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Evolvere icon suite is designed for Linux to make desktop more elegant with complete smooth icon set. Initially this icon theme was created for light desktop environments, however, later after user requests the designer enhance this icon theme for all kind of desktops, for instance for dark environments you can use variant "dark fallback". All icons with sizes smaller or equal to 24px are monochromatic, with very few exceptions, such as emblems and some actions icons. This prevents breakage of standardized icons in some situations. So, if you see small colorful icons, is because they have not yet been adjusted, however, they will be. Creator planned to create a totally colorful variant, but that future may not be so close. This icon suite offers following variants (evolvere; evolbuntu; evolbuntu-dark-fallback; evolvere-black-folders-dark-fallback; evolvere-black-folders-vivid-dark-fallback; evolvere-black-folders-vivid; evolvere-black-folders; evolvere-blue-folders-dark-fallback; evolvere-blue-folders-vivid-dark-fallback; evolvere-blue-folders-vivid-sunken-dark-fallback; evolvere-blue-folders-vivid-sunken; evolvere-blue-folders-vivid; evolvere-blue-folders; evolvere-dark-fallback; evolvere-flat-vivid-sunken-dark-fallback; evolvere-flat-vivid-sunken; evolvere-green-folders-dark-fallback; evolvere-green-folders-vivid-dark-fallback; evolvere-green-folders-vivid-sunken-dark-fallback; evolvere-green-folders-vivid-sunken; evolvere-green-folders-vivid; evolvere-green-folders; evolvere-sunken-dark-fallback; evolvere-sunken; evolvere-vivid-sunken-dark-fallback; and evolvere-vivid-sunken) and is compatible with these desktop environments: Unity, Gnome, KDE, Xfce, Mate, and others. This icon set is in active development and open for user requests, which means you can request icon if you found any missing icon or problem in this icon theme, go to this page and report. Radiance colors theme theme used in following screenshots. You can use Unity Tweak ToolGnome-tweak-tool or Ubuntu-Tweak to change themes/icons.