ExMplayer stands for 'Extended MPlayer', its names describes itself based on MPlayer. ExMplayer main feature video thumbnail seeking, it is front-end GUI with media cutter and flow view. This player has built-in 203 audio codecs and 421 video codecs, which means no need to install codecs additionally and plays most of the formats, these features made it handy and perfect player for desktop. It also support network streaming and other audio, video formats like: dvd (.vob), vcd (.mpg, .dat) and so on... There is also support for subtitles and ass library used to decode subtitles.

It also offers 3D video feature, which makes this player unique. Put 3D glass and turn on 3D using 3D button or using menu. 3D menu is a full featured menu that will fulfill all your 3D needs. If you don't have 3D glasses then this player can covert 3D to 2D and watch video as normal view with just one click.
3D formats supported: Side-by-Side, Side-by-Side Half size, Above-Below, Above-Below Half size

Anther great feature of this player that you can boost volume up to 5000%, which means if a video has low volume then this player can boost volume.
This player offers conversion of 10+ different type of audio files. Extract audio from any video, high quality audio extraction, and media cutter.

  • 3D video playback support
  • Volume booster
  • Seekview
  • Audio extractor
  • Audio converter
  • Media cutter
  • 10 band audio equalizer
  • video equalizer
  • Winamp dsp plugins support
  • 8 Audio effect filters
  • 17 Video effect filters
  • Configurable keyboard shortcuts and mouse
  • 199 audio & 416 video codecs
  • Seekview
  • Flow browser
  • Media cutter / mixer
  • Audio extractor
  • Video Downloader



Changes in this version:
  • Movie Animator,Convert your favorite video section into high quality animation
  • Improved thumbnail seeking
  • Some performance improvements
  • Added Video downloader
  • Added video software equalizer
  • Videodl powered by youtube-dl
  • Some performance improvements

Available for Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety/16.04 Xenial/14.04 Trusty/12.04 Precise/Linux Mint 18/17/13/other Ubuntu derivatives
To install ExMplayer in Ubuntu/Linux Mint open Terminal (Press Ctrl+Alt+T) and copy the following commands in the Terminal:

That's it
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