Like many other geeks, I love to buy stickers for my laptop and geeky wearable clothing for myself. Whenever I buy a new laptop whether it comes with Windows or not, in both cases I have to place a Linux OS sticker on my laptop, to fulfill my geeky needs. I usually order from different online sites because such stickers or wearable stuff is nearly impossible to find anywhere near.

I love when I see online store pops up and especially love when a store happens to sell products that I am interested in. A store ( that has been around for a while for the digital age to flock to in the interest of apparel, stickers and other creative collectibles. In past I did order some stickers from them to show my support to Linux and was very excited, again I ordered some stuff from them, this time I also choose some other stuff too beside Linux stickers, I will keep them aside for a bit.


As you guys know that we Love to promote Linux stuff and this Italy based online store is specially for open source community but not restricted to them only.
The arrays of products that are offered on this store such as stickers, shirts, hoodies, mugs, posters and pins; stickers and wearable are obviously meant to be the main attraction that comes in all shapes and sizes.

Thoughts & Experience:

Unlike last order, this time I chose shirts and a hoodie. The shirts are peached cotton and extremely soft. And both items have fine stitching and advanced printing methods you will have a design that lasts a longer. Now I fear no more when deciding to buy wearable from Unixstickers store.

Shirts and Hoodie (laptop in this image is almost 10 years old but still works great with Linux)

The printed mug is a product that has been gaining popularity in the last few years. I chose for myself a Linux mug but there are distro and programming mugs too. Linux design mug is thought out which makes it perfect for my work desk to show support.

The aptly names UnixStickers does not disappoint here with the largest selection of products to choose from. I chose Linux stickers and some others too. The real kicker is the quality. These stickers are top-notch design and there is even a tear resistant epoxy used to allow for easy removal with no cleanup, by doing a sticker removal from one laptop and placed on other one and it left no signs behind.

Stickers and Mug

Sticker for Keyboard (To hide Win logo), badges, stickers moved from other laptop

Final Thoughts:

No, we're not affiliated with UnixStickers. Just sharing because it is great option for the enthusiasts, geeks, hackers, programmers, gamers to decorate himself or herself as they see fit. For anyone looking to get the Linux based sticker, hoodie or mug this is possibly the best option out there, well I would say this is a greatly specific store that is unrivaled on the front that it tackles and this is the best option for the programmer in you. In case you are wondering things I got for myself are: Bash sticker, Shirts (Linux Tux, Debian, & The C), a Debian hoodie, openSUSE sticker, keyboard sticker, and some other stickers & badges.

At work with style

Finally! You can use this referral link and "get a 5$ coupon". If you don't want to use referral link then you can directly go to ( and please yourself. Have a nice day.

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