If you are Linux user from couple of years then you may know about 'remastersys' program, which is a free and open source program for Debian, Ubuntu-based, Linux Mint or derivative software systems that can: Create a customized Live CD/Live USB (a remaster) of Debian and its derivatives. Back up an entire system, including user data, to an installable Live CD/DVD. The last stable release of remastersys was in 2012 which means three years ago.
The people of Pinguy OS distribution forked this great project called it "pinguybuilder" and made it available again for Ubuntu and its derivatives. It can create a livecd of the installed system and works with Ubuntu and its derivatives systems. You can either make a distributable livecd or make a backup of your entire system, so you can use it later if something goes wrong with your operating system.
It has front-end GUI; full EFI support including EFI system partition; Populate pool folder with grub-efi for offline installing; Update grub entry with the named used for the CD label; Uses XZ to compress the filesystem.squashfs for smaller ISO size.

Note: There are two versions available (Version 3.* works with Ubuntu and its derivative systems 14.04) and (Version 4.* works with Ubuntu and its derivative systems 15.04+)

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