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Install ffDiaporama 1.6 Movie creator in Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy/Ubuntu 13.04 Raring/Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal/12.04 Precise/11.10/Linux Mint 15/14/13/12/and Ubuntu Derivatives

ffDiaporama is an application for creating video sequences consisting of titles, fixed or animated, Images or photos, fixed or animated, movie clips, audio. These sequences are assembled into a slide show by means of transitions to produce complete videos

The following options are available in ffDiaporama:
  • Reframing of images and photos
  • Cutting of video clips
  • Adding text, notes to images, photos, sequences and animations
  • Graphical filters on the images and the videos (conversion into black and white, dust removal, equalization of colors, etc.)
  • Creation of animation by zoom, rotation or Ken Burns Effect on images or photos
  • Correction of the images and the videos during animations (luminosity, contrast, gamma, colors, etc.)
  • Transitions between sequences with definition of the transition type, sequence by sequence.
  • Addition of a background sound (wav, mp3 or ogg) with customizable effects for volume, fade in/out and passage in pause, sequence by sequence.
  • Generation of videos usable on most current video equipment (DVD player/smartphone, multimedia box, hard drive, etc.) but also publishable on the main video-sharing Websites (YouTube, Dailymotion, etc.)
  • Video formats from QVGA (320×240) to Full HD (1920×1080) by way of the DVD and HD 720 formats.
  • Image geometry (aspect ratio) : 4:3, 16:9 or 2.35:1 (cinema)
  • Possible formats for rendering : avi, mpg, mp4, webm, mkv

What's new in 1.6 release:
  • The improvement of performance for preview and rendering
  • The creation of Addon ffDiaporama-texturemate (a collection of hundred textures usable for the background of slides and of the text blocks)
  • The addition of 24 new shapes for block
  • The addition of a new block type: clip-art texts and adds a collection of 67 clip arts including comics bubbles, panels and papers to work with text clip-art
  • The support of vector images as SVG format
  • The addition of the ability to export the audio track
  • The addition of the ability to change the frequency Sample Rate of soundtracks
  • The complete overhaul of encoding and decoding audio/video engines
  • The move of help about dialog boxes from WIKI Web pages directly into each dialogs as tooltips
  • The addition of Portuguese
  • and above all, numerous bug fixes.

Here is guide for 1.6 version.That's it