In this Tutorial, We will show how to install CreBS (Create Background Slideshow). You can install a stable version of CreBS using the CreBS ppa.

  • Now to install CreBS open terminal (press Alt + F2 and type: gnome-terminal) and copy the following line in the terminal.

There are two ways to make background slideshow:

1) Press Alt+F2 and type: crebs
    Click on the (+) button, browse to the folder that contains the images.
    Select the images. Click open and Enter name of Background slideshow.
    Click on save button and you slide show will be saved and set as the desktop background.

2) 2nd easy way is:
    Open the folder containing the images, Select the images, Right Click on selected images.
    Select Open With and click Create Background Slideshow
    Enter name and save.

That's it..
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