CloudStats is an effective tool for Linux server monitoring and network monitoring. With CloudStats you get whole visibility into key performance criteria of your Linux Server. You can proactively track different server metrics like CPU, disk and memory usage, services, apps, processes and more. The best thing is that you don’t need to have any special technical skills – this tool for server monitoring is very easy to install and run from any device.
Server Monitoring

It takes only one SSH command to run the CloudStats server monitoring tool on your server to get all your server statistics in one place. After synchronization with your Linux server you’ll keep under control your entire virtual infrastructure. You’ll get information about your servers and networks, including CPU, Disk, RAM, Network usage, etc. You can also monitor Apache, MySQL, Mail, FTP, DNS and other services. System alerts and notifications will help you to timely detect and fix any failures in the server functionality and prevent downtime.

How it works?
  • Sign in and install the server monitoring agent in the server.
  • The agent will collect critical metrics about your servers and networks.
  • Get reports about your system status and receive notifications via Email, Skype or Slack.
  • Manage services from your home or office PC or a mobile device.
  • Back up your data on a regular basis.
With CloudStats it is possible to perform server monitoring from anywhere in the world, no matter where you are. It operates from Microsoft Azure cloud technology making sure its monitoring results are always correct and up-to-date.

Here is a list of features of CloudStats:
  • Linux Server Monitoring;
  • Data backup tool;
  • Network traffic monitoring;
  • Services monitoring;
  • Process monitoring;
  • External checks;
  • Website monitoring and PingMap;
  • Email, Skype and Slack Alerts;
  • Free account available

CloudStats Server Monitoring service is a one-stop-shop solution to monitor, backup and manage your whole IT infrastructure, no matter how many websites, servers and cloud instances you have and where they are located. This Software-as-a-Service tool is suitable both for business and personal use.
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