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Recoll is a full text search QT based free, open source program especially made for Unix-like and Linux but it is also available for Windows and Mac systems, licensed under GPL. It provides efficient desktop full text search from single-word to arbitrarily complex boolean searches, basically it indexes the documents data (along with their compressed versions) and huge number of files then let you find quickly whatever you search for. Recoll updates its index at designed intervals (for example through Cron tasks) but if desired, the indexing task can run as a file-system monitoring daemon for real-time index updates.
The Recoll document conversion and text extraction architecture makes it extremely easy to write new filters, and many document types are supported. Indexes the contents of many document types: text, HTML, E-Mail stores of all kinds,, Microsoft Office and Office Open XML, AbiWord, KWord, Gaim, Lyx, Scribus, PDF, WordPerfect, PostScript, RTF, TeX, DVI, DjVu, MP3 and other audio file formats, JPEG and other image file formats. You can checkout complete list of features on official site.



ANGRYsearch is a simple and lightweight tool to find files/folders from your mounted drives quickly and easily, it is written in Pythong and inspired from "Everything" which is available for Windows. It displays results as you type the name of the file/folder you are looking for.
ANGRYsearch database can be set to two different modes in its config, default being lite: lite mode shows only name and path; full mode shows also size and date of the last modification, the drawback is that crawling through drives takes roughly twice as long since every file and directory gets additional stats calls.
In this file you can set mode you want to use (~/.config/angrysearch/angrysearch.conf), values are true or false.

There are 3 search modes, default being fast:
  • Fast mode - enabled when the checkbox next to the input field is checked extremely fast, but no substrings, meaning it would not find "Pirates" or "Whiplash", but it would "Pirates" or "The-Fifth"
  • Slow mode - enabled when the checkbox is unchecked, slightly slower but can find substrings
  • Regex mode - activated by the F8 key, indicated by orange color background slowest search, used for very precise searches using regular expressions, set to case insensitive, unlike the previous search modes not entire path is searched, only the filenames/directory names

Download ANGRYsearch

Extract the downloaded file and navigate your terminal to extracted location.
To install ANGRYsearch in Ubuntu 16.10/16.04/14.04/Linux Mint 18/17 open Terminal (Press Ctrl+Alt+T) and copy the following commands in the Terminal:


On the other hand FSearch is a similar tool to find files rapidly, it is also inspired by "Everything", it is written in C and based on GTK-3, currently this application is in beta phase so you should expect bugs but don't forget to report them to developer, so it will get fixed in the next release.
It allows you to: Search instantly (as you type) results; Wildcard support; RegEx support; Filter support (only search for files, folders or everything); Include and exclude specific folders to be indexed; Ability to exclude certain files/folders from index using wildcard expressions; Fast sort by filename, path, size or modification time; Customizable interface.

Available for Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety/17.04/16.04 Xenial/Linux Mint 18
To install FSearch in Ubuntu/Linux Mint open Terminal (Press Ctrl+Alt+T) and copy the following commands in the Terminal:

Did you find these tools useful?
Voice commands allows you to perform some main actions with voice. It offers this facility in 67 languages and at this moment 95 voice commands are available. It allows user to their own voice to enhance their overall Linux experience. The function of this program starts running script, which will start recording your voice, and if after five seconds, or run it again, start voice recognition, for now, make one of all commands available.