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Camicri Cube is an great portable application developed by Jake Capangpangan for Linux, it is written in C# language which uses Microsoft .Net framework and it is cross-platform application (runs on Linux distributions and Windows). This application is under license GPL-v2 and freely available. Basically this application allow you to download packages from repositories and save them for later, so in this case you can install them when you are offline(no Internet connection required).
It is developed for those users who have slow Internet or offline Linux community, to make their life easier with offline package installation. So they don't need to install packages again from Internet after fresh install, simply they can run this program and use backup packages.
Camicri-Cube uses third party download accelerators (Aria2 and Axel) that has a multi-segment/multi-connection feature to speed up downloading of packages and repositories. Download Resuming for both is also supported.