Install Blender 2.64 in Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal/Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin/11.10 Oneiric Ocelot/11.04 Natty/10.10 Maverick/Linux Mint

Blender 2.64 has been release with many new improvements and bugs fixes since it last release, it's available in ppa:irie/blender and ready install it through them. this version is available for Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid) until Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal).
Blender provides a broad spectrum of modeling, texturing, lighting, animation and video post-processing functionality in one package. Through its open architecture, Blender provides cross-platform interoperability, extensibility, an incredibly small footprint, and a tightly integrated workflow. Blender is one of the most popular Open Source 3D graphics applications in the world.

Popular Features:
  • Cycles Render Engine
  • Motion Tracking
  • UV Tools
  • "Carve" Booleans
  • Remesh modifier
  • Game Engine
  • Collada
  • Python API
  • More Features.
What's New:
  • Improved Mask Editor - ability to create masks in the movie and image editor;
  • Improved Motion Tracker - gains planar tracking functionality;
  • Green Screen;
  • Improved Mesh Tools - added modal operator with mouse control to inset and bevel tools;
  • Improved Sculpting - gains masking, new brush map modes, and the ability to make brush strokes smoother;
  • Improved Skin Modifier;
  • Improved Game Engine - now with better shadows and lamps;
  • New Compositing was implemented;
  • Advanced Color Management - integrating OpenColorIO;
  • Improved Cycles Render - added non-progressive integrator, faster BVH building, tiled rendering;
  • Improved Sequencer - now caches effect strips even faster;
  • Improved Collada - gains better support for exporting to game engines;
  • Lots of other small changes and general stability improvements;
  • Lots of bugs squashed.

To install Blender in Ubuntu/Linux Mint open Terminal (Press Ctrl+Alt+T) and copy the following commands in the terminal:
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