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It is feels bit difficult to describe this theme we are going to introduce here today. Sweet theme pack looks and feel very different on the desktop but at the same time make the Linux desktop elegant and eye catching. Maybe these are not perfect looking themes available but it lineup in the perfect theme queue. You may say, I don't like it in screenshots, let me tell you that you should install it on your system and if you don't like then you already have option to remove it. So there is no harm to try a new thing, maybe this is next best theme pack for your Linux desktop.
There is not much information available about themes on its page; this pack offers three variants Sweet, Sweet-Ambar and Sweet-Dark, you can choose whatever fits your needs. These themes are available for Gtk-3 and Gtk-2, and targets multiple desktop environments such as Gnome, Gnome Shell, Cinnamon, Xfce, Mate, Budgie etc. We are offering Sweet themes via our PPA for Ubuntu/Linux Mint. If you are using distribution other than Ubuntu/Linux Mint then download directly from theme page and install it on this location "~/.themes" or "/usr/share/themes". If you find any kind of bug or issue within this theme then report it to author and hopefully it will get fixed very soon in the next update.

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