Ubuntu Team just released the Ubuntu 14.04 "Final Beta" version of the world's most widely-used desktop Linux distribution: Today's release of Ubuntu 14.04 "Final Beta" on the desktop brings a host of performance and quality improvements making it the fastest and most visually polished Ubuntu experience to date. Some major changes in 14.04 Trusty Beta are: Dash performance got better, Unity new lock screen, Unity control center, Locally integrated menus, HiDPI (High pixel density display) for High resolution screens, Windows borders dropped, Click to minimize on application launcher (disabled by default), Real-time window resize, Global menu can be disabled for individual applications, and Unity launcher can be resized to 8px. Checkout release notes of Ubuntu 14.04 Final Beta.
Ubuntu trusty

Download Final Release
Ubuntu Desktop
PC 32bit: Ubuntu 14.04 Beta Desktop i386 (torrent)
PC 64bit: Ubuntu 14.04 Beta Desktop amd64 (torrent)
Mac 64bit: Ubuntu 14.04 Beta Desktop amd64+mac (torrent)

Ubuntu Server
PC 32bit: Ubuntu 14.04 Server Beta i386 (torrent)
PC 64bit: Ubuntu 14.04 Server Beta amd64 (torrent)
Mac 64bit: Ubuntu 14.04 Server Beta amd64+mac (torrent)

Ubuntu Gnome
PC 32bit: Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 Beta i386 (torrent)
PC 64bit: Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 Beta amd64 (torrent)

PC 32bit: Kubuntu 14.04 Beta i386 (torrent)
PC 64bit: Kubuntu 14.04 Beta amd64 (torrent)

PC 32bit: Xubuntu 14.04 Beta i386 (torrent)
PC 64bit: Xubuntu 14.04 Beta amd64 (torrent)

PC 32bit: Lubuntu 14.04 Beta i386 (torrent)
PC 64bit: Lubuntu 14.04 Beta amd64 (torrent)
Mac 64bit: Lubuntu 14.04 Beta amd64+mac (torrent)

PC 32bit: Edubuntu 14.04 Beta i386 (torrent)
PC 64bit: Edubuntu 14.04 Beta amd64 (torrent)

Ubuntu Studio
PC 32bit: Ubuntu Studio 14.04 Beta i386 (torrent)
PC 64bit: Ubuntu Studio 14.04 Beta amd64 (torrent)

PC 32bit: UbuntuKylin 14.04 Beta i386 (torrent)
PC 64bit: UbuntuKylin 14.04 Beta amd64 (torrent)
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