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Ubunsys gives you power to access some dangerous features of your Ubuntu system. It is an advanced system utility application designed for Ubuntu to manage you system with just mouse clicks. It can be help with package list, able to do changes on system configuration, updates, execute improves, fixes, executing actions to blow of mouse click.
The first Packages tab lets you install applications with just a select and install, and you can find some useful applications in the given list. Load a preconfigured selection (on future you can select yours).
Second Tweaks tab lets you access dangerous options, such as Enable sudo without password, manage repositories; for security when you exec sudo a password is prompted, but is tedious to put pass each time you executed an elevated permission action, so I recommend to push this button when you don't need this security and want speed. Then disable this function to restore security on your system; Enable-disable asterisks when you put pass on terminal, hibernation, firewall; Open sources.list.d, sudoers file (backup and import); Install more content on New Doc Sub-Menu (secondary mouse button); Reduce timeout when shutdown, not recommended by now to use.
Third system tab lets you default update & upgrade system, update & upgrade repos, exec normal user installation script from git, default clean system; Smart system update, clean ancient kernels, upgrade to latest stable OS version, install mainline kernel (not recommended, possible incompatibilities); Upgrade to latest unstable OS version (not recommended, bugs).
Finally forth repair tab let you reboot system, check system integrity, repair network, missing GPG keys.