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Calibre is an eBook management software that is almost without equal, on any platform that runs it. Major improvements in this release are: PDF: Add support for reading and writing extended (XMP) metadata. Calibre can now read and write XMP metadata from PDF files. This means that all metadata that you can create in calibre, including custom columns, can be stored in the PDF files. It is also useful when importing PDF files created by some academic publishers, that sometimes have good XMP metadata, such as DOI identifiers, tags and so on.
E-book viewer: Add support for touchscreens when running on Windows tablets. The builtin viewer in calibre now supports touch screens on Windows tablets. You can tap or swipe to turn pages. Swipe up or down to jump between sections. Swipe and hold to flip through pages rapidly and pinch to zoom in and out.
A new tool to compare ebook files, showing the differences in their underlying text, styles and images side by side. The new compare tool is very useful in combination with the book editor. It allows you to see what changes have been made between checkpoints and what changes were made by automated tools. You can also compare different versions of the same ebook file. How to use each of these features is described below.


New Features:
  • Edit Book: Add a tool to easily insert hyperlinks (click the insert hyperlink button on the toolbar)
  • Edit book: Add a tool to easily open a file inside the book for editing by just typing a few characters from the file name. To use it press Ctrl+T in the editor or go to Edit->Quick open a file to edit'
  • Edit book: Allow disabling the completion popups for the search and replace fields. Right click on the search/replace field to enable/disable the completion popup
  • E-book viewer: Add an option to control the maximum text height in full screen. Note that it only works if the viewer is in paged mode (which is the default mode).
  • Show the search expression for the virtual library in a tooltip when hovering over the tab for the virtual library.
  • Book details panel: Show author URL in a tooltip when hovering over author names
  • Kobo driver: Update to handle updated Kobo firmware
  • An option to add multiple books from inside a ZIP or RAR file. Right click the Add Books button and choose 'Add multiple books from archive'.
  • Database backend: Make the database backend more robust when the calibre library is placed on flaky filesystems. Now when an I/O error occurs while writing to the database, the connection to the database is closed and re-opened and the operation is retried.
  • DJVU Input: Speedup extraction of text from DJVU files by implementing the BZZ decoder algorithm in C
Bug Fixes:
  • Library backup: Avoid infinite retries if converting metadata to backup OPF for a book fails. Simply fail to backup the metadata for that book.
  • Edit book: Fix file permissions for the edited book being changed on Linux
  • Fix text entry cursor becoming invisible when completion popup is opened
  • E-book viewer: Fix pressing the Esc key to leave full screen mode not changing the state of the full screen button
  • When reading metadata from filenames, do not apply the fallback regexp to read metadata if the user specified regexp puts the entire filename into the title. The fallback is only used if the user specified expression does not match the filename at all.
  • Linux binary install script: Fix error on linux systems where the system python has an encoding of None set on stdout. Assume encoding is utf-8 in this case.
  • MOBI Input: Fix empty <a> tags not being handled correctly in rare cases when the markup is bad enough to be parsed only using the fallback HTML parser.
  • Edit book: Fix column number of cursor shown in the bottom right being one less than it should be.
  • Edit book: Fix names for non-BMP unicode character (Such as emoticons) not being displayed in the lower right corner. Also allow these characters to be searched for by name in the Insert special character tool.
  • Do not show system tray notification popups while analyzing books on device, as they can be slow on systems that display multiple messages serially instead of replacing the last message
  • Linux installer script: Do not use the filesystem to pass the downloaded tarball to tar as it is possible for malicious code running on the users computer to alter the download file between signature verification and calling tar to extract the files.
  • DJVU Input: When extracting embedded txt from TXTz sections in DJVU files, fix incorrect extraction of txt when the djvutxt external program is not present.
  • Wireless device driver: Fix a regression that prevented it form working with the Calibre Sync Android app.
  • Fix a regression in 1.26 that caused width and height attributes on <img> tags to generate CSS width and height properties without a 'px' suffix
  • Linux binary installer: Fix an error when using proxies and python 3 with the new installer script
  • Edit book: When exporting files, fill the choose filename popup with the name of the file being exported as the default name
  • Make the new Linux installer script compatible with python 2.6.

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