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There are plenty of tools and services available to surf web as anonymous but most of them makes your Internet speed slow and you may don't have fast Internet. Proxies are known to surf web anonymously. Actually proxies act just like a filter between your device and rest of the web. I don't use any 3rd party proxy (even it's paid) because in computer security you can't trust anyone. When you use a 3rd party proxy, you deliberately choose (and assume) to trust the proxy owner: (s)he can log, store and save anything that is passing through. 3rd Party proxies are controlled by some random unknown people: if you use a proxy, keep in mind that the proxy owner can log everything you are doing, can catch credit card numbers, can hijack website sessions you logged in, etc.
I am not saying everybody out there is not trusted, there are some trusted companies who provide VPN services (Paid) but you must read their TOS (Terms of service) before using them. Also you should know VPN decrease the Internet speed which is quite noticeable.