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uText is a simple and minimal text editor with markdown syntax, basically focused on writing. It offers all necessary tools and facilities that a user need for basic writing, another great feature it has spell checker. You can find simple operations like copy, cut, paste, text selections, change character case or capitalize, further more you can use HTML format.
It has live preview feature and syntax highlighting, so you can see your document preview on the right side of the editor, features that live preview offers are Live text preview, preview Line code. Another functionality of this editor is night-mode, if white hurt your eyes or you are working at night on your document you can enable night mode and focus on your work. Just like other editor it also has find feature and you can search and replace text too. Basic formatting options are also available like Bold, italic, headings, and etc.. If you are using Unity desktop then it give you quick list on utext launcher icon. You can save and retrieve your documents in to your Dropbox account. It allows you to export file in following formats: HTML, ODT, PDF.