Install Y PPA Manager on Ubuntu

Y PPA Manager made possible by Webupd8 Team. For those not familiar with Y PPA Manager: this is a GUI tool for easily managing and searching for PPAs. It can add/remove/purge PPAs, search all Launchpad PPAs for certain packages, backup and restore PPAs, remove duplicate PPA sources, comes with Unity quicklists and more.

Changes in Y PPA Manager

  • added Ubuntu appindicator: works in stand alone mode (automatically starts when you log in and doesn't require Y PPA Manager to run) or in regular mode: starts when the user opens Y PPA Manager and quits when Y PPA Manager is closed. The appindicator is disabled by default and can be enabled from the settings.
  • Ubuntu mono dark/light icons for the new appindicator (not the best icons, I know...)
  • use built-in (doesn't require Faenza to be installed) slightly modified Faenza icons for the main UI (this is mainly to look better in KDE because some icons used before were missing in KDE)
  • added "import all missing GPG keys" feature (available under Advanced)
  • added "fix all GPG badsig errors" feature (available under Advanced)
  • kdesudo integration
  • renamed NotifyOSD icons to work with KDE too
  • Linux Mint 12 Lisa support (not tested since Linux Mint 12 hasn't been released yet)
  • KDE Support

To install YPPA Manager on Ubuntu open Terminal (Press Alt+F2 and type: gnome-terminal -or- Press Ctrl+Alt+T) and copy the following commands in the Terminal:

That's it, Enjoy
Source: Webupd8 Team
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