Install Cinnamon 1.3 on Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot/Linux Mint

Cinnamon1.3 has been released, the new release comes with many new features and improvements. Cinnamon1.3 comes with an Improved Main Menu, new desktop effects, for customization,added a new configuration tool called "Cinnamon Settings"


Applets Improvements:
In Cinnamon 1.3, every panel component is an applet. This means you can remove the default menu or window list and replace them with 3rd party applets.

Another important feature in this release, is the fact that applets can now be dragged and dropped with the mouse and placed wherever you want within the panel(s). So you can now move any part of the panel(s) around and really fine-tune the layout of your desktop to what works best for you.

Cinnamon, the GNOME2-like GNOME Shell fork, has reached version 1.3, which is considered fully stable. The new release brings many new features, but also separates Cinnamon even more from GNOME Shell.

Settings Improvements:
Cinnamon Settings gained a lot of new features and a lot of new tabs. You can now use it not only to change Cinnamon preferences themselves, but also to configure your fonts, windows, desktop icons, window, cursor, gtk+ themes..etc.

It’s graphical interface was also changed, for the tool to be able to show more information without using more screen estate.

Menu Improvements:
New hover delay preference
Better icon sizes (crispier icons)
Fixed menu size when the number of favorites is high
More exhaustive search results

Other Notable Improvements:
Panel launchers can now be re-ordered by drag & drop
Improved visuals in the default theme
Workspace navigation is now possible in scale mode (note that we’re still planning an Expo mode)
Multiple bug fixes

Here is latest version of Cinnamon 1.4

To install Cinnamon on Ubuntu/Linux Mint open Terminal (Press Ctrl+Alt+T) and copy the following commands in the Terminal:

Here is the page of Cinnamon. That's it
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