Harmony is audio player inspired from iTunes, it is built with Electron and vanilla JS, available for Linux, Windows and Mac. It plays audio files locally and from cloud services as well. It is based on plugins, and plugins are available for Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, Hype Machine, Deezer, and local files.
It is skinable means you can write and install themes but it has two themes available other than default. Harmony can be controlled using keyboard shortcuts and media keys. Press ? to see the list of available shortcuts. It is responsive design player that means you can resize it however you want, make it compact or half screen or full screen, it will follow you. It uses the tray or the sound menu integration to control the playback even when the app isn't focused.
Developers can now create their own plugins, as it is possible for users to install third-parties in Harmony. You can checkout documentation for themes and plugins.

  • Cross-platform available for Linux, Mac, and Windows
  • Quite nice and simple UI
  • Responsive design give you full control to window resize
  • Control player right from the tray menu
  • Dark Themes comes with it but you can install your own/third-party theme
  • last.fm integration and scrobbling
  • Support for plugins
  • Stream from Online Services support: Google Play Music, Soundcloud, Deezer, Spotify, Reddit etc.

Download Harmony Player

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