Install Grive and Grive Tools in Ubuntu 14.10 Utopic/14.04 Trusty/13.10 Saucy/13.04 Raring/12.10 Quantal/Linux Mint 17/16/15/14/other Ubuntu derivatives

Months back Pear OS developer created Syncdrive which was GUI for Grive, and its PPA was maintained by NoobsLab team. Unfortunately Pear OS has been sold and Syncdrive is no more supported, I received a lot of queries that it is not functioning anymore. So here is another unofficial great client for Google Drive, Grive command-line client was already available but the only thing 'GUI setup' was missing so thefanclub created Grive-Tools in order to made Grive setup easy for everybody. Basically it is front-end of Grive with some extended features. It has panel indicator and I tested it under these desktops: Unity, Mate, Gnome Classic, Lxde, and indicator doesn't work in other desktops Gnome Shell, Cinnamon, Xfce (I will report to maintainer).

Grive is written in standard C++. Grive can be considered still beta quality. It simply downloads all the files in your Google Drive into the directory. After you make some changes to the local files, it will sync your changes back to your Google Drive. New files created locally or in Google Drive will be sync respectively. Deleted files will also be "removed". Currently Grive will NOT destroy any of your files: it will only move the files to a directory named .trash or put them in the Google Drive trash. You can always recover them.

Setup Screenshots

  • Grive Tools will assist in the installation and setup of Google Drive on your Ubuntu desktop.
  • Grive Tools consists of the following components:
    • Grive Setup - The main setup installation program to get started.
    • Grive Indicator - Application indicator for Google Drive.
  • A GUI installation will guide you through the the installation process and setup Google Drive in your home folder.
  • You will be able to access your Google Drive files locally* as well as synchronize your files with your Google Drive online. (* excluding Google Docs)
  • Auto Sync - Grive Tools keeps your Google Drive synchronized automatically by detecting changes in your local Google Drive folder. New files and folders will be uploaded to your Google Drive automatically after a few seconds.
  • The Grive Application Indicator supports both light and dark desktop themes.
  • On Screen notifications of Google Drive activity.

  • Auto Sync only detects changes in your local Google Drive files and folders.
  • Symbolic links are not supported
  • Downloading Google Documents is not yet possible.

To install in Ubuntu 12.04 Precise/Mint 13 checkout this link

To install Grive & Grive-Tools in Ubuntu 14.10/14.04/13.10/13.04/12.10/Linux Mint 16/15/14 open Terminal (Press Ctrl+Alt+T) and copy the following commands in the Terminal:
After installation open Dash/menu and search for 'Grive Setup' or type sudo grive-setup in Terminal to configure Google Drive account for Grive.
That's it
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