Install Nuvola Player 2.5.0 in Ubuntu 14.10 Utopic/14.04 Trusty/12.04 Precise/Linux Mint 17.1/17/13/other Ubuntu derivatives

Nuvola Player runs a web interface of cloud music services in its own window and provides integration with a Linux desktop (multimedia keys, system tray, media player applets, dock menu, notifications and more).Nuvola Player is an open-source project licensed under GNU GPL 3 and written mainly in Vala (the core) and JavaScript (service integrations).



New in this release:
  • Users with Nuvola Patrons membership are not bothered by a donate bar if they log in with their Tiliado account in preferences.
  • Added Grooveshark Mobile (HTML5) service integration by Chase Colman
  • Added integration of Spotify by Chase Colman.
  • Added Jango integration by Stefano Bagnatica.
  • Added support for Amazon Music Prime streaming.
  • Grooveshark Inactivity pop-up window is automatically dismissed.
  • Updated translations.

Fixes in this release:
  • Added work-around to get rid of "ABOUT protocol source missing" dialog. This issue is caused by a bug in WebKitGtk.
  • Fixed thumbs up/down actions in Jango.
  • Fixed MPRIS memory leak and optimized metadata property. Then fixed a bug introduced by this change (MPRIS PropertiesChanges signal for Metadata property was not sent).
  • Last FM: Update now playing only once on state/song change.
  • Updated Google Play Music country availabality.
  • Removed non-functional Service updates functionality. Updates will be included in Nuvola Player bug fix releases.

To install Nuvola Player in Ubuntu/Linux Mint open Terminal (Press Ctrl+Alt+T) and copy the following commands in the Terminal:
That's it
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