disadvantage is the limited storage for all the plans that it has. It also has a free account available without ads.

8. Posteo

Posteo is a German-mail service provider with affordable price plans. Your data is protected by one of the best privacy laws in Europe.
It has features such as entirely anonymous sign-up and encrypted servers. It does not have a free package, and instead, its cheapest plan costs 1.23 dollars per month.

Extra Steps to Increase Email Security

A VPN (Virtual private network) can enhance your privacy when using an email account by replacing your IP Address and masking your location. Therefore, if you are using an anonymous email account, your Internet Service Provider or any other snoopers will not be able to link your identity to that account.

It is also highly recommended that you use a strong unique password and two-factor authentication if possible for each email account.

So, if you are looking for absolute privacy and security of your email data, then Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo are not the best providers for you. To keep your emails safe from hackers and other unauthorized entities, then you should choose one of the secure Mail-service providers mentioned above. We believe that CounterMail is currently the best and most secure email service provider in the market.
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