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PSensor is a Graphical Hardware Temperature Monitor for Ubuntu 12.04/11.10/Linux Mint (New Release)

The Application Indicator is providing a quick access to sensor values and settings. When a sensor temperature is too much hot, a desktop notification bubble appears and the Application Indicator icon is changed to a red one.

What's new in this Release:
  • GTK v2 is no more supported.
  • added support for libatasmart for sata disk monitoring (–use-libsatasmart option).
  • new design for the preferences window
  • added support of fahrenheit.
  • measures of the sensors are logged when log level is set to 3.
  • improved desktop notification.
  • improved translations support (chinese, french, hungarian, brazilian, italian, russian, serbian, ukrainian, slovenian and german).
  • added low thresold support for alerts.
  • added fan alert support.
  • and many bug fixes.

To Install PSensor on Ubuntu/Mint open Terminal (Press Ctrl+Alt+T) and copy the following commands in the Terminal:
If you're using other distro download Source.
That's it
Source: psensor